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Thomas Cole's poetry

the collected poems of America's foremost painter of the Hudson River School reflecting his feelings for nature and the romantic spirit of the Nineteenth Century

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Hope and Trust Spring from the Contemplation of the Works of God

Mine eyes bedimmed with tears I heavenward raised
Called by some Spirit of a better sphere,
And through the universal ether gazed
And marked the golden orbs that did appear
To tremble mid the dark abyss profound;
But yet they faltered not; nor sank; nor swerved
In glory marching their majestic round,
In everlasting harmony preserved.
“Is there cause for tears” the spirit said:
“When all these ponderous worlds are thus sustained
By that invisible hand and gently led
Through the wide fields of heaven; like sheep restrained
From wandering by their shepherd's gentle voice.
Within His hand is held thy soul, thine all;
List! thou wilt hear that Shepherd's loving call.
Is there then cause for tears? Thou shouldst rejoice!”
August 16, 1835