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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the Right Honorable and Loiall-harted Lord the Earle of Clanricard.

Ovr English Crownes approued Irish frend,
That raign'st in our true loue for such thy truth,
Let thine owne rare perfections thee cōmēd,
For, perfect praise, perfection still ensu'th.
I never was so happie as to see thee,
Much lesse to knowe thee, whom I longe to see:
But, in thy predecessor did fore-see thee;
For, if Fame fable not, much like you bee.
To add then to thy glory more bright beames,
Loue His, thy other-selfe, with deerest loue;
For shee hath martir'd bin with greefes extreames,
Deere Innocent, whose vertues all approue.
Her loue to thee doth argue thy hie vvorth
Then loue such loue, that setts thy glory forth.
I. D.