University of Virginia Library


Mr. L. A. Beaurline and Mr. R. L. Kellogg, of the University of Virginia English Department, addressed the Society jointly on Thursday, December 13, 1962, on "A Dialogue of the Body and Soul: Two Views of Old Spelling in Renaissance Texts."

Mr. R. A. Skelton, Superintendent of the Map Room at the British Museum, addressed the Society on "Watersheds in the History of Cartography, XIV-XXth Centuries," on January 21, 1963.

Mr. Fredson Bowers, Chairman of the English Department at the University of Virginia, spoke "On Collecting and Editing American Literature," to a joint dinner-meeting of the Society and the Baltimore Bibliophiles on May 11, 1963. The program for the visiting Bibliophiles included tours of "Monticello" and the Lawn of the University, and an informal gathering to view the treasures in the Rare Book and Manuscript Rooms of the University Library on May 11 and 12, 1963.

Mr. Charles Smith, professor of the Art Department at the University of Virginia and former member of our Council, was honored on May 16, 1963, when an exhibition of his typographical work was formally opened.


Studies in Bibliography, Volume 16, edited by Fredson Bowers. Sent to Contributing, Subscribing, and Student members. Additional copies available to members at $7.00. Available to non-members at $10.00.

Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century. Vol. II: Parts i and ii (Measure for Measure; The Winter's Tale), edited by G. Blakemore Evans. Sent to all contributing members. Available to members at $13.00. Available to non-members at $20.00.

Evans' American Bibliography: Supplement (Checking Edition), by Roger P. Bristol. Available to members at $30.00 (Second copy, $5.00).

Secretary's News Sheet, Nos. 49 and 50. Sent to all members.