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Tender is the Night was serialized in four installments in Scribner's Magazine, January-April 1934. There are 183 differences between the serial and the first six chapters of the book.


There were three printings in 1934: 2 April 7,600; 11 April 5,075; and 4 May 2, 520. 300 (?) copies of the first printing were issued as advance copies in wrappers. The first printing is easily identified by the A on the copyright page, but I have not been able to differentiate the second and third printings. The first printing appears in two bindings—the standard B cloth and the uncommon T cloth—but this difference is without textual significance. The two plate changes in the first edition are at 320.17 and 344.7—see the Historical Collation. It is worth mentioning that Clifton Fadi-man's review of the novel listed thirteen spelling errors (The New Yorker, X [14 April 1934], 96, 98, 99).


The errors in the Scribner Library edition are: 32.31 eveyone; 49.6 rabit; 68.19 Gerogian; 69.33 now. ˄; 69.38 sot; 82.29 Not; 118.5 looling; 120.7 Kreuzegg; 167.3 might; 168.20 Gausses; 261.30 person-; 311.28 righ; 314.17 "As. None of these was corrected by the fifth printing of August 1961.


See The Composition of Tender is the Night for a description of the book galleys.


Tender is the Night, ed. Malcolm Cowley (1951), p. xiii. Hereafter referred to as Cowley.


This copy is in the Princeton University Library.


Cowley, pp. x-xi.


The errors in Cowley are: 72.11 invitation.˄; 93.24 dears—'˄; 93.27 house.'˄; 101.16 Kisco; 131.4 stage.˄; 145.21 facees; 166.9 arm .; 22.34 horizon; 34.24 is; 47.29 also; 258.2 Dick?'˄; 287.14 plaing; 289.29 hear. Only 145.21 was corrected, but in the separate edition and not in the Modern Standard Authors volume. In the first printing of Cowley the introduction included four typos: xi.18 xett; xiv.19 tsandards; xviii.23 b each; xviii.24 accompanied. Review copies were sent out with an "Erratum Slip" and the trade copies had the three pages corrected by cancels. But subsequent printings included all four typos, and the earliest printing I have found with the corrections on integral pages is the tenth printing of September 1959.


Fitzgerald's "General Plan" is with the Tender is the Night manuscripts at the Princeton University Library. It contains contradictory information about the time-span of the novel. The ages of Dick and Nicole are reckoned in four and five-year spans, and the ages of Rosemary and Tommy only in five-year spans. In two places Fitzgerald states that the story ends in July 1929.


Cowley, p. 355.


P. 331.


Cowley, p. 352.


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Fitzgerald's notebooks are in the Princeton University Library.


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