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In sum: both the Bristol-Longman title and the "Lewti" contents leaves of Lyrical Ballads were printed in a form physically appropriate for general sale with the sheets of the body of the book, and the "Lewti" table of contents is almost certainly what was printed on the fourth leaf of half sheet O. Equally surely, the first title leaf printed and the Bristol-Longman title leaf were one and the same, and were prepared for copies of the book intended for early distribution while business arrangements were settled that would allow completion of a full print run of the leaf. Joseph Cottle helped originate and produce Lyrical Ballads, owned copyright for about a year, distributed Bristol-Longman copies, and, for all we know, may have sold a few such copies. At one time he wished to publish the book. Later, he wished that he had done so. If wishes were imprints, we should not lack copies of Lyrical Ballads with a title page announcing Joseph Cottle as publisher.