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Manuscript Misreadings

A number of errors in F are such that it is hard to imagine that they are misreadings of the printed quarto copy. They appear to be misread manuscript literals. These are easily explained as the annotator's misreadings of the promptbook or, if the book was a non-authorial transcript, as errors committed when the promptbook was prepared. In


Page 168
either case they will indicate annotation (however mistaken). Variants of this kind are:              
1.1.57  62  doubled/doubly 
1.2.42  259  complaine/complaint 
1.3.28  325  plated/placed 
1.3.71  368  vigour/rigour 
1.4.28  602  smiles/soules 
3.2.112  1470  beards/Beares 
4.1.33  1956  simpathie/sympathize