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For an overview of McKerrow's position in his 1939 Prolegomena, see the first eighteen pages of that book as well as Greg, “Ronald Brunlees McKerrow 1872-1940,” 18-22.


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Some of Simpson's discoveries first appeared in an article (published in the Oxford Bibliographical Society Proceedings, 2 [1928], 5-14) that McKerrow knew and cited in the 1928 reprint of his Introduction, 218 n. For the development of bibliographical scholarship after McKerrow, also see McKitterick's introduction, pp. xxiv- xxviii, and Woudhuysen's book.


For the dating of C, see note 7 above and Editorial Commentary.


No precise information is available as to when exactly CT, the ribbon copy, reached Trinity College. Some of the corrections unique to it, however, may suggest some later (even if slight and mostly stylistic) emendations, for which see below.


That all such corrections are in McKerrow's hand can be confirmed by comparison with his holograph letters (e.g. British Library Add. MS. 47687B, fol. 132, and Ashley MS 5755, fol. 104).


For some similar textual cases see Fredson Bowers, “Notes on the Theory and Practice in Editing Texts,” in The Book Encompassed, ed. Peter Davison (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1992), pp. 244-257, especially 256-257 and the sources cited in his note 10.