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As these figures appear where press-figures (PF's) are usually found, I avail myself of the convention for referring to them. However, in GM they do not record presswork; instead they are used as signatures usually are—to guide the binder. W. B. Todd has informed me that this use is regular for GM and, so far as he is aware, is peculiar to GM. The figures are used in the examined copies of the 1738 volume with absolute regularity on the first page of every gathering that does not begin with a titlepage, always in the sequence 1 through 7 in each monthly number, plus an 8 in the supplement. Signatures continue to be used, but erratically. In the IEN copy, for example, gatherings H I Q T 2D 2M 2R 2Y 3C 3I 3N and 3Q are unsigned; signatures N 3H and 4F are duplicated; 3B is missigned "bb"; and 2S has been squeezed out of the sequence 2Q 2R 2T.


Samuel Johnson's Parliamentary Reporting (1953), p. 182. Not having discovered 4X2 until shortly after the book appeared, Hoover printed the abbreviated version that appears on p. 700 of the Supplement. He plans to include the text of 4X2 in his edition of the Debates for the Yale Johnson. Johnson is also thought to have written the introduction to the "Debates" for the June 1738 GM. A bibliographical point of interest about that piece is that its pagination is a duplicated series. The page numbers for the introduction and the first of the debates are enclosed in brackets—pp. [285]-[292]. They are thus distinguished from pp. 285-292 which immediately follow. From this it can be inferred that this material was put together at the last minute and rushed into print after a different format for the June number had already gone to press.