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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the Right Noble and intirely beloved Earle of Southamton. &c.

Welcome to shore vnhappy-Happie Lord
From the deepe Seas of danger and distresse;
Where, like thou wast to be throwne over boord
In every storme of discontentednesse.
O living Death, to die when others please!
O dying Life to live how others will!
Such was thy case (deere Lord) such al thine ease;
O Hell on Earth; can Hell more vex the VVill!
This Hell being harrowed by his substitute
That harrowed Hell, thou art brought forth frō thēce,
Into an Earthly Heaven absolute,
To tast his sweetenesse, see his excellence.
Thy Liege well wotts, true Loue that soule must woūd,
To whom Heav'ns grace, & His, doth so abound.
I. D.