University of Virginia Library

Library symbols

I have chosen to identify the copies using STC library symbols simply for their
brevity. To facilitate comparison with Greg's chart the first four copies listed for
each title are those examined by Greg, who used the following symbols: "C =
Capell copy at Trinity Cambridge; G = Garrick copy at the British Museum
[now British Library]; M = Malone copy at the Bodleian; H = the copy in pos-
session of Mr. Huth [now at the Elizabethan Club]."

C2   Trinity Cambridge 
British Library 
Y2   Elizabethan Club, Yale 
Folger Shakespeare Library 
HD  Houghton Library, Harvard 
Beinecke Library, Yale 
NY  New York Public Library 
ILL  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Newberry Library 
HN  Huntington Library 
L18   Victoria and Albert Museum 
National Library of Scotland 
E2   Edinburgh University Library 

In cases where a library holds more than one copy of a title, I have added a par-
enthetical number following the library code: i.e. F(1), F(2), F(3), etc.