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Quoted in Jessie Adele Gilmer, Steady Reed: The Life and Literary Career of Isaac Reed, Esquire (1742-1807), University Microfilms, 1971, p. 200; hereafter Gilmer.


John Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century, 8 vols. (1817-58), VII. 48; hereafter Illustr. Nichols's Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, 9 vols. (1812-15), will appear as Lit. Anecd.


Isaac Reed Diaries, 1762-1804, ed. Claude E. Jones (1946), pp. 281, 282, 285; hereafter Diaries.


These are a review of John Nichols's Biographical and Literary Anecdotes of William Bowyer in Dec. 1782 (pp. 433-440): "An Account of Mr. John Ellis" in January and February 1792 (pp. [3]-5, 125-128); "An Account of the Life and Writings of William Julius Mickle" in Sept. and Nov., 1789 (pp. 155-157, 317-321); and a biographical account of Dr. Thomas Leland in August 1799 (pp. [75]-77). I have not found his review of Nichols's History of Leicestershire. See, respectively, Diaries, pp. 270 and 285; DNB, sub Mickle; Lit. Anecd. VIII. 55, noting that Nichols's "1779" is an error for "1799"; and Diaries, p. 288.


A "T.W." commented on the "Beauties of Randolph" in Feb. 1803 (pp. 97-98), but no "C. D."


A Bibliography of Horace Walpole (1948), p. 87.


A glowing review of Mickle's poem Almeda Hill in the first vol. of the EM (pp. 31-34) merits consideration as Reed's.


Joseph Ritson, Scholar at Arms, 2 vols. continuously paged (1938), p. 114 and n. 143.


Diaries, pp. 193 and 215, erroneously indexed under "Baker, David Erskine."


P. 220, see the index, passim, for the other references.


L.F. Powell, "George Steevens and Isaac Reed's Biographia Dramatica," R.E.S, 5 (1929), 292.


Of Thomas Warton's "Verses on Sir Joshua Reynolds's painted Window at New College, Oxford" (III. March, 1783, 199-200); "Strictures on The Sorrows of Werter (VII. Feb. 1785, 107-112); review of Robert Pinkerton's Letters of Literature. By Robert Heron (VIII. August, Sept., Oct., Nov., 1785, 106-110, 195-200, 290-293, 376-379; IX, Feb. 1786, 87-89); of James Bowell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (VIII. Dec. 1785, 448-452; March, May, June, 1786, 168-173, 340-344, 413-417); of Helen Maria Williams's Poems (X. Aug., Sept. 1786, 89-93, 177-180); of the long-titled Dissertations of J.Z. Holwell (XI. March, 1787, 165-169); and of Sir John Hawkins's Life of Samuel Johnson (XI. May, 1787, 319-323; XII. July and Sept., 20-23, 193-200). A letter from Reed to Mickle dated only January 9 mentions a review of a book by Joseph Ritson. I date the letter 1783, with the book in question being Ritson's Observations on Thomas Warton's History of English Poetry (1782). Mickle's review is in Vol. III (Feb. 1783), 126-130. These reviews are overlooked in Sister M. Eustace Taylor, William Julius Mickle (1734-1788), A Critical Study (Washington, D.C., 1937). Reed mentions some "memoirs of the Commodore" as acceptable to the EM in a letter to Mickle dated 10 July 1787, but I have not succeeded in finding the article or review.


A Proof of Eminence, The Life of Sir John Hawkins (1973), pp. 352-353.


See his 1793 Shakespeare, VII. 584-587.


The Correspondence and Other Papers of James Boswell Relating to the Making of the "Life of Johnson" (1969?), p. 26, n. 1.


See Samuel Schoenbaum, Shakespeare's Lives (1970), p. 288 for the Richardson attribution.


See also, Lit. Illustr., VII. 506.


Pp. 206-207; see Lit. Illustr., VII. 516-517 for the attribution.


XXV. (May, 1794), 334; XXXVIII. (Oct. 1800), 249-250; LIII. (Feb. 1808), 189-190. These last two were posthumously reprinted. I have tentatively identified Steevens as the critic of Shakespeare's poetry in the eleventh volume of the EM (June, 1787), 414-415. See Shakespeare Quarterly, 33 (1982), 102-105.


See Lit. Anecd., II. 631 for the attribution.


Waingrow, p. 325, n. 3. See note 15 above and Diaries, passim for Reed and Hoole.


Dr. Charles Burney (1965), p. 54n.