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Corrections of Q1 Error

The most crucial readings of all from the point of view of confirming the pattern established by the F correction of Q3 error are those which correct error in Q1-3. For the sake of objectivity, the readings considered at this juncture are only those accepted in one, two or all of three representative editions: the new Arden (A), New Penguin (P) and Riverside (R). There are 20 such readings:[26]

TLN  Q1   F   F accepted by  
1.1.118  123  by  by my  A P R 
1.1.139  144  Ah but (Q(a), Q2-3); But (Q(b))  But  A P R 
1.1.152  157  gentleman  Gentlemen  A P R 
1.1.192  201  parlee  parle  A P 
1.3.33  330  comes  com'st  A P R 
1.3.172  465  sentence  sentence then  A P R 
1.3.180  473  y'owe  you owe  A P 
1.3.222  515  nightes  night  A P R 
1.4.20  594  Coosens Coosin  Cosin (Cosin)  A P 
1.4.52  627  Enter Bushie with newes Enter Bushy
Bushy, what newes?  A P R 
2.1.48  687  as  as a  A P R 
2.1.102  747  inraged  incaged  A P R 
2.1.177  824  the  A P R 
2.1.284  933  Coines  Quoint   A P R 
2.2.16  968  eyes  eye  A P 
2.3.99  1210  now  now the 
3.3.13  1597  briefe  briefe with you  A P R 
3.3.31  1615  Lords  Lord  A P R 
3.3.206  1843  two  too  A P R 
5.6.8  2802  Oxford, Salisbury, Blunt  Salsbury, Spencer
(Oxford, Salisbury Q2-3)  Blunt   A P R