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In the British Library Newspaper Collection at Colindale.


The papers relating to the Guide are all bound up with Cole's copies of the paper in his collection of “Miscellanies,” vol. 2. For some numbers, Cole preserved as many as four separate editions, whose sequence is usually identified only by his handwritten notes.


Fifty Years of Public Work of Sir Henry Cole, K.C.B., Accounted for in His Deeds, Speeches, and Writings (London, 1884), 1:38-39.


MS journal for 1837 in the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, quoted with the permission of Elizabeth Bonython.


See The Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill 1812- 1848, ed. Francis E. Mineka (Toronto, 1963), in Collected Works, 12:296 and note. It is not clear whether Cole was involved in this scheme, since his journals for 1835 and 1836 are missing.


These figures are from Cole's accounts in his “Miscellanies,” vol. 2.


Both prospectuses are preserved with Cole's copies of the Guide.


Cole later explained to John Stuart Mill, in an unpublished letter of 15 November 1843, “that he had discharged debts of the Guide of £150 more than need have been ascribed to him”—see The Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill, in Collected Works, 13:614, note.


The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, ed. Charles Richard Sanders, Kenneth J. Fielding, et al. (Durham, N.C., 1970-), 9:243.


See Mill's Newspaper Writings, January 1835- June 1847, ed. Ann P. Robson and John M. Robson (Toronto, 1986), in Collected Works, 24:793- 794.


See The Works of Thomas Love Peacock, ed. H. F. B. Brett-Smith and C. E. Jones (London, 1924-34), 7:442-457.


On 28 April, Cole again “saw Leigh Hunt” at Reynell's.


For Carlyle's awareness of Hunt's authorship of these notices, see his letters to his brother John of 30 May and 7 July 1837, Collected Letters, 9:216, 243.


MS in Cole's “Miscellanies,” vol. 2.


See Francis E. Mineka, The Dissidence of Dissent: The Monthly Repository, 1806-1838, Under the Editorship of Robert Aspland, W. J. Fox, R. H. Horne, & Leigh Hunt (Chapel Hill, N.C., 1944), pp. 382-393.


MS in Cole's “Miscellanies,” vol. 2.