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Thomas Cole's poetry

the collected poems of America's foremost painter of the Hudson River School reflecting his feelings for nature and the romantic spirit of the Nineteenth Century

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Lago Maggiore

O sky and earth! How ye are linked together
Upon the bosom of this gentle lake;
The wild and wandering breeze is doubtful whether
It may your calm and sweet communion break.
'Tis thus within my silent bosom mingle
The memory of distant scenes—my home
And these enchanting prospects; whilst I, single
Companionless, in pensive thought do roam.
The distant and the present sometimes meet
In dream-like hues; but dark thoughts quickly rise
And mar the mirror of the vision sweet
And truth overwhelmeth with a sad surprise:
'Twixt me and those I love an ocean lies
And all the glory of the landscape dies.
June 14, 1842