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Astell makes several direct references to The Ladies Library (1714) at the top
of the page. Though many of her words are smudged beyond recognition, the
still legible points of reference suggest that she was fishing for ammunition to use
against it and its author.

In the middle of the page, Astell has penned a brief biography of François
Fénelon, including the date of his death, a significant fact when considering the
possible dating of Astell's additions to her text.

Astell often uses asterisks to mark her in-text emendations; this would appear to
be the purport of the phrase "allowing all changes" which follows the asterisk here.

At the bottom of the page is the shelfmark (3 D 17) used by William Law's
library in King's Cliffe.


  • Ladys Library recom. Poetry p. 22. & discomends it p. 25. V.1. See [two words illegible] of
    Lad [word illegible] P361-365 V.2
  • [word illegible] made of pt.3-V3 [the citation appears to have been superimposed over a citation which
    may have read
    pt.3-p. 337]
  • Mr. Fenelon wrot L'Educ. des. Filles at ye reqt of ye Duke of Beauvilliers afterwards Gov-
    ernor to ye D. of Burgundy 1689. (He also wrot Sur le Ministere des Pasteurs) L'abbe
    de Langeron was Reader, & D. Le Valois Jesuit, Confessor ?to ye Prince, L'abbe de
    Flenoy sub Preceptor. 6 y ye A. Bp liv'd a Favorite at Court wth out any Benefice (ex-
    cept a small Priory his Uncle had resign'd) & yn ye K. gave him ye Abby of St Valery
    & a little after ye A. Bpr of Camb wch he wou'd not accept but on condition to be
    9 moneths there & 3 wth ye Princes, & gave up St Vallery & his Priory. His Maxims of
    ye S wrote in 1697. Banish'd ye [illegible] Aug. 1697. Banish'd wn ye D. of Burg. was
    15. Died Jan 8 1715/16.
  • * allowing all changes