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Notes on Contributors

Edgar Shannon is Commonwealth Professor of English at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Tennyson and the Reviewers and of numerous articles on Tennyson. With Cecil Lang he is editor of The Letters of Alfred Lord Tennyson, which is being published by the Clarendon Press and the Belknap Press of Harvard University.

Christopher Ricks King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge, is editor of The Poems of Tennyson, and author of Tennyson, a critical biography. His latest work, The Forces of Poetry, was published in 1984.

G. THOMAS TANSELLE, Vice President of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, teaches bibliography and editing in the Columbia University English Department and is a co-editor of the Northwestern-Newberry Edition of The Writings of Herman Melville.

Michael Weitzman is a former Tyrwhitt Hebrew Scholar of Cambridge University and an Associate of the Institute of Actuaries. He has taught biblical texts at University College London since 1972.

D. C. Greetham is Professor of English at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York, where he teaches bibliography and textual criticism. He was one of the editors of the Clarendon edition of Trevisa's On the Properties of Things and is now general editor of Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes. He is Executive Director of the interdisciplinary Society for Textual Scholarship and co-editor of its journal TEXT.

John Jowett is Assistant Editor of the Oxford Shakespeare.

Gary Taylor is Associate Editor of the Oxford Shakespeare.

Naseeb Shaheen, Professor of English at Memphis State University, has published numerous articles on Shakespeare, Milton, and Old Testament archeology. He is currently at work on a three-volume study of Shakespeare's use of Scripture.

Gerald D. Johnson is Professor of English at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He is collaborating on the Variorum edition of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor and is interested in a book-length study of Elizabethan publishers.

James J. Bracken is reader Services Librarian at Knox College, Gales-


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burg, Illinois, and is planning an account of the publishing of Ben Jonson's Folio Workes of 1616.

McD. P. Jackson, Associate Professor of English at the University of Auckland, has recently published a facsimile of the 1607/8 Quarto of The Revenger's Tragedy for Associated University Presses, and The Oxford Book of New Zealand Writing Since 1945 (with Vincent O'Sullivan) for Oxford University Press, Auckland.

James P. Hammersmith, Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, is co-editor of the Southern Humanities Review. He is currently working on a book about the proof-reading of the Beaumont and Fletcher Folio of 1647 and is editor of the New Variorum Shakespeare Poems.

Arthur Sherbo, Emeritus Professor of English at Michigan State University, is making a special study of eighteenth-century periodicals.

James E. May, Assistant Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University's Dubois Campus, has published on Renaissance and eighteenth-century literature and is currently editing Edward Young's poetry.

Helen Baron's doctoral thesis was on the manuscripts of Sir Thomas Wyatt. A former research bye-Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge University, she is now engaged on editing Sons and Lovers for the Cambridge University Press edition of the works of D. H. Lawrence.

Leger Brosnahan is Associate Professor of English at Illinois State University, where he teaches English literature, language, and composition. His publications include articles in Speculum, Romania, Studies in Philology, College English, and most recently the Chaucer Review.

Louis Daniel Brodsky's poetry has appeared in Harper's, Texas Quarterly, Ball State Forum, Southern Review, Kansas Quarterly, American Scholar, The Literary Review, and others. His twelfth book of poems, Mississippi Vistas (1983), and Faulkner: A Comprehensive Guide to the Brodsky Collection, Vol. I: The Bibliography (1982), Volume II: The Letters (1984), and Vol. III: The De Gaulle Story by William Faulkner (1984), with Robert W. Hamblin, have recently appeared from the University Press of Mississippi. Volume IV: Battle Cry by William Faulkner, of the multi-volume Comprehensive Guide, will appear in 1985.