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Digital Publications

The following publications are available without charge through the website of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia,

Studies In Bibliography, Vols. 1–58, with Cumulative Table of Contents.

de Montluzin, Emily Lorraine, Attributions Of Authorship In The European Magazine, 1782–1826.

de Montluzin, Emily Lorraine, Attributions Of Authorship In The Gentleman's Magazine, 1731–1868: An Electronic Union List.

Evans, G. Blakemore, ed. Shakespearean Prompt-Books Of The Seventeenth Century, vols. 1–8.

Hailey, J. Carter, A Catalog of Paperstocks in the Shakespearian Pavier Quartos (1619).

Ray, Gordon N., Illustrations For The Art Deco Book in France.

Print Publications

Studies in Bibliography

The latest volume of Studies in Bibliography is available at $70.00 a copy from the University of Virginia Press, PO Box 400318, Charlottesville VA 22904–4318; E-mail Many back issues are available for sale from the Executive Secretary of the Society.

Other Society Publications

The Society's print publications, except Studies in Bibliography, are distributed by Oak Knoll Books of New Castle, Delaware. Orders for Society publications may be placed online at or sent to: Oak Knoll Books, 310 Delaware Street, New Castle DE 19720; Phone 1–800-996–2556 or Fax (302) 328–7274; E-mail Society members who identify themselves as such at the time of ordering will receive a 10% discount.

Boughn, Michael. H. D.: A Bibliography, 1905–1990 (1993). $39.50.

Bowers, Fredson. Essays In Bibliography, Text, And Editing (2nd printing, 2003). $70.00.

Bristol, Roger P. Supplement To Charles Evans' American Bibliography And Index To Supplement To Evans' American Bibliography (1970; 1971). $70.00.

Eddy, Donald D., and J. D. Fleeman. A Preliminary Handlist Oel Books To Which Dr. Samuel Johnson Subscribed. Occasional Publication 2 (1993). $10.00.

Evans, G. Blakemore, ed. Shakespearean Prompt-Books Of The Seventeenth Century. Vol. V: Text of the Smock Alley Macbeth (1970). $50.00. Vol. VI: Text


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of the Smock Alley Othello (1980). $50.00. Vol. VII: Text of the Smock Alley A Midsummer Night's Dream (1989). $50.00.

Fry, Donald. Beowulf And The Fight at Finnsburh: A Bibliography (1969). $25.00.

Graves, Joseph. Victor Hammer: Calligrapher, Punch-Cutter & Printer (1954). $7.50.

Ray, Gordon N. The Art Deco Book In France (2005). $50.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Book-Jackets: Their History, Forms, And Use (2011). $60.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Essays In Bibliographical History (2014). $40.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. The Life And Work Of Fredson Bowers. Occasional Publication 1 (2nd printing, 2003). $50.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Literature And Artifacts (1998). $60.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Portraits & Reviews (2015). $55.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Textual Criticism And Scholarly Editing (3rd printing, 2003). $60.00.

Tanselle, G. Thomas. Textual Criticism Since Greg: A Chronicle 1950–2000 (2005). $60.00.

Vander Meulen, David L., ed. The Bibliographical Society Of The University Of Virginia: The First Fifty Years (1998). $60.00.

Vander Meulen, David L. POPE'S Dunciad OF 1728: A History And Facsimile (1991). $40.00.

Vander Meulen, David L., and G. Thomas Tanselle, eds. Samuel Johnson's Translation of Sallust: A Facsimile And Transcription Of The Hyde Manuscript. Occasional Publication 3 (1995). $25.00.

Vander Meulen, David L. Where Angels Fear To Tread: Descriptive Bibliography And Alexander Pope (2014). $10.00.

Wright, Stuart. Peter Taylor: A Descriptive Bibliography, 1934–87 (1988). $40.00.


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Andrew Ferguson

(The Bibliographic Puzzle of R. A. Lafferty)

Katia Fowler

(Collecting the Works of Jeanne G. Pennington: An American "Authoress" at the Turn of the 20th Century)

Natasha L. Mikles

(The Printed Manifestations of the Tibetan Epic Gesar of Ling)


Audrey Golden

(Pablo Neruda and the Global Politics of Poetry)

Stephanie Kingsley

(A Collection of Early Editions of Mercedes of Castile, by James Fenimore Cooper)

Caitlin Conley

(Collecting Stuart Little)


These fellowships, inaugurated in 2013, are named in honor of Martin Battestin, emeritus professor of English at the University of Virginia, and his wife Ruthe, a literary scholar and member of the Society's Council. The aim of the fellowships is to provide summer support for research in the UVa library by UVa graduate students who are working on bibliographical or textual projects.


Nora Benedict

(Text and Image in the Borges Collection)

Natasha Mikles

(Illuminating the Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Descriptive Bibliography of UVA Manuscript 14259 and Its Place in the Historical Production of Tibetan Books)

Zachary Stone

(William Lambarde, A. L. Hench, and Early Modern Bibliography at the University of Virginia)


Laura N. All

(The Secret History of Aster*sks and D-shes: Highlights from the G-rd-n Collection)


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James P. Ascher

(The Features of American and French Books in 1785: Toward a Historical Dictionary for Bibliographical Analysis)

Michael Pickard

(The Ledgers of William Strahan: A Selection)

Sarah Anne Storti

(The Prehistory of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Rossetti at Work, 1840–1850)

Kristina Warren

(Shape Notes: Printing, Lyrics, and Ritual in the U.S. South)


Andrew Ferguson

(The Shoaf Collection: William S. Burroughs's Texts in Flux)

Christian F. Howard

(Reconstructing Faulkner's Universe: The Fictional Status of the Extra-Textual Material in the World of Yoknapatawpha)

Benjamin D. Lee

(The Manufacture of Books and the Making of Robert Frost)

Ethan C. Reed

(The Novels of John Dos Passos in the 1930s: Physical Features and Literary Reception)