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  • Ladys Library recom. Poetry p. 22. & discomends it p. 25. V.1. See [two words illegible] of
    Lad [word illegible] P361-365 V.2
  • [word illegible] made of pt.3-V3 [the citation appears to have been superimposed over a citation which
    may have read
    pt.3-p. 337]
  • Mr. Fenelon wrot L'Educ. des. Filles at ye reqt of ye Duke of Beauvilliers afterwards Gov-
    ernor to ye D. of Burgundy 1689. (He also wrot Sur le Ministere des Pasteurs) L'abbe
    de Langeron was Reader, & D. Le Valois Jesuit, Confessor ?to ye Prince, L'abbe de
    Flenoy sub Preceptor. 6 y ye A. Bp liv'd a Favorite at Court wth out any Benefice (ex-
    cept a small Priory his Uncle had resign'd) & yn ye K. gave him ye Abby of St Valery
    & a little after ye A. Bpr of Camb wch he wou'd not accept but on condition to be
    9 moneths there & 3 wth ye Princes, & gave up St Vallery & his Priory. His Maxims of
    ye S wrote in 1697. Banish'd ye [illegible] Aug. 1697. Banish'd wn ye D. of Burg. was
    15. Died Jan 8 1715/16.
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