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Some Queries:

Quere. 1. WHETHER at the last Election, he did not Compromise the Matter with the Court, to secure himself, contrary to the Sentiments of those by whose Interest he had been formerly chosen?

Q. II. WHETHER he did not, about the Time he was chosen a Director of the South-Sea Company, and at what Time particularly, engage not to oppose the Court, and was then assured, That the Court would not oppose him?

Q. III. WHETHER he did not constantly declare, That he had gone no further Length than the aforesaid Engagement, 'till his actual Joining with Mr. Lowndes, appeared in Print?

Q. IV. HOW many of the Twenty good Reasons (as his merry Friend is pleased to ridicule them) published for Choosing Mr. Hutcheson, are applicable to himself?

Q. V. WHAT are the particular Services which he has done, or endeavour'd to do, for his Country, during his long Continuance in Parliament? —And, in particular, Whether he Voted for or against allowing the Proprietors of the Long Annuities 17 Years Purchase in Stock? And if that had been done, Whether the Great Rise of South-Sea Stock, and the Ruin brought upon the Nation by that fatal Scheme, would not have been, in a great measure thereby prevented?

Q. VI. WHETHER a Director of the South-Sea Company, may not be presumed to have a greater Byass, (if the National and the Interest of that Company should at any Time interfere) than One who has no Concern therein?

Q. VII. WHETHER He or Mr. Hutcheson hath been most remarkable in Parliament for the Opposition given to the Measures of the Ministry? And which of the Two he thinks They are most inclinable to exclude from sitting there again?

Q. VIII. WHERE several Candidates are proposed to the Electors of any Place, Whether those who obtain their Election without the Favour and Countenance of the Court, or those who do obtain it by such Assistance, are the most likely to maintain and support the Dignity and Independency of the House of Commons, whenever the National Interest and the Views of a Ministry, shall happen to differ, as they have frequently done?

(A Collection of Advertisements and Papers Relating to the Westminster Election. Published From the 20th of February, to the 24th of March, 1721, pp. 12- 13)