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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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[Mirum in modum, Men did wonder-maze]

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[Mirum in modum, Men did wonder-maze]

Mirum in modum, Men did wonder-maze,
Which wonderment, this later worke of thine
(Not by detracting from it) doth deface.
How so? by giving out a greater shine:
The soules Horizon that made light whil-ere,
But this inlightens her whole Hemispheare.

Blest be thou Sunne frō whēce this light doth spring
And blessed be this little World of light
By which who walkes, perforce must be a King,
King of a little World, in Fortunes spight;
For force, and vertue, in the soule doe sitte,
And they doe raigne that ruled are by it.
Thē raigne thou in Mens thoughts, thou thoughtful Soule,
Whil'st thy rare Worke among their Workes shall raigne;
For, it in passion, passion doth controule,
Then mightie is thy grace, thine Arte, thy paine:
As thou for writing faire art most renownd,
So, writing thus, thou must be Lawrell cround.
Iohn Iames