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  • The Relationship of English Printed Books to Authors' Manuscripts during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (The 1928 Sandars Lectures).

    By R. B. McKerrow, edited by Carlo M. Bajetta 1

  • The Concept of Format.

    By G. Thomas Tanselle 67

  • The Calculus of Calculus: W. W. Greg and the Mathematics of Everyman Editions.

    By Joseph A. Dane and Rosemary A. Roberts 117

  • “The Eternal Verities Verified”: Charlton Hinman and the  Roots of Mechanical Collation next hit.

    By Steven Escar Smith 129

  • The Application of Thought to Textual Criticism in All Modes—with Apologies to A. E. Housman.

    By Ralph Hanna 163

  • Evidence for the Stemma of the Piers Plowman B Manuscripts.

    By Robert Adams 173

  • Samuel Richardson's “Elegant Disquisitions”: Anonymous Writing in the True Briton and Other Journals?

    By John A. Dussinger 195

  • Fielding, Richardson and William Strahan: A Bibliographical Puzzle.

    By Keith Maslen 227

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Page Table of Contents Page 2
  • Interrelating the Cancellantia and Partial Gatherings in the First Edition of Edward Young's The Centaur Not Fabulous.

    By James E. May 241

  • Byron, Medwin, and the False Fiend: Remembering “Remember Thee.”

    By Andrew M. Stauffer 265

  • Notes on Contributors 277

  • Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia 279

  • Contributing Members for 1999 280

  • Available Publications 281

  • Student Awards in Book Collecting 283