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All alterations in manuscripts made during the course of writing and revision that have not previously been shown in the Historical Collation are recorded here. The medium is black ink.

The lemmata—readings to the left of the bracket—are those of the Eversley edition and ordinarily represent agreement of book and manuscript. To permit a condensed entry in one instance (l. 14), a single dagger (†) prefixed to the line reference warns the


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reader to use the Historical Collation for the exact manuscript reading where it is not precisely that of the lemma and has not been specified in the descriptive part of the entry.

  • 3 All in] ab. del. 'All in' bef. del. 'Into' (AT)MS3
  • 6 Charge . . . guns!'] 'Take you the guns' ab. del. 'There is the foe' MS1
  • 7 Death] 'D' over 'd' MS6
  • 9 the] ab. undel. 'the' (AT)MS3
  • 9 Brigade!] comma aft. del. '!' MS4
  • 10 Was . . . dismay'd?] 'No man was there dismay'd' ab. del. 'Take the guns Nolan said' MS1
  • 11 Not tho' the soldier knew] intrl. MS1
  • 13 Their's not] alt. fr. 'Not their's' MS1
  • 13 make reply,] ab. del. 'reason why' MS1
  • †14 Their's not] alt. fr. 'Not theirs' MS1
  • 14 reason why,] ab. del. 'make reply' MS1
  • 14/15 'Theirs to move onward; | Theirs not to make reply,' insrt., del. (AT)MS2
  • 15 and] over 'or' (AT)MS3
  • 16 Death] 'D' over 'd' MS6
  • 23 Boldly] ab. del. 'Wildly' insrt. bef. del. 'Boldly' (AT)MS2
  • 24 Death] 'D' over 'd' MS6
  • 28 as they turn'd in] 'all at once in' ab. del. 'in the dazzled' MS1
  • 36 Shatter'd (indent.) . . . sunder'd.] insrt. (not indent.) with ampersand for del. 'Shatter'd (indent.) & sunder'd.'; 'a' ab. blotted 'a' in insrt. 'Shatter'd' MS6; insrt. (not indent.) for del. 'Shatter'd (indent.) and sunder'd.' MS7
  • 37 they] aft. del. 'back' MS1
  • 44 horse] ab. del. 'men' MS1
  • 45 had] insrt. MS6, MS8