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A Virginia Reel

De banjo done commence de shune,
You can't git on de flo' too soon;
Lead out yo' pa'dnah to de place,
Don' let de music go to was'e.
Now th'ow dem windows open wide,
An' fo'm a line f'om side to side;
Bow to de lef', bow to de right,
An' lif' yo' feet lak dy was light.
Now all togedah bow an' 'vance,
No draggin' feet in dis hyeah dance;
Lay all yo' sorrows on de she'f,
An' sta't in to enjoy yo'se'f.
Dah, Joe, you tek Miss Sally's han';
Don' be so lazy, goodness lan'!
A body'd t'ink dat you had foun'
A' int'rus' in a burying-groun'.


Come steppin' lively down de line;
Ef you got mannahs, show 'em fine;
Sasshay de lady, bow an' swing,
An' listen to dat banjo sing.
Now show de trim dat you is in
By shuffin' neatly back ergin;
Wipe all de shine f'om off yo' face,
An' swing yo' lady to huh place.
Now op'site ladies bow an' cross,
Dah ain't a minute to be los';
Jine han's, all tu'n yo' faces in,
An' tek yo' pa'dnahs back ergin.
Nex' couple forrard, do de same;
Ef you gits mixed, I ain't to blame;
Coime glidin' thoo, don' be so slow,
“T ain't no time 'fo' de cock'll crow.
Salute yo 'pa'dnahs ez befo',
Git out an 'taih up all dis flo';
Ef you's got feelin's, show you feel
By steppin' dis Vahginia reel.

Century Magazine 63 (November 1901): 22.