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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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Memories tribute due to the most worthie and no lesse learned Gentleman, Edward Herbert of Mountgomeroy Esquier.

Can I forgett that's aie myne Eyes before?
If so I could, I may not thee forgett,
That vow'd my Memorie to thee of yore,
Then, thou of me maist claime that as thy Debt.
There are in thee partes worth my memorie,
Although it could thy partes immortal make:
Who knowes thee wil my iudgement iustify,
If not, he doth both thee and mee mistake.
I cannot iudge of coulors, with such Eyes
As cannot be deceaved; but I can
Discerne the knowne foole, from th'approved wise,
And without Spectacles, a Beast frō Man:
If then (sweete Sir) shouldst thou but please the sense,
Sense must needs praise thy pleasing excellence.
He in whose Memorie you shall live, till you saile to be what you are, or it what it is. I. D.