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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the Right Honorable Earle of Cumberland.

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To the Right Honorable Earle of Cumberland.

Neptunes vice-gerent, Sea-controling Spirit
That makes her pay thee tribute, and thy land;
Of which thou dost, therefore, great honor merit,
And worthy art thou on both to command.
So long thou hast the Northern-pole regarded,
That nature now, hath made that pole thine head:
So, lookes are, with what was lookt for, rewarded;
Then by his light, let thy course still be led.
If so, thy fame the world inviron shall,
For, his light leades to glory infinite;
Then eie him well and his staid motions all,
Yea, draw as neere him as is requisite:
So, Fame thy name will on the Skies enrole.
So shalt thou honor'd be by this North-Pole.
I. D.