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  • I wou'd also put you in mind of establishing a Fund for endowing of poor Maids, who have
    liv'd so many years in Service, & of building Schools, or Colleges for ye Education
    of Young Women, much like unto those in ye Universitys, for ye Educations of Young
    Men, but not wth out some alteration in ye Discipline and Oeconomy, as ye nature of
    such an Institution wou'd require.
  • Such Colleges might be so order'd, as to become security to yE Daughters against all ye
    hazards to which they are expos'd at private schools, & likewise a Security to ye Gov-
    ernment, yt Daughters of ye Land shou'd be bred up according to ye Religion now
    establish'd in it, to ye unconceivable advantage of ye Public, in rooting out Enthusiasm
    with her Daughter Schism. Both which are upheld by nothing amongst us so much as
    by ye Women, who are so silly & deceiveable, for want of Ingenious [sic] & Orthodox
    Education & not for want of Parts methinks. Ye Rich & Honorable Lady's of ye Ch.
    Of Engl ye Elect Ladys of her Apostolical Communion, shou'd be Jealous to begin
    & carry on such a Work as this; wch upon more accounts yn I have mention'd, wou'd
    make ye Daughters of Israel be glad, & ye Daughters of Judah & Jerusulem Rejoyce.
    Dr. Hicks in his [word illegible] Sermon, Apr. 1 1684. P 26, 27.