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Flamma sine Fumo

or, poems without fictions. Hereunto are annexed the Causes, Symptoms, or Signes of several Diseases with their Cures, and also the diversity of Urines, with their Causes in Poetical measure. By R. W. [i.e. Rowland Watkyns]
1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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Deus vulnerat carnem ut sanet mentem.

When for delight I took the purer air,
I have observ'd sweet Meadows green and fair
O'relaid with dung, which spoil'd the present grace
But afterwards it gave a better face:
Affliction makes one dark, but we may find,
It adds more gracious beauty to the mind.
Afflictions are Gods Skullions; and these must
Scoure and preserve his houshold stuff from rust;
They are his Masons, which do smooth and square
Stones for the Temple, which unpolisht are:
The more the patient Camamile we tread,
The more it will by dilatation spread
The gentle fire, if often blown, will burn
With greater heat, and to more fury turn:
So Christians by afflictions stronger grow,
They patience may no base submission show.
When Christ was on the earth, they crown'd his head
With thorns, and made the wooden Cross his bed.
They gave him vinegar and gall, when he
Did sorely thirst in his strong agonie:
If that the King could have no better meat,
What dainties shall the beggar think to eat?
The Paschal Lamb with bitter herbs was eaten,
If we are Christs, we surely shall be beaten.