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Unsigned and Initialed Contributions to The Freeman
G. Thomas Tanselle

Just before The Freeman ceased publication on 5 March 1924, the Nation described it as the "best written and most brilliantly edited of the weeklies of protest," "a literary production to compel admiration, whether one agreed with its views or not."[1] The New Republic, believing that The Freeman's "wit and vigor and lucidity . . . ought not to perish in America," said, "It carried on through four perplexing years, satisfying the intellectual needs and clarifying the political views of thousands of readers. . . . On its constant readers — and few periodicals ever had more loyal ones — the Freeman exerted an influence that will not die. This is success. It is through such successes that a nation's cultural wealth is slowly accumulated."[2] The Century felt that The Freeman "commented upon the news of the world with remarkable insight and unflagging wit" and considered it worthy of comparison with the Tatler and Spectator.[3] Enthusiastic comments continued to appear in discussions of the period,[4] and one of its editors, Albert Jay Nock, later declared that it was "quite generally acknowledged to be the best paper published in our language"[5] — a judgment concurred in by Van Wyck


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Brooks, who called it "a paper that was generally known as the best written in the country."[6]

There is no question that The Freeman, published in New York between 17 March 1920 and 5 March 1924 by that enterprising young publisher B. W. Huebsch,[7] was one of the important and influential journals of this century. Its 4,992 large double-column pages maintain a consistently high standard and must surely constitute one of the most massive monuments of journalistic excellence ever produced in so short a period. The failure to compromise, characteristic of The Freeman, is illustrated by the manner of its demise. After four years (with Helen Swift Neilson as the financial backer), the paper was discontinued both because of the "large annual deficit" and because of the failure to secure a "body of readers sufficiently large to warrant further publication." An editorial announcement explained that "circulation 'experts' who were consulted offered feasible suggestions, but every suggestion was based on a different Freeman than the one the editors were making. If we had adopted them the circulation might have gone up a few tens of thousands, but the Freeman would have lost its soul — and the adherence of those who mourn over it to-day."[8] The twenty-four weekly pages continued in their usual fashion for a month after the first announcement of discontinuance (on 6 February 1924), in order to round out Volume VIII, and then publication ceased, with eight full volumes to look back on and no gradual diminishing of strength at the end.

The list of frequent contributors included Van Wyck Brooks, Charles A. Beard, Constance Rourke, Kenneth Burke, Lewis Mumford, Padraic Colum, Ernest A. Boyd, Llewelyn Powys, and many other well-known names, and it was equally penetrating on literary and political matters (with practically every point of view represented). As the period of the twenties becomes more intensively studied, it is inevitable that The Freeman will receive increasing attention. Although the story of its inception and brief career has been told by one of its editors,


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Francis Neilson,[9] and by Susan Jane Turner,[10] one difficulty in studying it has been the presence in it of a great amount of both unsigned and initialed material, the authorship of which could not be easily established.

The only clue to the authorship that has been generally available is The Freeman Book (New York: B. W. Huebsch, 1924), an anthology of selections from The Freeman; although it contains samples of all the kinds of articles in the journal and indicates the authors, it is of course in no sense a systematic guide to the authorship of the unsigned pieces since it gives only a small selection from the work of forty writers. However, the authorship of all unsigned work was marked in several copies of each issue, and some of these marked files are available for examination. Mr. B. W. Huebsch has one such set in his possession, and there is a partially marked set in the library of Francis Neilson at Harbor Acres in Port Washington, Long Island. The set which belonged to Helen Swift Neilson, founder of The Freeman, and which was marked by Emilie McMillan, a member of the staff, is now in the Newberry Library, the gift of Mrs. Neilson. Because of the rarity of these marked copies and the importance of the information they contain, it seems highly desirable that a complete description of the special information in them be made readily accessible.[11]

It may be helpful, first of all, to have in mind the format of The Freeman. Each issue consisted of 24 pages and generally followed this pattern: the first three pages were made up of separate unsigned paragraphs or very short articles under the heading "Current Comment"; pages 4 through 8 consisted of the longer unsigned editorials, collectively called "Topics of the Day"; the next six pages (pp. 9-14) usually contained the signed articles; there followed a short section, "Miscellany," made up of paragraphs similar to those in "Current Comment," sometimes by several hands and sometimes by one (signed "Journeyman"); the sixteenth page might carry a review of a current


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musical or dramatic performance or a literary essay (referred to, along with the other signed pieces, as "Middle Articles" in The Freeman Book); then came two pages of letters to the editors, often from distinguished persons or from other members of the staff writing under pseudonyms; pages 18 to 23, roughly, consistuted the book review section, consisting of a series of individual reviews (many signed with initials) followed by a column of literary comment; and page 24 was an advertisement (for The Freeman itself or for other Huebsch publications).

The lists which follow record the information about authorship that has been written into the Newberry and Huebsch copies. The first indicates, by initials, the authors of all unsigned work; the second identifies these initials and many other initials (and pseudonyms) which actually appeared as signatures in The Freeman. The third is an index to the first two, supplementing the index to the signed material which The Freeman published with each volume.

I. Authorship of Unsigned Material

In this chronological list, each author of unsigned work has been given a set of initials. The information presented here is based on the Newberry and Huebsch copies, and, in the few instances where there is disagreement between them in attribution of authorship (or between them and The Freeman Book), the discrepancy is recorded in a footnote. At times, too, the attribution is made on the basis of only one copy if the author's initials have not been marked at that point in the other copy — the Newberry set sometimes skips items that are marked in the Huebsch, and there are no markings whatsoever in Volume IV at Newberry. Only very rarely has it been necessary to infer the authorship of a piece (one not marked in either copy) and in these cases the initials are in brackets below.[12]

The kind of evidence used for such inferences can be illustrated by the case of the book review columns, the principal instance where inferences are necessary, since these columns are, more often than not, unmarked in both copies. Van Wyck Brooks was the literary editor of The Freeman, and the Newberry copy does contain his initials on all the book columns in the first three volumes (except the few that are


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signed in print by someone else). In Volumes IV and V these columns are not marked in either set, but it has seemed sensible to attribute them to Brooks up to the issue of 24 May 1922,[13] since in that issue (V, 262) occurs the following statement: "During the temporary absence of Mr. Van Wyck Brooks, the Literary Department of the Freeman will be conducted by Mr. Albert Jay Nock." Beginning with that issue it is safe to regard Nock as author even when his initials are not written in (as they occasionally are); this decision is supported by references to Brooks' absence (as V, 358: "When the regular editor of this department went away and left me to act as caretaker for him . . .") and by the presence in The Freeman Book (pp. 377-382) of a column from this period assigned to Nock (V, 430-431). Then in the issue of 10 January 1923 comes an announcement (VI, 430) that Brooks will take over again in the following issue after an absence of seven months. Therefore, beginning with 17 January 1923, and on through Volumes VI and VII, Brooks may again be considered the author of "The Reviewer's Notebook."[14] No book column of this kind appears in Volume VIII except in the last five issues. There seems to be no question, then, about the authorship of the book columns (and perhaps that is why there are so few markings for them), but the initials appear in brackets below unless the attribution is based specifically on the Newberry or Huebsch copies or The Freeman Book.

Reference below is, first, by volume number, issue number, and date, and then, after the dash, by page. Lower-case letters correspond to individual paragraphs[15] beginning on the page noted; when a page number has no letters associated with it, all unsigned paragraphs which start on that page are by the author indicated. Such a system is necessary in connection with the "Current Comment" and "Miscellany" sections of each issue, where individual paragraphs are usually by different authors ("Miscellany" is thus included here even though it actually carries a signature, "Journeyman"). But for the longer pieces, a single page number refers to the only article which both begins and ends on that page, and an inclusive number to the only article that is continued across the pages indicated.


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I:1 (17 March 1920)—1a-d AJN; e-f SLF; 2a AJN; b-c FN; d-f AJN; 3a-d AJN; e-f LL; g BWH; 4 AJN; 4-6 FN; 6-7 FN; 7-8 FN; 15a-b AJN; c-d AP; 16a-b AJN; c FN; 22-3 VWB.

I:2 (24 March 1920)—25a-b AJN; c LL; d AJN; 26a-b AJN; c SLF; d-e FN; 27a-b FN; c-d GTR; 28-9 FN; 29-30 SLF; 30-1 FN; 31-2 GTR; 32-3 GTR; 33 GTR; 43a VWB; b-c FN; d-e BWH; 44 FN; 47 VWB.

I:3 (31 March 1920)—49 GTR; 50a GTR; b-c AJN; d-e GTR; 51a GTR; b-c FN; d LL; e-f AJN; 52-3 AJN; 53-4 LL; 54-5 FN; 55-6 LL; 56-7 FN; 66-7 FN; 67a FN; b LCM; 68a LCM; b-c FN; 70-1 VWB.

I:4 (7 April 1920)—73 AJN; 74a GTR; b L; c AJN; d-e FN; 75a-b FN; c AJN; d BWH; 76-7 AJN; 77-8 FN; 78-80 FN; 80-1 GTR; 90 LCM; 91a-b BWH; c MGu; 93 FN; 95 VWB.

I:5 (14 April 1920)—97 AJN; 98a-c GTR; d-f LL; 99a LL; b GTR; c-d SLF; e AJN; 100-1 AJN; 101-2 FN; 102-3 LL; 103-4 AJN; 112 FN; 113a [FN]; b-c GTR; d-e AJN; f FN; 114-7 FN; 118-9 VWB.

I:6 (21 April 1920)—121a-e AJN; f-g GTR; 122a AJN; b-c SLF; d-f GTR; 123a-c GTR; d-f AJN; 124-5 AJN; 125-6 AJN; 126-7 FN; 127-8 GTR; 138 FN; a BWH; 139a-c LCM; d-f FN; 143 VWB.

I:7 (28 April 1920)—145a-b AJN; c-d SLF; e-f AJN; 146a-f AJN; g SLF; h AJN; 147a-b AJN; c FN; d-f AJN; 148-9 FN & AJN;[16] 149-50 FN; 150-1 GTR; 151-2 AJN; 163a-c GTR; d-f LCM; 164 LCM; 166-7 VWB.

I:8 (5 May 1920)—169a-d AJN; e-f SLF; 170a SLF; b GTR; c AJN; d-e BWH; f-g GTR; 171a GTR; b AJN; c-d BWH; e AJN; 172-3 AJN; 173-4 GTR; 174-5 FN; 175-6 SLF; 185a-c AJN; d LCM; 186a FN; b WGF; 190-1 VWB.

I:9 (12 May 1920)—193a AJN; b GTR; c-e AJN; 194a-d AJN; e-g FN; 195a GTR; b AJN; c-d WGF; e-f AJN; 196 AJN; 196-8 AJN; 198-9 AJN; 199-200 FN; 210a-b AGl; c MGu; 211a MGu; b AJN; 214-5 VWB.

I:10 (19 May 1920)—217a GTR; b AJN; c-d FN; e AJN; 218a-b AJN; c-g SLF; h AJN; 219a FN; b-d AJN; e RHL & LL;[17] 220-1 FN; 221 AJN; 222-3 GTR; 223 FN; 223-4 AJN; 236a BWH; b AJN; c-e MGu; 238 VWB; 238-9 VWB.

I:11 (26 May 1920)—241a-c AJN; d SLF; e GTR; 242a GTR; b-d AJN; e-f SLF; g AJN; h SLF; 243a [SLF]; b AJN; c FN; d WGF; e-g AJN; 244-5 AJN; 245 SLF; 245-7 GTR; 247 AJN; 247-8 FN; 248 AJN; 258a AJN; b RLW; c-d BWH; 259a BWH; b GTR; 262-3 VWB.

I:12 (2 June 1920)—265a-b GTR; c-f AJN; 266a SLF; b-f AJN; g FN; 267a-c FN; d-e GTR; f SLF; 268-9 EN; 269-70 FN; 270-1 FWG; 271-3 FN; 283 FN; 284a-c FN; d-e LCM; f BUBu; 286-7 VWB.

I:13 (9 June 1920)—289a-c AJN; d SLF; e-g AJN; 290a AJN; b-c GTR; d-e AJN; f SLF; g WGF; h GTR; 291a-b SLF; c WGF; d AJN; e GTR; f AJN; g WGF; 292 AJN; 292-3 GTR; 293-5 FN; 295 AJN; 295-6 AJN; 305 BWH; 306a-b BWH; c-d RRu; 309-10 VWB; 310-1 VWB.

I:14 (16 June 1920)—313a-c AJN; d-e SLF; f AJN; 314a AJN; b-f GTR; 315a-b GTR; c-d SLF; e AJN; f GTR; g AJN; 316a AJN; b SLF; 317-8 GTR; 318-9 FN; 319-20 AJN; 331a-b LCM; c-e SLF; f JH; 332a-c JH; d BWH; 334-5 VWB.

I:15 (23 June 1920)—337a SLF; b-f AJN; 338a-d AJN; e SLF; f AJN; g GTR; 339a SLF; b-d GTR; e-f AJN; 340 AJN; 340-1 GTR; 341-2 SLF; 342-3 AJN; 343-4 FWG; 344 VWB; 355 BWH; 356a-d LCM; e-f FN; 357 JH; 358 VWB; 358-9 VWB.

I:16 (30 June 1920)—361a AJN; b SLF; c GTR; d-f WGF; 362a-b GTR; c AJN; d SLF; e AJN; f GTR; 363a-b GTR; c AJN; d-f GTR; 364-5 AJN; 365-6 AJN; 366-7 GTR; 367 AJN; 367-8 FWG; 368-9 AJN; 379a-c MMo; d-f BWH; 382a GT; b VWB; 382-3 VWB.

I:17 (7 July 1920)—385a AJN; b SLF; c-e AJN; f GTR; 386a-b AJN; c SLF; d GTR; e-f AJN; g SLF; 387a-c GTR; d AJN; e-f WGF; 388-9 AJN; 389-90 GTR; 390-1 LH; 391-2 FWG; 403a-b AJN; c-e BWH; f MMo; 407 VWB.

I:18 (14 July 1920)—409a-f AJN; g SLF; 410a-c AJN; d-e FN; 411a WGF; b SLF; c AJN; d SLF; e-f WGF; 412-3 JGF; 413-4 SLF; 414-5 HES; 415-7 B; 426a-c FN; d BWH; 427a EN; b MMo; 427-8 VWB; 429-30 VWB; 430a GT; b VWB; c RR; 430-1 VWB.

I:19 (21 July 1920)—433a-b AJN; c-e


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WGF; f AJN; 434 AJN; 435a-b FN; c-e AJN; 436-7 FN; 437 FWG; 437-9 VWB; 439-40 FWG; 440-1 HES; 450 AJN; 451a-b AJN; c BWH; 454-5 VWB.

I:20 (28 July 1920)—457 AJN; 458a-c AJN; d SLF; e-h AJN; 459a-e AJN; f BWH; 460-1 AJN; 461-3 VWB; 463-4 WNE; 464-5 HES; 470a-d FN; e-f HES; g BWH; 478-9 VWB.

I:21 (4 August 1920)—481 AJN; 482a WGF; b-g AJN; 483a-e AJN; f-g WGF; h AJN; 484 AJN; 484-5 CCW; 485-6 FWG; 486-7 HES; 497a-c LCM; d-f AJN; g ALD; 498 HES; 501-3 VWB.

I:22 (11 August 1920)—505a-d AJN; e RRu; 506a WGF; b-e AJN; 507a-b RRu; c-e FN; 508-9 FN; 509-10 VWB; 510-2 FN; 520a-b BWH; c-d FN; 521 FN; 526-7 VWB.

I:23 (18 August 1920)—529 AJN; 530a-d AJN; e-f FN; 531a-b AJN; c RRu; d-e FN; f HES; 532-3 AJN; 533-4 FN; 534-5 FWG; 535-6 HES; 545a-d BWH; e HES; 550-1 VWB.

I:24 (25 August 1920)—553 [AJN]; 554a-f [AJN]; g FN;[18] 555a WGF; b-e RRu; f WGF; 556-7 FN; 557-8 HES; 558-9 FWG; 559-60 BWH; 569-70 FN; 574-5 VWB.

I:25 (1 September 1920)—577 [AJN]; 578a-d [AJN]; e-f WGF; 579a-b WGF; c-d [AJN]; e HES; f [AJN]; 580-1 AJN; 581-2 VWB; 583-4 HES; 584-5 VWB; 593-4 LCM; 598-9 VWB.

I:26 (8 September 1920)—601-2 AJN; 603a-b AJN; c HES; d-e AJN; 604 FN; 605-6 AJN; 606-7 FWG; 607-8 HES; 616a-d LLe; e-f WGF; 617 WGF; 622-3 VWB.

II:27 (15 September 1920)—1 AJN; 2a FN; b-e AJN; f-g RRu; 3a RRu; b-d FN; e RRu; 4 LCM; 4-6 AJN; 6-7 HES; 7-8 VWB; 17a-e FN; f WGF; g LCM; 18 LCM; 22-3 VWB.

II:28 (22 September 1920)—25-6 AJN; 27a-b AJN; c-e SLF; f AJN; 28-9 HES; 29-30 FN; 30-1 FN; 31-2 MA; 39-40 FN; 46-7 VWB.

II:29 (29 September 1920)—49 AJN; 50a AJN; b-f GTR; 51a GTR; b AJN; c GTR; d SLF; e-f FN; 52 FN; 53-4 HES; 54-5 SLF; 55-6 FWG; 56 GTR; 62-3 WPE; 70-1 VWB.

II:30 (6 October 1920)—73 AJN; 74a-b AJN; c-e SLF; f FN; g-h SLF; 75a-c FN; d WGF; e SLF; 76-7 GTR; 77-8 FN; 78-9 CDB; 79-80 VWB; 88a-c RWh; d FN; 89 FN; 94-5 VWB.

II:31 (13 October 1920)—97a-c SLF; d FN; e GTR; 98a-c GTR; d-f SLF; 99a AJN; b-c FN; d-f WGF; 100 FN; 100-1 HES; 101-3 GTR; 103-4 VWB; 109 WHu; 110a-d WHu; e FN; 118-9 VWB.

II:32 (20 October 1920)—121 AJN; 122a-c AJN; d-e GTR; f AJN; g SLF; 123a-c SLF; d AJN; e WGF; 124-5 GTR; 125-6 FWG; 126-7 GTR; 127-8 AJN; 136a-b BWH; c FN; 137a FN; b-d BWH; 142-3 VWB.

II:33 (27 October 1920)—145a GTR; b SLF; c-d FN; 146a-b FN; c-e GTR; 147a-b SLF; c GTR; d FN; e AJN; 148-9 HES; 149-50 AJN; 151 FN; 151-4 VWB; 159-60 AJN; 166-7 VWB.

II:34 (3 November 1920)—169a-d AJN; e-f GTR; 170a-d GTR; e LCM; 171a-b LCM; c-d FN; e AJN; f SLF; 172-3 AJN; 173-4 LCM; 174-5 SLF; 175-6 HES; 182a-e FN; f-g BWH; 190-1 VWB.

II:35 (10 November 1920)—193a-d AJN; e-f GTR; 194a-d FCH; e-g GTR; 195a FN; b WGF; c SLF; d AJN; 196-7 FN; 197-8 GTR; 198-9 FN; 199-200 AJN; 208a-d BWH; e-g LCM; h BWH; 209 BWH; 214-5 VWB.

II:36 (17 November 1920)—217a-d AJN; e-g SLF; 218a AJN; b-f GTR; 219a GTR; b-f AJN; g FN; 220-1 GTR; 221-2 VWB; 222-3 AJN; 234-5 LCM; 238-9 VWB.

II:37 (24 November 1920)—241 AJN; 242a AJN; b-e FN; f GTR; 243a-c GTR; d SLF; e GTR; 244-5 AJN; 245-6 GTR; 246 SLF; 247 VWB; 255 RWh; 256a RWh; b BWH; c FN; d HWvL; 262-3 VWB.

II:38 (1 December 1920)—265a-d AJN; e-f GTR; 266a-d GTR; e AJN; f GTR; 267a FN; b GTR; c FN; d-f AJN; 268 SLF; 268-9 AJN; 269-70 FN; 270-1 BWH; 279 LCM; 280a-b LCM; c-f Bj; g FN; 286-7 VWB.

II:39 (8 December 1920)—289 AJN; 290a-c AJN; d-f GTR; 291a-b AJN; c-d GTR; e AJN; f SLF; 292-3 AJN; 293-4 GTR; 295-6 AJN; 304a-g BWH; h MAB; 311 VWB.

II:40 (15 December 1920)—313a-d AJN; e SLF; 314a-b AJN; c-f GTR; g AJN; 315 AJN; 316 AJN; 316-7 AJN; 317-8 NS; 318-9 GTR; 326 LCM; 327a-c LCM; d SLF; e LP; 334-5 VWB.

II:41 (22 December 1920)—337 AJN; 338a-b AJN; c-d SLF; e GTR; f SLF; g GTR; 339a-c SLF; d-e AJN; f GTR; 340-1


Page 160
SLF; 341 FWG; 342-3 GTR; 343-4 AJN; 351 FN; 352a-b FN; c-d LCM; 358-9 VWB.

II:42 (29 December 1920)—361 AJN; 362a-f AJN; g-h GTR; 363a-b GTR; c AJN; d GTR; e AJN; 364-5 FN; 365-7 GTR; 367-8 AJN; 374 FCS; 375 VWB; 383 VWB.

II:43 (5 January 1921)—385 AJN; 386a MGu; b-e AJN; f GTR; g AJN; 387a-d SLF; e GTR; f SLF; g GTR; 388-9 AJN; 389-90 SLF; 390-1 GTR; 391-2 AJN; 398-9 BD; 406-7 VWB.

II:44 (12 January 1921)—409 AJN; 410a-b SLF; c-d AJN; e-h GTR; 411a-f GTR; g AJN; 412-3 AJN; 413-4 SLF; 414-5 CDB; 415 FWG; 424a BWH; b-c HWvL; d-g VWB; 425a-b VWB; c FN; 431 VWB.

II:45 (19 January 1921)—433a-c AJN; d-e SLF; 434a-b SLF; c AJN; d-f SLF; 435a GTR; b SLF; c GTR; d-e SLF; 436 AJN; 436-7 HES; 437-8 AJN; 438-40 VWB; 445-6 SNB; 455 VWB.

II:46 (26 January 1921)—457a AJN; b-f SLF; 458a AJN; b DLM; c-e GTR; f AJN; 459a-b CHW; c-d GTR; e-f SLF; 460 AJN; 460-1 AJN; 461-2 GTR; 462-3 RB; 470-1 LCM; 479 VWB.

II:47 (2 February 1921)—481 AJN; 482a-c GTR; d-e AJN; f-g SLF; 483a SLF; b AJN; c-e GTR; f AJN; 484 AJN; 484-5 SLF; 485-6 CRH; 486-7 VWB; 494a-d BWH; e-f HJS; 495a HJS; b WGF; 502-3 VWB.

II:48 (9 February 1921)—505a-c SLF; d AJN; e SLF; 506a-c SLF; d-f GTR; g SLF; 507a GTR; b SLF; c-f GTR; g WGF; 508 AJN; 508-10 FN; 510-1 AJN; 517 LCM; 518a-b LCM; c-d BWH; e WGF; 526-7 VWB.

II:49 (16 February 1921)—529a-c GTR; d AJN; e GTR; 530a-d AJN; e GTR; f-g SLF; h GTR; 531a-d GTR; e-f AJN; g WGF; 532-3 AJN; 533-4 FN; 534-5 AJN; 542a-f LB; g WGF.

II:50 (23 February 1921)—553a-b SLF; c-e AJN; 554a-b AJN; c SLF; d-h AJN; 555a WGF; b AJN; c-d GTR; e-f AJN; g BWH; 556 AJN; 556-7 GTR; 558 FN; 564a-b LCM; c-f HBr; g WGF.

II:51 (2 March 1921)—577a-d SLF; e-f AJN; 578a-c GTR; d AJN; e-f GTR; g AJN; 579a AJN; b-c GTR; d-e WGF; f GTR; g BWH; 580 GTR; 580-1 SLF; 581-2 FWG; 582-3 AJN; 588-9 FN.

II:52 (9 March 1921)—601a AJN; b HBr; c GTR; d AJN; e HBr; f-g GTR; 602a AJN; b SLF; c-f AJN; 603a-c SLF; d GTR; e CHW; 604 FN; 604-6 AJN; 606-7 HES; 607-8 VWB; 615 LC; 616 PC.

III:53 (16 March 1921)—1a-e AJN; f SLF; 2a SLF; b GTR; c-g SLF; 3a AJN; b-c [AJN]; d WGF; e GTR; f HBr; 4-5 AJN; 5 FN; 5-6 AJN; 6-7 LCM; 13-4 FWG; 22-3 VWB.

III:54 (23 March 1921)—25a-b SLF; c GTR; d SLF; e AJN; 26a-b AJN; c-f GTR; 27a SLF; b-e GTR; 28-9 AJN; 29 SLF; 29-31 FN; 31-2 HES; 39 GTR; 47 VWB.

III:55 (30 March 1921)—49a HBr; b-f SLF; 50 GTR; 51a AJN; b WGF; c-f AJN;[19] 52 AJN; 52-3 FN; 53-4 SLF; 54-6 GTR; 62-3 CTH; 71 VWB.

III:56 (6 April 1921)—73 AJN; 74a AJN; b-c HBr; d AJN; e-f GTR; g AJN; 75a WGF; b-c GTR; d-f SLF; g AJN; 76-7 AJN; 77-8 FWG; 78-9 WHCh; 87a-e RRu; f Com; 88 WGF; 94-5 VWB.

III:57 (13 April 1921)—97 AJN; 98a-b GTR; c-g AJN; 99a-c GTR; d-e AJN; f HBr; 100 AJN; 100-1 AJN; 101-2 GTR; 102-3 FWG; 110-1 LCM; 118-9 VWB.

III:58 (20 April 1921)—121a-b GTR; c-g AJN; 122a-e AJN; f-g GTR; 123a GTR; b-c SLF; d AJN; e WGF; 124-5 AJN; 125-6 GTR; 126-7 FWG; 134a-d AJN; e-f WPa; 135a-b WPa;[20] c WGF; 142-3 VWB.

III:59 (27 April 1921)—145 AJN; 146a-b AJN; c CTH; d-e GTR; f-h SLF; 147a-c SLF; d-e AJN; 148-9 EAB; 149 GTR; 149-50 GTR; 150-1 VWB; 159a-d LCM; e-f SLF; 160a SLF; b WGF; c EdC; d WGF; 166-7 VWB.

III:60 (4 May 1921)—169 AJN; 170a AJN; b SLF; c-d GTR; e-f AJN; g SLF; h WGF; 171a WGF; b-d GTR; e AJN; f WGF; 172 AJN; 172-3 GTR; 173-4 FWG; 174-5 BWH; 182 AJN; 183a-b AJN; c CTH; d WGF; 191 VWB.

III:61 (11 May 1921)—193a-c GTR; d-e SLF; 194a SLF; b GTR; c SLF; d-f AJN; 195a AJN; b-c SLF; d WGF; 196 AJN; 196-7 AJN; 197-8 SLF; 198-9 CHW; 207 SLF; 208a-c SLF; d AJN; 214-5 VWB.

III:62 (18 May 1921)—217 AJN; 218a-b AJN; c GTR; d SLF; e-f AJN; 219a-b WGF; c-d SLF; e GTR; f EAB; 220 AJN; 220-2 SLF; 222-3 GTR; 223-4 NS; 231-2 ESt; 238-9 VWB.


Page 161

III:63 (25 May 1921)—241a-c AJN; d-e SLF; 242a-b GTR; c SLF; d GTR; e SLF; f WGF; g-h SLF; 243a-c SLF; d AJN; e GTR; 244 AJN; 244-5 AJN; 245-6 GTR; 246-7 AJN; 255 LCM; 256a LCM; b-d HSH; 262-3 VWB.

III:64 (1 June 1921)—265a-c AJN; d WGF; e GTR; 266a SLF; b AJN; c SLF; d-f GTR; 267a-b SLF; c AJN; d GTR; e SLF; f WGF; 268 SLF; 268-9 HES; 269-70 GTR; 270-1 FN; 278 EAB; 279a-b EAB; c-e CRH; f WGF; 286-7 VWB.

III:65 (8 June 1921)—289 AJN; 290a-c AJN; d-e GTR; f AJN; 291a-b AJN; c GTR; d-e AJN; f GTR; 292-3 AJN; 293 SLF; 293-4 GTR; 294-5 AJN; 305 LMa; 306a-b LMa; c-e LCM;[21] 310-1 VWB.

III:66 (15 June 1921)—313 SLF; 314a-c SLF; d-f GTR; 315a-b GTR; c-d AJN; e SLF; f WGF; 316 AJN; 317 GTR; 317-8 EAB; 318-20 NS; 327-8 LCM; 334-5 VWB.

III:67 (22 June 1921)—337a AJN; b GTR; c-d FN; e AJN; 338a-b FN; c-e SLF; f GTR; 339a-c GTR; d SLF; e AJN; f FN; 340 SLF; 340-1 GTR; 341-2 FWG; 342-4 AJN; 351-2 LJ; 358-9 VWB.

III:68 (29 June 1921)—361 AJN; 362a AJN; b SLF; c-e WGF; f-h GTR; 363 GTR; 364 AJN; 364-5 FWG; 365-6 SLF; 366-7 FN; 373 LCM; 374a-c LCM; d-e ESt; f GTR; 382-3 VWB.

III:69 (6 July 1921)—385a-c AJN; d-e SLF; 386a AJN; b-c GTR; d-f SLF; 387a SLF; b-g GTR; 388 AJN; 388-9 SLF; 389-90 HES; 390-1 AJN; 400 NS; 406-7 VWB.

III:70 (13 July 1921)—409 AJN; 410a-f AJN; g GTR; 411a AJN; b-e GTR; f SLF; g GTR; 412-3 FN; 413 FWG; 414 BWH; 414-5 LCM.

III:71 (20 July 1921)—433a-d AJN; e-f SLF; 434a SLF; b AJN; c-f GTR; 435a-c SLF; d-g AJN; h-i GTR; 436 AJN; 436-7 FWG; 437-8 GTR; 438-40 VWB; 447 GTR; 448a-b GTR; c-e CTH.

III:72 (27 July 1921)—457a-b SLF; c-d AJN; e-f SLF; 458a SLF; b-e GTR; f-g SLF; 459a-c GTR; d SLF; e-f GTR; 460-1 AJN; 461-2 FN; 462-4 AJN; 470 PC; 471a-b PC; c-f BWH; 472 BWH; 478-9 VWB.

III:73 (3 August 1921)—481a-d AJN; e-f WGF; 482a-f SLF; g GTR; 483a-b GTR; c-d SLF; e WGF; 484-5 AJN; 485-6 SLF; 486-7 FWG; 487-8 GTR; 495-6 LCM.

III:74 (10 August 1921)—505a-c AJN; d-e SLF;[22] 506a-e SLF; f WGF; g SLF; 507a SLF; b-c GTR; d-e AJN; f WGF; 508 AJN; 508-9 ETB; 509-10 GTR; 510-1 VWB; 518-9 CTH; 526-7 VWB.

III:75 (17 August 1921)—529a BWH; b-e AJN; 530 SLF; 531a SLF; b-d WGF; e SLF;[23] f GTR; 532-3 AJN; 533-4 SLF; 534

III:76 (24 August 1921)—553a-b SLF; c-f AJN; 554-5 AJN; 556-7 AJN; 557-8 AJN; 558 WGF; 559-60 LCM; 568a-e LCM; f FN; 569 FN; 574-5 VWB.

III:77 (31 August 1921)—577 AJN; 578a AJN; b SLF; c-d AJN; e SLF; 579a-b SLF; c WGF; d SLF; e GTR; 580-1 EAB; 581-2 AJN; 582-3 FWG; 591a-d LCM; e CTH; 598-9 VWB.

III:78 (7 September 1921)—601 AJN; 602a-d SLF; e WGF; f SLF; 603a-c SLF; d-e AJN; 604 AJN; 604-5 SLF; 606 CRH; 606-7 AJN; 614 CTH; 622-3 VWB.

IV: 79 (14 September 1921)—1 AJN; 2a-c AJN; d-e GTR; 3a-e GTR; f AJN; 4 AJN; 4-6 EAB; 6-7 SLF; 7-8 RKH; 15 AJN; 16a FN; b CTH; c-f IG; 22-3 [VWB].

IV:80 (21 September 1921)—25 AJN; 26a-b AJN; c GTR; d-e SLF; f-g GTR; 27a AJN; b GTR; c WGF; d-e AJN; f WGF; 28-9 AJN; 29-30 GTR; 30-1 CHW; 31-2 GTR; 38-9 LCM; 46-7 VWB.

IV:81 (28 September 1921)—49 AJN; 50a-f AJN; g-h WGF; 51a-b AJN; c-d GTR; e-f AJN; 52-3 AJN; 53-4 LPo; 54-5 FWG; 55-6 GTR; 63 BWH; 64 AJN; 71 [VWB].

IV:82 (5 October 1921)—73a-b GTR; c-e AJN; f WGF; 74a-b AJN; c-d WGF; e-f GTR; g-h AJN; 75a AJN; b-f GTR; g AJN; 76 AJN; 76-7 AJN; 77-8 GTR; 78-9 EAB; 87 JCo; 88a-d GTR; e WGF.

IV:83 (12 October 1921)—97a-b WGF; c-f AJN; 98a AJN; b WGF; c AJN; d GTR; e AJN; f-h GTR; 99a-b WGF; c AJN; d GTR; e WGF; f GTR; 100 GTR; 100-1 FWG; 101-2 GTR; 102-3 NS; 113a-d AJN; e-f [AJN]; 118-9 [VWB].

IV:84 (19 October 1921)—121a-d AJN; e GTR; 122a VWB; b-c AJN; d-f WGF; 123a WGF; b-d GTR; e VWB; f GTR; 124-5 EAB; 125 GTR; 126 FWG; 126-8 EAB; 135 VWB; 136 LCM.

IV:85 (26 October 1921)—145 AJN; 146a


Page 162
AJN; b-e GTR; f-g SLF; 147a-b WGF; c-f GTR; 148-9 EAB; 149-50 AJN; 150-1 NS; 159 PC; 160a-c PC; d BWH; 166-7 [VWB].

IV:86 (2 November 1921)—169a AJN; b SLF; c-d AJN; e SLF; 170a GTR; b-c SLF; d GTR; e-g AJN; h GTR; 171a-d GTR; e-f WGF; 172 AJN; 172-3 AJN; 173-4 SLF; 174-6 EAB; 182a-c VWB; d LCM; 183 LCM; 190-1 [VWB].

IV:87 (9 November 1921)—193 AJN; 194a-c AJN; d-g SLF; 195a BWH; b-c GTR; d WGF; e AJN; 196-7 GTR; 197-8 AJN; 198 AJN; 198-9 AJN; 207 BWH; 208a-c MT; d-e SLF; 214-5 [VWB].

IV:88 (16 November 1921)—217 AJN; 218a-b SLF; c AJN; d-g SLF; 219a-c SLF; d-e VWB; 220-1 FWG; 221 AJN; 221-2 SLF; 222-3 ETB; 230-1 CTH.

IV:89 (23 November 1921)—241a-c AJN; d-f GTR; 242a-c GTR; d-g SLF; h AJN; 243a AJN; b-c GTR; d WGF; e BWH; f WGF; 244 AJN; 244-5 GTR; 245-6 GTR; 246-7 AJN; 247-8 EAB; 254-6 SLF; 262-3 [VWB].

IV:90 (30 November 1921)—265a-c GTR; d-e SLF; 266a-b SLF; c-g AJN; 267a AJN; b SLF; c-e AJN; f SLF; 268 AJN; 268-70 HK; 270-1 FWG; 271 SLF; 277-8 EAB; 286-7 [VWB].

IV:91 (7 December 1921)—289a-d AJN; e SLF; 290a-b GTR; c AJN; d SLF; e AJN; f-g SLF; 291a-b AJN; c-d GTR; e-f SLF; 292-3 AJN; 293-4 SLF; 294-5 GTR; 295-6 AJN; 302 LP; 303a-c LP; d VWB; e HWvL; 310-1 [VWB].

IV:92 (14 December 1921)—313a-d AJN; e SLF; 314a-b SLF; c AJN; d SLF; e-g GTR; 315a-c SLF; d VWB; e AJN; 316-7 AJN; 317 FN; 317-8 GTR; 318-9 FWG; 319-20 AJN; 327-8 LCM; 334-5 [VWB].

IV:93 (21 December 1921)—337a GTR; b-d AJN; e GTR; 338a GTR; b-f SLF; 339a SLF; b-f AJN; g GTR; 340-1 AJN; 341-2 AJN; 342 GTR; 342-3 SLF; 358-9 [VWB].

IV:94 (28 December 1921)—361a-b GTR; c-d SLF; 362a-d GTR; e-f SLF; g [SLF]; 363a SLF; b-d GTR; e-f SLF; 364 AJN; 364-5 RS; 365-6 AJN; 366-8 SLF; 375-6 AJN; 382-3 [VWB].

IV:95 (4 January 1922)—385a-e AJN; f SLF; 386a SLF; b-c HK; d-g GTR; 387a-c SLF; d AJN; e-f GTR; 388 AJN; 388-9 CTH; 389-90 GTR; 390-1 HK; 391-2 CAB; 407 [VWB].

IV:96 (11 January 1922)—409a-b AJN; c-d SLF; e AJN; 410a-b HK; c AJN; d HK; e-f AJN; 411a SLF; b AJN; c GTR; d-e AJN; 412-3 AJN; 413 HK; 413-5 FWG; 415 GTR; 422 BWH; 423a BWH; b-d FCS; e-g LCM; 430-1 [VWB].

IV:97 (18 January 1922)—433a-c AJN; d-e HK; 434a-c HK; d-e SLF; f AJN; 435a AJN; b SLF; c GTR; d-e SLF; 436 AJN; 436-7 WPE; 438 SLF; 438-9 RS; 445-6 PC; 455 [VWB].

IV:98 (25 January 1922)—457 AJN; 458a-b SLF; c-g GTR; 459a-c GTR; d-e AJN; 460-1 AJN; 461-2 GTR; 462 HK; 462-3 FWG; 470 CRH; 471a-b CRH; c-e CTH; 478-9 [VWB].

IV:99 (1 February 1922)—481 AJN; 482a WGF; b SLF; c-d FN; e-g SLF; 483a-b SLF; c-e GTR; f WGF; 484-5 AJN; 485 SLF; 485-6 FWG; 486-7 GTR; 495 FN; 502-3 [VWB].

IV:100 (8 February 1922)—505a-d AJN; e SLF; 506a GTR; b-c SLF; d GTR; e AJN; f SLF; 507a-b SLF; c-d WGF; e-f HK; 508-9 AJN; 509-10 HK; 510 CTH; 510-1 GTR; 519a-d FN; e [FN]; 520 FN; 526-7 [VWB].

IV:101 (15 February 1922)—529a-d AJN; e-f HK; 530a-d HK; e WGF; f-g GTR; 531a-b GTR; c-e SLF; f WGF; 532 FWG; 532-3 SLF; 533-4 FN; 534-5 CHW; 543a-d VG; e-f BWH; 550-1 [VWB].

IV:102 (22 February 1922)—553a-d AJN; e GTR; 554a GTR; b AJN; c-d GTR; e-f SLF; g AJN; 555a AJN; b-d SLF; e-f AJN; 556 FWG; 556-8 AJN; 558 GTR; 558-9 SLF; 567-8 EAB.

IV:103 (1 March 1922)—577 AJN; 578a AJN; b-c GTR; d-e SLF; f AJN; 579a-b AJN; c-e SLF; f GTR; 580-1 AJN; 581 SLF; 581-2 GTR; 582-3 CTH; 590a-c RS; d-e SC; 598-9 VWB.

IV:104 (8 March 1922)—601 AJN; 602a-d GTR; e SLF; f AJN; 603a-b SLF; c HK; d AJN; e GTR; 604-5 AJN; 605 GTR; 605-6 FWG; 606-7 CHW; 613 PC; 614a-c PC; d-g WPE; 622-3 [VWB].

V:105 (15 March 1922)—1a AJN; b-c GTR; d SLF; 2a-b SLF; c-d WGF; e SLF; f-g FN; 3a-f SLF; g AJN; 4 AJN; 4-6 HK; 6-7 SLF; 7-8 GTR; 13-4 PC; 22-3 [VWB].

V:106 (22 March 1922)—25a-c FN; d AJN; e FN; 26a-b FN; c-f AJN; 27a-d GTR; e AJN; 28-9 SLF; 29-30 AJN; 30-1 FN; 31-2 FWG; 38 WPE; 39a WPE; b-d RS; 47 [VWB].

V:107 (29 March 1922)—49a-c AJN; d-e


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GTR; f FN; 50a-c FN; d WGF; e-f GTR; g SLF; 51a SLF; b-d GTR; e FN; 52-4 AJN; 54-5 FWG; 55 GTR; 62-3 FN; 70-1 [VWB].

V:108 (5 April 1922)—73a-d FN;[24] e-g AJN; 74a AJN; b-d SLF; e WGF; f SLF; g FN; 75a FN; b-c GTR; d HK; e GTR; 76 FN; 76-7 FN; 77-9 HK; 79-80 GTR; 87a-c WPa; d-g BWH; 88 BWH; 94-5 [VWB].

V:109 (12 April 1922)—97a-b AJN; c GTR; d-e FN; 98a GTR; b-c AJN; d-e FN; f-g GTR; 99a HK; b GTR; c CTH; d-e GTR; 100 FWG; 100-1 HK; 101-2 LCM; 102-3 LCM; 111a-c RS; d-g [RS]; 112 [RS]; 118-9 [VWB].

V:110 (19 April 1922)—121a-b HK; c-e SLF; f AJN; 122a FN; b GTR; c HK; d SLF; e GTR; f HK; 123a-b HK; c-d GTR; e HK; f GTR; 124 HK; 124-5 FN; 125-6 AJN; 126-7 LBa; 127-8 GTR; 134-5 FN; 142-3 [VWB].

V:111 (26 April 1922)—145a-c AJN; d GTR; e HK; 146a SLF; b GTR; c-d SLF; e AJN; f-g GTR; 147a-b GTR; c-d AJN; e SLF; f AJN; g-h GTR; 148 AJN; 148-9 HK; 149-50 FWG; 150-1 HK; 159a-c WPa; d-h PC; 160 PC; 166-7 [VWB].

V:112 (3 May 1922)—169 AJN; 170a-c HK; d GTR; e-f AJN; 171a-b GTR; c-f AJN; 172-3 AJN; 173-4 GTR; 174-5 CAB; 175-6 FWG; 191 [VWB].

V:113 (10 May 1922)—193a-b AJN; c SLF; d-e AJN; 194a AJN; b-c SLF; d-f HK; g SLF; 195a SLF; b HK; c SLF; d-e AJN; f BWH; g GTR; 196 AJN; 196-7 HK; 198 GTR; 206-7 AJN; 214-5 [VWB].

V:114 (17 May 1922)—217a-e AJN; f-g SLF; 218a SLF; b-c HK; d-e GTR; f HK; 219a-d SLF; e HK; 220-1 HK; 221-2 AJN; 222 FWG; 223-4 GTR; 231-2 LCM; 238-9 [VWB].

V:115 (24 May 1922)—241a-e HK; f SLF; 242a SLF; b-c GTR; d HK; e GTR; f HK; g GTR; 243a HK; b-c GTR; d AJN; e SLF; f GTR; 244-5 AJN; 245 SLF; 245-6 GTR; 246-7 HK; 247 AJN; 256-7 AJN; 262-3 [AJN].

V:116 (31 May 1922)—265a-b AJN; c HK; d-f AJN; g GTR; 266a-b GTR; c-f AJN; 267a-d GTR; e-f HK; 268 HK; 268-9 HK; 269-70 GTR; 270-1 NS; 279 AJN; 286-7 AJN.

V:117 (7 June 1922)—289 AJN; 290a AJN; b-c HK; d-e FN; f-g SLF; 291a-b HK; c-d GTR; e HK; 292 HK; 292-3 CAB; 293-4 SLF; 294-6 CHW; 303-4 FN; 310-1 [AJN].

V:118 (14 June 1922)—313a-b AJN; c-e HK; 314a AJN; b-c HK; d-e GTR; f HK; 315a-b AJN; c-d SLF; e-f GTR; g AJN; 316-7 GTR; 317-8 HK; 318-9 FWG; 319-20 FWG; 327a-d CTH; e-f AJN; 328 AJN; 334-5 [AJN].

V:119 (21 June 1922)—337a-b AJN; c-d FN; e GTR; 338a GTR; b HK; c AJN; d HK; e-g SLF; 339a GTR; b AJN; c FN; d CAB; e AJN; 340-1 AJN; 341-2 HK; 342-3 GTR; 358-9 [AJN].

V:120 (28 June 1922)—361a-b AJN; c-d HK; e-f GTR; 362 GTR; 363a-b GTR; c-d HK; 364-5 AJN; 365-6 HK; 366-7 SLF; 375-6 FN; 382-3 [AJN].

V:121 (5 July 1922)—385a-c AJN; d-e GTR; 386a-b HK; c GTR; d-e HK; 387a HK; b AJN; c-f GTR; 388 CAB; 388-90 HK; 390-1 FWG; 391-2 LP; 399-400 AJN; 406-7 [AJN].

V:122 (12 July 1922)—409 AJN; 410a-c AJN; d-g SLF; h GTR; 411a-c GTR; d-e HK; f GTR; 412-3 AJN; 413-4 HK; 414-5 FWG; 430-1 AJN.

V:123 (19 July 1922)—433a-b AJN; c-d HK; e [HK]; 434a HK; b-d AJN; e-g SLF; 435a SLF; b-e HK; f AJN; 436-7 HK; 437-8 AJN; 438-9 HK; 447 LP; 454-5 [AJN].

V:124 (26 July 1922)—457a-d HK; e AJN; 458 AJN; 459a AJN; b-d HK; e AJN; f HK; 460-1 HK; 461-2 CAB; 462-3 FWG; 470-1 AJN; 478-9 [AJN].

V:125 (2 August 1922)—481a-c HK; d-e AJN; 482a SLF; b FWG; c-e HK; f-g SLF; 483a SLF; b-c GTR; d-e SLF; 484 HK; 484-5 AJN; 485-6 GTR; 486-7 LP; 494-5 AJN; 502-3 [AJN].

V:126 (9 August 1922)—505a-b HK; c GTR; d-e AJN; 506a AJN; b-c HK; d-e AJN; 507a-c SLF; d HK; e-f GTR; 508 AJN; 508-9 AJN; 509-10 HK; 519-20 AJN; 526-7 [AJN].

V:127 (16 August 1922)—529a HK; b-c AJN; d HK; e SLF; 530a-c SLF; d HK; e CAB; f AJN; 531 GTR; 532-3 AJN; 533-4 HK; 534 GTR; 534-6 GTR; 536-7 FWG; 544-5 BWH; 550-1 [AJN].

V:128 (23 August 1922)—553a-b AJN; c-e HK; 554a-b HK; c-d SLF; e-f AJN; g SLF; 555a GTR; b HK; c GTR; d-e AJN; 556 AJN; 557-8 HK; 558 GTR; 567-8 SLF; 574-5 [AJN].


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V:129 (30 August 1922)—577a-b AJN; c HK; d-e AJN; 578a AJN; b-c GTR; d-e AJN; f GTR; 579a-b GTR; c HK; d GTR; e AJN; 580-1 HK; 581 AJN; 581-2 GTR; 582-3 CHW; 583-4 LP; 598-9 AJN.

V:130 (6 September 1922)—601a-c AJN; d-e HK; 602a HK; b-e GTR; f HK; 603a-b GTR; c-d HK; e GTR; f BWH; 604 AJN; 604-6 HK; 606-7 AJN; 607 GTR; 622-3 [AJN].

VI:131 (13 September 1922)—1 AJN; 2a GTR; b AJN; c HK; d-f GTR; g HK; 3a-b GTR; c-d AJN; e-g GTR; 4 HK; 5-6 FWG; 6-7 LP; 22-3 [AJN].

VI:132 (20 September 1922)—25a-b SLF; c-d HK; 26a-c HK; d-f AJN; 27a GTR; b BWH; c-d GTR; e HK; f GTR; 28-9 HK; 29-30 HK; 30 CTH; 30-1 BWH; 46-7 [AJN].

VI:133 (27 September 1922)—49a-d HK; e GTR; 50a GTR; b HK; c-d GTR; e-f HK; 51a-c GTR; d-e HLS; f GTR; 52-3 HK; 53 GTR; 53-4 LP; 70-1 [AJN].

VI:134 (4 October 1922)—73a-d HK; e AJN; 74a-d HK; e-f HLS; g SLF; 75a SLF; b-c AJN; d-g GTR; 76 HK; 77 GTR; 77-8 GTR; 78-9 CHW; 87-8 AJN; 94-5 [AJN].

VI:135 (11 October 1922)—97a-c AJN; d-e HK; 98a AJN; b-d HK; e-g GTR; 99a-b SLF; c HK; d SLF; e-f AJN; 100 AJN; 100-2 HK; 102-3 HES; 111-2 AJN; 118-9 [AJN].

VI:136 (18 October 1922)—121a-e AJN; f HK; 122a-d HK; e GTR; f HK; 123a HK; b-c GTR; d AJN; e HK; f GTR; 124-5 HK; 125-6 CHW; 126-7 GTR; 135-6 AJN; 142-3 [AJN].

VI:137 (25 October 1922)—145a-e HK; f AJN; 146a HK; b GTR; c HK; d-e AJN; f GTR; 147a-b GTR; c-d AJN; e CTH; f GTR; 148-9 AJN; 149-50 HK; 150 GTR; 158-9 AJN; 166-7 [AJN].

VI:138 (1 November 1922)—169a AJN; b-e HK; 170a-e GTR; f HK; g AJN; 171a GTR; b HK; c AJN; d-e GTR; f HK; 172 AJN; 172-3 HK; 173-4 FWG; 184a GTR; b-e AJN; 190-1 [AJN].

VI:139 (8 November 1922)—193a HK; b-e AJN; 194a-c AJN; d-e HK; f-g AJN; 195a AJN; b-c HK; d-e GTR; f-g HK; 196 HK; 196-7 SLF; 197-8 HK; 198 GTR; 214-5 [AJN].

VI:140 (15 November 1922)—217 AJN; 218a-d SLF; e-f HK; 219a-b HK; c-e GTR; f-g HK; 220-1 GTR; 221-2 HK; 222-3 CHW; 232-3 CTH; 238-9 [AJN].

VI:141 (22 November 1922)—241a-c GTR; d-e SLF; 242a-d HK; e-g GTR; h HK; 243a-c HK; d-e GTR; f HK; g GTR; 244 HK; 245-6 SLF; 246-7 HK; 257 AJN.

VI:142 (29 November 1922)—265a-b HK; c-d AJN; e-f HK; 266a-b GTR; c-d SLF; e-f HK; 267a HK; b AJN; c SLF; d-e HK; f SLF; 268 AJN; 268-70 GTR; 270-1 HK; 280-1 AJN; 286-7 [AJN].

VI:143 (6 December 1922)—289a-b SLF; c-d GTR; e AJN; 290a AJN; b HK; c-d SLF; e-f HK; g AJN; 291 AJN; 292-3 HK; 293-4 HK; 294-5 GTR; 304-5 AJN; 310-1 [AJN].

VI:144 (13 December 1922)—313a-b SLF; c-d AJN; e HK; 314a AJN; b-d HK; e-g GTR; 315a-c GTR; d HK; e AJN; f SLF; 316 GTR; 316-7 HK; 317 HK; 317-8 BWH; 318-9 SLF; 327a AJN; b CTH; c-e SH.

VI:145 (20 December 1922)—337a-c AJN; d-e HK; 338a-c HK; d-e GTR; f HK; 339a-b HK; c AJN; d-f GTR; 340-1 HK; 341-2 HK; 342-3 AJN; 343 BWH; 351-2 SLF; 358-9 [AJN].

VI:146 (27 December 1922)—361a-c SLF; d-e HK; 362a GTR; b-c AJN; d-e GTR; f-g HK; 363a-b HK; c-e GTR; f AJN; 364-5 HK; 365 SLF; 365-6 HK; 366-7 FWG; 375-6 AJN; 382-3 [AJN].

VI:147 (3 January 1923)—385a-c HK; d-e SLF; 386a HK; b-c GTR; d-h HK; 387a-b HK; c-d SLF; e-f GTR; 388-9 HK; 389-90 HK; 390-1 GTR; 391 GTR; 399-400 AJN; 406-7 [AJN].

VI:148 (10 January 1923)—409a-b HK; c-e AJN; 410a-b AJN; c-e GTR; f-g HK; 411 HK; 412-3 HK; 413-4 HK; 414 VWB; 415 LP; 423 AJN; 430-1 [AJN].

VI:149 (17 January 1923)—433a-c AJN; d HK; 434a-b HK; c-e GTR; f-g HK; 435a SLF; b-e GTR; f AJN; 436-7 AJN; 437 GTR; 438 AJN; 438-9 VWB; 446-7 LCM; 454-5 VWB.

VI:150 (24 January 1923)—457a-b AJN; c GTR; d-e HK; 458a-b GTR; c-g HK; 459a AJN; b-f GTR; 460-1 HK; 461-2 AJN; 462-3 HK; 463-4 FWG; 471-2 AJN; 478-9 [VWB].

VI:151 (31 January 1923)—481a-c AJN; d-e HK; 482a-b HK; c-f GTR; g HK; 483a-b HK; c GTR; d AJN; e SLF; 484-5 HK; 485-6 AJN; 486 HK; 486-7 VWB; 487-8 GTR; 495a-c AJN; d LCM; 496 LCM; 502-3 [VWB].

VI:152 (7 February 1923)—505a-c HK; d-e AJN; 506a AJN; b-c HK; d AJN; e-f GTR; 507a HK; b AJN; c SLF; d AJN; e-f


Page 165
HK; 508 HK; 508-9 HK; 509-10 AJN; 510-1 GTR; 520 AJN; 526-7 [VWB].

VI:153 (14 February 1923)—529a-e AJN; f-g HK; 530 HK; 531a-b HK; c-e AJN; 532 HK; 532-3 AJN; 533-4 HK; 534-5 AJN; 543-4 AJN; 550-1 [VWB].

VI:154 (21 February 1923)—553a-e AJN; f-g HK; 554a-b HK; c-f AJN; g HK; 555a-c HK; d GTR; e HK; 556-7 HK; 557 AJN; 557-8 HK; 558-9 AJN; 566-7 BWH.

VI:155 (28 February 1923)—577a-b AJN; c-e HK; 578a-b AJN; c-d HK; e-f GTR; g HK; 579a-b GTR; c AJN; d-f GTR; g AJN; 580 AJN; 580-1 FWG; 581-2 HK; 582-4 HK; 591-2 AJN; 598-9 [VWB].

VI:156 (7 March 1923)—601a-b AJN; c-d SLF; e-f HK; 602a HK; b-c AJN; d-f GTR; g HK; 603a GTR; b AJN; c GTR; d HK; e GTR; f AJN; 604-5 HK; 605 HK; 605-6 HK; 606 AJN; 606-7 GTR; 614-5 AJN; 622-3 [VWB].

VII:157 (14 March 1923)—1a-d AJN; e HK; 2a-b HK; c GTR; d SLF; e-f GTR; g AJN; h HK; 3a-b SLF; c-e GTR; f HK; 4 HK; 4-5 HK; 5-6 FWG; 6-7 CHW; 7-8 AJN.

VII:158 (21 March 1923)—25a-c AJN; d HK; e-f GTR; 26a-c GTR; d-e HK; f GTR; g HK; 27a AJN; b-c HK; d-e GTR; f-g HK; h GTR; 28 AJN; 29-30 HK; 30-1 AJN; 31-2 AJN; 47 [VWB].

VII:159 (28 March 1923)—49a-b HK; c GTR; d HK; e GTR; 50a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-g HK; 51a HK; b-d SLF; e HK; f AJN; 52 GTR; 52-3 HK; 53-4 HK; 54-5 GTR; 55 SLF; 56 AJN.

VII:160 (4 April 1923)—73 HK; 74a-b GTR; c-g HK; 75a HK; b-c GTR; d-e HK; 76-7 HK; 77-8 AJN; 78-9 LP; 79a-c HK; d-e SLF; 80 SLF.

VII:161 (11 April 1923)—97a-c HK; d GTR; 98a GTR; b-g HK; 99a-b HK; c-f GTR; g HK; 100 HK; 100-1 GTR; 101-2 AJN; 102-3 FWG; 103-4 HK; 104 SLF.

VII:162 (18 April 1923)—121a-b HK; c-d GTR; e HK; 122 HK; 123a-b HK; c GTR; d-f HK; 124-5 HK; 125 GTR; 125-6 FWG; 126-7 HK; 127a SLF; b-e GTR.

VII:163 (25 April 1923)—145a-b GTR; c-e HK; 146a-c GTR; d-f HK; 147a HK; b-f GTR; 148 FWG; 148-50 HK; 150-1 CTH; 151-2 AJN.

VII:164 (2 May 1923)—169 SLF; 170a-d HK; e-f GTR; g HK; 171a-d HK; e SLF; 172 GTR; 172-3 SLF; 173-4 VWB; 174-5 LP; 175-6 AJN.

VII:165 (9 May 1923)—193a-c HK; d-e GTR; 194 HK; 195a-b GTR; c-f HK; g BWH; 196 HK; 197 GTR; 197-8 SLF; 198-9 LP; 199a-c SLF; d-e AJN; 214-5 [VWB].

VII:166 (16 May 1923)—217-8 HK; 219a HK; b GTR; c-d HK; e GTR; f BWH; 220 GTR; 220-1 FWG; 221-2 HK; 222-4 LCM; 238-9 VWB.

VII:167 (23 May 1923)—241a-d SLF; e HK; 242a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-g HK; 243a-b HK; c-e GTR; f SLF; g HK; 244-5 HK; 245-6 HK; 246-7 HK; 247 GTR; 247-8 SLF; 262-3 [VWB].

VII:168 (30 May 1923)—265a-c HK; d-e SLF; f HK; 266 HK; 267a-d GTR; e HK; 268 HK; 268-9 SLF; 269-70 HK; 270-1 LCM; 271-2 SLF; 286-7 [VWB].

VII:169 (6 June 1923)—289a-d HK; e-f SLF; 290a-e HK; f GTR; 291a-b HK; c-e GTR; 292 HK; 292-3 HK; 293-4 HK; 294-5 GTR; 295-6 SLF.

VII:170 (13 June 1923)—313a-c HK; d GTR; e HK; 314a-b GTR; c-g HK; 315a HK; b-c SLF; d-f GTR; 316-7 HK; 317-8 HK; 318 GTR; 318-9 FWG; 319a-b BWH; c SLF; 320 SLF; 334-5 [VWB].

VII:171 (20 June 1923)—337 SLF; 338 HK; 339a HK; b GTR; c-f HK; 340 FWG; 341 HK; 341-2 GTR; 342-3 RHL; 343a-b SLF; c-e GTR; 344 SLF; 358-9 [VWB].

VII:172 (27 June 1923)—361-2 HK; 363a-b HK; c-e GTR; 364 HK; 364-5 CHW; 365-6 LCM; 366-7 GTR; 367a-b HK; c GTR; 368 GTR.

VII:173 (4 July 1923)—385a-b HK; c AJN; d-e GTR; 386a-d HK; e-f GTR; 387a-b GTR; c-d HK; e-f GTR; 388 HK; 388-9 AJN; 389-90 HK; 390-1 HK; 391-2 AJN.

VII:174 (11 July 1923)—409a AJN; b GTR; c-f AJN; 410a-c AJN; d-f HK; g GTR; 411a-c SLF; d-g GTR; 412 HK; 412-3 HK; 413-4 GTR; 414-5 FWG; 415-6 SLF; 431 [VWB].

VII:175 (18 July 1923)—433a-c HK; d-e SLF; 434a-b AJN; c GTR; d-f HK; g AJN; 435a-b AJN; c-d HK; e AJN; f HK; 436 HK; 436-8 HK; 438-9 FWG; 439 EAM; 439-40 GTR.

VII:176 (25 July 1923)—457a-b SLF; c-d GTR; e HK; f SLF; 458a-b GTR; c-e HK; 459a HK; b-c GTR; d HK; e AJN; f GTR;


Page 166
460-1 AJN; 461-3 HK; 463 GTR; 463-4 AJN; 478-9 [VWB].

VII:177 (1 August 1923)—481a-b AJN; c HK; d AJN; e-f HK; 482a AJN; b HK; c-d AJN; e-g HK; 483a-c HK; d-e GTR; 484 AJN; 484-5 HK; 485-6 HK; 486-7 LCM; 487-8 AJN; 502-3 [VWB].

VII:178 (8 August 1923)—505a AJN; b-f HK; 506a-e HK; f-g AJN; 507 AJN; 508-9 AJN; 509-10 HK; 510 FWG; 510-1 BWH; 511-2 AJN; 527 [VWB].

VII:179 (15 August 1923)—529a-e HK; f AJN; 530a-c AJN; d-e GTR; f-g HK; h GTR; 531a GTR; b-c HK; d GTR; e HK; f GTR; 532 AJN; 532-3 FWG; 533-4 AJN; 534-5 HK; 535a-b AJN; c-f GTR; 536 GTR.

VII:180 (22 August 1923)—553a-e AJN; f HK; 554a HK; b-c WG; d-g HK; 555a-c HK; d-e WG; f GTR; 556 AJN; 556-7 HK; 557-8 GTR; 558 HK; 558-9 HK; 559-60 AJN; 574-5 [VWB].

VII:181 (29 August 1923)—577a-d AJN; e HK; f AJN; 578a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-f HK; 579a HK; b AJN; c GTR; d HK; e-f GTR; 580 AJN; 580-1 HK; 582 GTR; 582-3 AJN; 583-4 AJN.

VII:182 (5 September 1923)—601a-b AJN; c-d HK; e GTR; f HK; 602a GTR; b-d HK; e-f AJN; g GTR; 603a-c HK; d-e AJN; 604 HK; 604-5 AJN; 605-7 CHW; 607-8 AJN.

VIII:183 (12 September 1923)—1 AJN; 2a-b GTR; c HK; d-e AJN; f GTR; 3a-d GTR; e AJN; 4 HK; 4-5 HK; 5-6 GTR; 6-7 LCM; 7a-b AJN; c-e HK; f AJN; 8 AJN.

VIII:184 (19 September 1923)—25a-b GTR; c AJN; d GTR; e-f AJN; 26 GTR; 27a GTR; b-c AJN; d-f GTR; 28 AJN; 28-9 AJN; 29-30 GTR; 30-1 LCM; 31-2 AJN.

VIII:185 (26 September 1923)—49a-b HK; c GTR; d-f HK; 50a-b HK; c GTR; d AJN; e GTR; f HK; 51a GTR; b WM; c GTR; d WM; 52 HK; 52-3 AJN; 53-4 WM; 54-5 AJN; 55a BWH; b HK; 56a-b HK; c AJN.

VIII:186 (3 October 1923)—73a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-f HK; 74 HK; 75a-b GTR; c HK; d-e WM; 76 HK; 76-7 AJN; 77-8 WM; 78-9 WM; 79-80 AJN.

VIII:187 (10 October 1923)—97a-c HK; d GTR; e HK; 98a-d HK; e-f GTR; 99a-b GTR; c-e WM; 100 AJN; 100-1 WM; 101-2 HK; 102-3 WM; 103-4 AJN.

VIII:188 (17 October 1923)—121a GTR; b-c HK; d GTR; 122a GTR; b-c WM; d-e HK; f GTR; 123a-b GTR; c-f HK; g GTR; 124 AJN; 124-5 HK; 125-6 AJN; 126 WM; 127a-f AJN; g-h HK; 128a HK; b WM.

VIII:189 (24 October 1923)—145a WM; b-e HK; 146a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-f HK; 147a WM; b-c GTR; d-e WM; 148-9 AJN; 149 HK; 149-50 GTR; 150-1 WM; 151-2 AJN.

VIII:190 (31 October 1923)—169 HK; 170a-c HK; d WM; e GTR; 171a HK; b GTR; c WM; d HK; e GTR; 172 AJN; 172-4 HK; 174-5 HK; 175-6 AJN.

VIII:191 (7 November 1923)—193a-b HK; c GTR; d HK; e GTR; 194a WM; b GTR; c-d HK; e GTR; 195a-c HK; d WM; e HK; 196-7 AJN; 197-8 HK; 198 WM; 198-9 LCM; 199-200 AJN.

VIII:192 (14 November 1923)—217 HK; 218a-d GTR; e HK; f WM; 219a HK; b-c GTR; d HK; e WM; 220-1 HK; 221-2 WM; 222-3 WM; 223-4 AJN.

VIII:193 (21 November 1923)—241 HK; 242a-b WM; c GTR; d HK; e GTR; 243a GTR; b-d HK; e AJN; 244-5 AJN; 245-6 HK; 246-7 HK; 247 AJN; 248a AJN; b MMC; c AJN.

VIII:194 (28 November 1923)—265a HK; b GTR; c-d WM; e GTR; 266a-d HK; e WM; f GTR; 267a-b HK; c-d GTR; 268-9 AJN; 269-70 WM; 270 GTR; a-b AJN; 271a-c AJN; d GTR; e-g AJN; 272 AJN.

VIII:195 (5 December 1923)—289a-b HK; c WM; d GTR; e WM; 290a HK; b GTR; c-d HK; e WM; f HK; g GTR; 291a GTR; b WM; c-e GTR; 292-3 HK; 293-4 WM; 294-5 GTR; 295-6 AJN; 296 AJN.

VIII:196 (12 December 1923)—313a HK; b WM; c-d AJN; e GTR; 314a-c HK; d WM; e GTR; f AJN; 315a AJN; b-c HK; d-e GTR; f AJN; 316 AJN; 316-7 HK; 317-8 WM; 318-9 AJN; 319-20 AJN.

VIII:197 (19 December 1923)—337 HK; 338a-d HK; e GTR; f HK; 339a HK; b WM; c GTR; d HK; e-f WM; 340-1 HK; 341-2 AJN; 342-3 GTR; 343 GTR; 343-4 AJN.

VIII:198 (26 December 1923)—361a GTR; b HK; c-e AJN; 362a-e AJN; f-g HK; 363a-b HK; c-d GTR; e HK; 364-5 HK; 365-6 WM; 366-7 AJN; 367a-d AJN; e-f GTR; 368a-b AJN; c GTR.

VIII:199 (2 January 1924)—385a-b GTR; c HK; d-e WM; f HK; 386a GTR; b HK; c GTR; d-e WM; f HK; 387a HK; b WM; c-d HK; e WM; 388-9 HK; 389-90 AJN;


Page 167
390-1 WM; 391 GTR; a-b AJN; 392a GTR; b-c AJN.

VIII:200 (9 January 1924)—409a GTR; b WM; c-e HK; 410a-b HK; c-d GTR; e-f HK; 411a WM; b-c HK; d-e GTR; 412 AJN; 412-4 HK; 414-5 WM; 415-6 AJN.

VIII:201 (16 January 1924)—433 HK; 434a HK; b-c AJN; d WM; e GTR; f WM; 435a WM; b HK; c WM; d AJN; e WM; 436-7 WM; 437-8 HK; 438 GTR; 438-9 AJN; 439-40 AJN.

VIII:202 (23 January 1924)—457a HK; b WM; c-d HK; e WM; 458a-b WM; c-f HK; 459a WM; b-d HK; e WM; 460 AJN; 460-1 HK; 461-2 SLF; 462 AJN; 463a-b WM; c-e AJN; 464 AJN.

VIII:203 (30 January 1924)—481 HK; 482a WM; b-f HK; 483a-d WM; e HK; 484-5 HK; 485-6 AJN; 486 SLF; 487-8 WM; 488 AJN.

VIII:204 (6 February 1924)—505a-d HK; e WM; 506a WM; b-d HK; e WM; f HK; g WM; 507 WM; 508 BWH; 508-9 AJN; 509-10 HK; 511 HK; 511-2 AJN; 527 [VWB].

VIII:205 (13 February 1924)—529 HK; 530a-d GTR; e AJN; f SLF; g GTR; 531a-c GTR; d HK; e AJN; 532 HK; 532-4 HK; 534-5 WM; 535-6 WM; 536 AJN; 550-1 [VWB].

VIII:206 (20 February 1924)—553a-b HK; c-d WM; 554a HK; b-c WM; d-f HK; 555a-b WM; c-e GTR; 556-7 AJN; 557-8 HK; 558-9 WM; 559 GTR; 559-60 AJN; 574-5 [VWB].

VIII:207 (27 February 1924)—577 HK; 578a-d WM; e HK; 579a-b HK; c-f GTR; 580-1 HK; 581-2 SLF; 582-3 AJN; 583 AJN; 584a GTR; b-d AJN; 598-9 [VWB].

VIII:208 (5 March 1924)—601a-c HK; d WM; e HK; 602a-c HK; d GTR; e-f WM; g GTR; 603a WM; b HK; c GTR; d WM; 604 HK; 604-5 SLF; 606-7 WM; 607-8 AJN; 608a AJN; b HK; c-j AJN; 622-3 [VWB].

II. Identification of Initials and Pseudonyms

The following list, containing 290 initials and 31 pseudonyms, serves two purposes: first, it provides a key for identifying the initials used in the preceding section; second, it lists (by volume and page) all occurrences of initials actually printed in The Freeman as signatures. In other words, if an initial below has only a name following it (and no page references), it has been used only in Part I of this study, as a convenience, and does not appear in print in The Freeman; but if page references are given below, then the initial (often not appearing in Part I at all) can be found printed as a signature on those pages. Many of these printed initials have not been identified (frequently they are attached to letters to the editor), but all identifications made in the Newberry or Huebsch copies are recorded here. In any case, the list serves as an index to all initials in The Freeman (these are indexed in only three of the eight published volume-indexes — V, VI, VIII).

Pseudonyms offer a somewhat different case. Since pseudonyms are not always recognizable as such, a complete listing is impossible unless every pen name had been identified in the Newberry or Huebsch copies. Signatures like "Indicus," "Cives," "Pioneer," or "Theologus," obvious pen names, are not marked in these copies, and it is therefore likely that other unknown pseudonyms as well occur in the eight volumes. Because of the impossibility of a complete list and because these names are covered in the regular index, it has seemed most sensible to list here only those names identified as pen names in one of the marked


Page 168
copies. In the case of initials as well as of pseudonyms, figures in brackets below refer to an unmarked occurrence of the initial or pseudonym in question, the identification of which can be inferred from other instances where a marking does appear.

  • A: Newton Arvin — VI,142.
  • AAS: II, 255.
  • ABC: II,232; III,281,307; IV,545.
  • ACF: William Henry Chamberlin — VI,22.
  • AG: Alyse Gregory — I,[448]; VII,94.
  • AGl: Arthur Gleason.
  • AHG: A. Hamilton Gibbs — III,454.
  • AJB: I,137.
  • AJN: Albert Jay Nock.
  • AK: Alexander Kaun — VII,430,574.
  • ALD: Arthur L. Dakyns.
  • AM: Arthur Moss — VII,599.
  • AP: Amos Pinchot
  • AR: I,106.
  • ARH: Annie Riley Hale — II,455.
  • ATC: V,425.
  • AW: Alexander Weinstein — V,573.
  • B: Broeckhoven.
  • BB: I,59.
  • BD: Babette Deutsch.
  • BHR: III,354.
  • BIB: Bernard I. Bell — VI,117.
  • Bj: Edwin Björkman — I,501; II,118,454,526.
  • BUB: Esmé Stewart — IV,550; V,262.
  • BUBu: B. U. Burke.
  • BVW: I,59.
  • BWH: Benjamin W. Huebsch.
  • CAB: Charles A. Beard — IV,190,455.
  • CB: Charles Harris Whitaker — VII,261.
  • CBR: Caroline B. Russell — VI,430.
  • CC: Clarkson Crane — I,[567]; V,574; VIII, 334,407.
  • CCW: Claude C. Washburn.
  • CDB: C. Delisle Burns.
  • CEB: C. E. Bechoffer — IV,285.
  • CH: Charles Hallinan — V,[281,569].
  • CHW: Charles Harris Whitaker.
  • CJF: I,475.
  • CKS: C. Kay Scott — II,69.
  • CLA: I,180.
  • CMR: Constance M. Rourke — I,[454],550,597; II,214,382,478,550; III,358,598.
  • CN: Charles Nagel — II,454; IV,[498].
  • Com: Composite.
  • CRH: Charles R. Hargrove — II,310,382,502, 550; III,71; IV,574.
  • CS: I,522.
  • CTH: Charles Thomas Hallinan.
  • CVB: C. Valentine Boyer — VI,550.
  • CW: Cuthbert Wright — VII,455; VIII,215.
  • DEF: IV,17.
  • DG: I,161; II,474.
  • DGM: Daniel Gregory Mason — III,22,118; V,454; VI,526.
  • DI: B. W. Huebsch — VI,[211]; VII,112,[352].
  • DLM: Dorothy L. Morris — II,165; III,70,141,574.
  • EAB: Ernest A. Boyd — II,286; IV,94,262,310,406; V,46,142.
  • EAM: II,43.[25]
  • EB: VI,114.
  • EdC: Editorial Conference.
  • EEP,jun.: Edward Paramore, Jr. — III,142.
  • EG: Eva Goldbeck — VI,286; VII,46,551; VIII,23,119.
  • EHH: Elizabeth Hazelton Haight — VII,119.
  • EM: Edwin Muir — VII,47,382,431,455,477,502,526,551,599,623; VIII,95,143,167,191,215,455,503.
  • EN: Edwin Newdick.
  • EPB: E. P. Boyd — III,286.
  • ERM: V,569.
  • ES: Edward Sapir — V,526.
  • ES: E. Sieber — I,[547]; II,[521,567]; VII,118,238; VIII,359.
  • ESH: Harold E. Stearns — V,[617]; VII,563.
  • ESt: Esmé Stewart.
  • ETB: Edward Townsend Booth — IV,358,526,597; V,598,622; VI,214,310,358; VII,286,407; VIII,215,239,263,287,335,383,550.
  • EVG: I,161.
  • EWL: Eugene W. Lyman — IV,574.
  • EWN: W. Robert Neil — II,454.
  • EZM: V,378.

  • 169

    Page 169
  • F: VI,161,162.
  • FCH: Frederic C. Howe.
  • FCS: Frederick C. Schley.
  • FE: I,329.
  • FEH: F. E. Haveland — I,407.
  • FEH: Frank E. Hill — I,478,[574]; II,478.
  • FEK: Francis E. Kenyon — II,622; V,118.
  • FG: Francis Gifford — VIII,47,119.
  • FGW: Walter G. Fuller — I,[35]; III,114.
  • FHL: II,65.
  • FLC: I,82.
  • FM: Frances Maule — II,310.
  • FM: Fulmer Mood — III,598; V,[305].
  • FN: Francis Neilson — I,34,357.
  • FNA, jun.: Frederick N. Arvin, Jr. — II,501; III,[189].
  • FRB: VI,67.
  • FS: F. Schoenemann — VIII,71.
  • FWG: Frank W. Garrison — V,166.
  • GBK: Gertrude Besse King — III,166,190,549; V,286,550.
  • GBLA: G. B. L. Arner — VIII,311.
  • GBM: Gorham B. Munson — II,142; VII,166,407.
  • GC: Francis Neilson — I,[255]; II,46.
  • GDM: George D. Meadows — VIII,479,[521].
  • GH: George Hanson — VIII,239,335.
  • GL: V,402; VI,17.
  • GN: I,424.
  • GS: II,354.
  • GT: Genevieve Taggard — I,526.
  • GTR: Geroid Tanquary Robinson — VIII,[13,111,135,185,208,233,423,567,591].
  • HAG: VI,16.
  • HB: Harold Butcher — IV,406,454.
  • HBF: Henry Blake Fuller — IV,142; V,358,501; VI,526,574; VII,166,407,623; VIII,359.
  • HBr: Howard Brubaker.
  • HCL: Walter G. Fuller ("H. C. Lodge") — I,281.
  • HCW: I,567.
  • HES: Harold E. Stearns.
  • HHH: H. H. Hudson — III,190.
  • HHJ: III,90.
  • HJS: Herbert J. Seligmann — II,190,574; III,142.
  • HK: Harold Kellock — II,94,333,549; III,286,334,549; IV,143,286,[406],430; V,262,406; VI,382,622; VIII,71.
  • HLS: Henry Longan Stuart — V,188; VI,[41],454.
  • HM: I,523.
  • HMJ: Howard Mumford Jones — VII,118.
  • HRB: Helen Rose Balfe — VI,406.
  • HS: Herman Simpson — VI,142,622; VII,23,95,237,477,478.
  • HS: Harold E. Stearns — I,549; III,65.
  • HSG: Herbert S. Gorman — III,310; IV,94.[26]
  • HSH: Helen Sard Hughes — I,[574],598; II,358,406; III,190.
  • HTC: Charles T. Hallinan — III,307.
  • HWB: V,497.
  • HWvL: Hendrik Willem van Loon — II,334.
  • IG: Isaac Goldberg — II,598,622; IV,94,407,454; VI,166,335,406,502,574; VII,70,190,214,237,358,407,430,478,527,574,599; VIII, 47,95,503.
  • IWS: V,258.
  • J: J. Salwyn Schapiro — VI,46.
  • JB: William Henry Chamberlin — I,[208]; IV,118,502,526; V,22,382.
  • JBCW: J. B. C. Woods — I,190.
  • JBW: John Brooks Wheelwright — III,622.
  • JC: I,207.
  • JCD: V,17.
  • JCM: John C. Mosher — I,407.
  • JCo: John Cournos.
  • JDC: V,258.
  • JEJ: John E. Jacoby — VII,190.
  • JES: Joel E. Spingarn — V,349.
  • JFD: J. F. Dorvie — VII,94.
  • JGF: John Gould Fletcher — III,238; IV,406.
  • JGH: I,522.
  • JH: J. Hart — I,[137,357].
  • JLB: I,424.
  • JLR: VII,38.
  • JLT: Joseph L. Tynan — VI,118,166,190.
  • JM: Walter G. Fuller ("J. Morley") — I,329.
  • JM: John Mosher — II,526,622; V,214.
  • JMG: John Murray Gibbon — VIII,479.
  • JMP: I,523.
  • JMW: I,161.
  • JPA: II,66.
  • JPR: IV,163.
  • JR: Walter G. Fuller ("John Ruskin") — I,282.

  • 170

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  • JSN: John Strong Newberry — II,166,478,622; III,501.
  • JSS,jun.: VI,210; VIII,306.
  • JvE: II,113.
  • KA: Katherine Anthony — V,94.
  • KB: Kenneth Burke — III,286; IV,478; V,238.
  • KG: III,615.
  • KM: Robert Dell — I,376.
  • KM: Kenneth MacGowan — I,[208],525,549; II,310,574; III,406.
  • KP: II,66.
  • L: [Lynne M.] Lamm.
  • LB: Lisle Bell — I,478,526,622; II,21,22,46,69,70,94,118,142,165,190,214,238,262,285,310,333,358,38 2,406,430,454,478,526,574,597,598,622; III,22,46,47,70,94,118,166,214,238,262,286,334,358,382,406,431; IV,70,93,118,166,190,214,238,310,334,358,430,454,478,502,622; V,22,70,142,166,190,238,262,286,309,358,381,382,429,430,502,526,55 0,598; VI,21,22,45,70,94,118,166,214,238,263,310,358,382,406,430,454,478,5 26,550,622; VII,23,46,70,142,237,262,311,334,358,430455,526,550,551,574,623; VIII,23,95,214,239,287,311,334,335,359,407,431,455,478,479,502,503, 526,550,574,598,622.
  • LBa: Louis Baury.
  • LC: Lincoln Colcord — I,[475].
  • LCF: Clara LaFollette — II,138.
  • LCM: Lewis Mumford — III,310,334,358,549,622; IV,190,238,262,334,358,382,622; V,46,70,94; VI,263,335; VII,214,334,551; VIII,71,95,119,143,166,263,287,335,407,431,550.
  • LCW: Lawrence C. Woodmann — VII,623; VIII,23.
  • LH: Lawrence Housman.
  • LHO: V,281.
  • LJ: Llewellyn Jones — III,214.
  • LL: Louis Levine.
  • LLe: Ludwig Lewisohn.
  • LlP: Llewelyn Powys — IV,310,550; V,382,454.
  • LM: Lawrence Mason — III,454,621; IV,93,94,166.
  • LM: Lewis Mumford — I,90; II,[283],502; III,214,238.
  • LMa: Lawrence Mason.
  • LMd: Lewis Mumford — III,286.
  • LMP: III,234.
  • LMR: Landon M. Robinson — II,21,69,70,238,262,286,358,406,454,478,501; III,166; V,478.
  • LP: Llewelyn Powys — II,[65],190,430,550,598.
  • LPo: Louis Post.
  • LRS: Lucy R. Sayler — II,574.
  • LSG: V,89.
  • LSM: L. S. Morris — VIII,503.
  • MA: Maxwell Anderson — I,[11],526.
  • MAB: Mary Agnes Best.
  • MB: Montgomery Belgion — III,406,430,526,574,598.
  • MB: Maurice Browne — III,142.
  • MD: Walter G. Fuller — I,353.
  • MG: Martha Gruening — II,93; IV,46; V,334.
  • MG: Marie Gulbransen — II,185.
  • MGu: Marie Gulbransen.
  • ML: M. Lowenthal — I,[474]; III,190.
  • MLL: Mary Lippitt Larkin — II,334.
  • MLM: Mary L. Mason — V,214,430; VI,190,286; VII,46,118.
  • MM: VIII,378.
  • MMC: Mary M. Colum — V,622; VI,22.
  • MMK: Melvin Moses Knight — VIII,89.
  • MMo: Michael Monahan.
  • MP: I,620.
  • MR: Max Radin — VI,430.
  • MSC: Melville S. Cane — V,94.
  • MT: Marguerite Tucker.
  • MWO: Mary White Ovington — II,262,597.
  • NA: Newton Arvin — III,262,574; IV,22,142,406,430; VII,23,94,166,190,286,382,455,551; VIII,71,95,239,383,[473].
  • NA: John Brooks Wheelwright — IV,70.
  • NMB: I,59.
  • NS: New Statesman.
  • OJM: II,591; IV,448.
  • OT: Ordway Tead — V,334; VI,142.
  • PC: Padriac Colum — II,598; III,142; IV,214; VIII,191.
  • PS: I,255.
  • PTT: VI,90.
  • R: Richard Roberts — I,[59]; III,452.
  • RAP: Raymond A. Preston — V,526,550; VI,21,46,526,598; VII,70,143.
  • RATS: Charles A. Beard — V,574.
  • RB: Ralph Block.
  • RC: III,522.
  • RD: Renée Darmstadter — I,382; II,70; III,118.
  • RG: Geroid Tanquary Robinson — I,354.
  • RHL: Robert H. Lowie — I,501; II,526;


    Page 171
    III,141,190; V,190; VII,431.
  • RK: William Bayard Hale — II,307.
  • RKH: Roy Kenneth Hack — III,501; V,118.
  • RLD: Robert L. Duffus — II,525; VI,335.
  • RLO: II,568.
  • RLR: Ralph L. Roeder — II,590.
  • RLW: Robert L. Wolf.
  • RP: Ruth Pickering — I,286.[27]
  • RR: Richard Roberts — I,[137]; II,22; V,[70].
  • RRu: Ruth Russell.
  • RS: Roderick Seidenberg — II,166,382.
  • RSH: Robert S. Hillyer — VII,407; VIII,119,215,359,479.
  • RTG: Geroid Tanquary Robinson — III,594.
  • RUR: VI,282.
  • RV: Alexander Weinstein — VII,46.
  • RVAS: I,207.
  • RW: Robert Wilson — II,142,592.
  • RWh: Robert Whitaker.
  • RWW: Ralph W. Westcott — II,430.
  • S: V,497.
  • SAC: Stanton A. Coblentz — III,94,526.
  • SC: Samuel Chotzinoff.
  • SD: IV,447.
  • SE: Sir Edgar Speyer — V,237.
  • SFD: S. Foster Damon — VII,502.
  • SG: Stephen Graham — IV,262,382.
  • SH: Syud Hossain.
  • SJ: IV,497.
  • SL: VII,112.
  • SLF: Suzanne LaFollette.
  • SNB: S. N. Behrman.
  • SOS: V,497; VI,474.
  • SP: I,106.
  • SS: I,180.
  • SZ: Savel Zimand — V,502.
  • T: T. H. Thomas — III,45,116.
  • TC: Thomas Craven — VII,599.
  • TF: Walter G. Fuller — I,592.
  • TIB: Walter Prichard Eaton — VII,112.
  • TMcN: Harold Kellock — I,348; II,91; IV,236; V,523; VIII,612.
  • TPC: Thomas Pym Cope — IV,285.
  • TPD: VIII,593.
  • TR: Walter G. Fuller — I,330.
  • TS: Temple Scott — VI,478; VIII,263.
  • VG: Vera Gordon — II,334,358,550; III,478,622; IV,478,550,598; V,190,406.
  • VMacF: Virginia MacFadyen — II,622.
  • VWB: Van Wyck Brooks — I,47,69,95,118,143,165.
  • WC: VIII,522.
  • WEP: Walter E. Pach — IV,46.
  • WEP: Winthrop E. Parkhurst — IV,22,70.
  • WG: Whidden Graham.
  • WGF: Walter G. Fuller.
  • WH: Walter G. Fuller — I,330.
  • WHC: William Henry Chamberlin — III,70,214,262,310,622; IV,70; V,381,478,526.
  • WHC: W. Harris Crook — II,382; III,549.
  • WHCh: William Henry Chamberlin.
  • WHu: Walter Hunter.
  • WJS: William J. Schulz — VIII,431.
  • WLU: W. L. Ustice — I,286.
  • WM: William MacDonald — VII,[16],231,327; VIII,574,598.
  • WNE: W. N. Ewer.
  • WP: Winthrop Parkhurst — III,[89],478.
  • WPa: Walter Pach.
  • WPE: Walter Prichard Eaton.
  • WRH: I,376.
  • WW: I,499.
  • WWS: V,402.
  • X: New Statesman — III,109.
  • XYZ: IV,377.
  • YY: New Statesman — V,33.
  • A. C. Freeman: William Henry Chamberlin — III,[114],426; IV,405; VI,[234]; VII,208,471,[497]; VIII,[82,107,160,304],544.
  • A. Londenoys: Robert Dell — II,139.
  • Angus Breck: B. W. Huebsch — III,593.
  • Britannicus: New Statesman — II,563.
  • Charles H. Attree: Walter G. Fuller — II,232.
  • Conrad Brooke: Claude C. Washburn — VIII,425.
  • Emanuel Morgan: Witter Bynner — I,188.
  • Gallerius: Geroid Tanquary Robinson — I,[107],328; II,[331],497.
  • George Belane: George Boas — VIII,[327,383],447,592.
  • George Brangwyn: Walter G. Fuller — II,307.
  • Harry Wiltshire: Walter G. Fuller — III,89.

  • 172

    Page 172
  • Hendrik Willem: Hendrik Willem van Loon — I,353.
  • Henry H. Jones: Francis Neilson — II,258.
  • Historicus: Albert Jay Nock — III,[395,443,492,540,588]; IV,[10,59,108,157].[28]
  • James Mordaunt: Walter G. Fuller — II,259.
  • Japanese Professor: Yone Noguchi — III,134.
  • John Bradley: William Henry Chamberlin — II,[569]; IV,118,[284].
  • John Harrowby: David Warren Ryder — VIII,543.
  • John M. Thompson: Charles A. Beard — V,187.
  • Journeyman: Various authors.[29]
  • Lars Carlson: B. W. Huebsch — II,306.
  • Lens: New Statesman — II,421.
  • L. T. B. Light: B. W. Huebsch — II,210.
  • N. James Allen: Suzanne LaFollette — VII,112.
  • Philip Perrep: Walter G. Fuller — II,355.
  • Richard Claughton: Francis Neilson — I,153; II,15,185; III,[209]; IV,320,[448]; V,[40]; VI,[402]; VII,138,206.
  • Silex: J. Burton Kling — III,516.
  • S. R. Franklin: Charles A. Beard — V,405.
  • Stanley Boone; Stirling Bowen — VI,129.
  • Sven Andersen: B. W. Huebsch — II,139.
  • Townsend Hills, jun.: Edward Towsend Booth — VI,542; VII,[15],375,565.

III. Index

The first two sections of this study will be most helpful to the person who has found an article or an initial in The Freeman that he wants identified; this third section goes at the matter from the other direction and is designed for readers who wish to know whether or not a particular author ever published anything in The Freeman besides the items given in the regular indexes of signed articles.[30] The following list of 184 authors is an index to the preceding two sections. The numbers are issue numbers (since these run consecutively throughout the life of the journal) and indicate that the author in question contributed to those issues some unsigned work (which can then be located in Part I). The letters (and names in quotation marks) are initials (and pseudonyms); additional page references can be found by looking up these letters in Part II.

  • Anderson, Maxwell: 28; MA.
  • Anthony, Katherine: KA.
  • Arner, G. B. L.: GBLA.
  • Arvin, Frederick N., Jr.: FNA, jun.
  • Arvin, Newton: A, NA.
  • Balfe, Helen Rose: HRB.
  • Baury, Louis: 110; LBa.

  • 173

    Page 173
  • Beard, Charles A.: 95,112,117,119,121,124,127; CAB, RATS; "John M. Thompson," "S. R. Franklin."
  • Bechoffer, C. E.: CEB.
  • Behrman, S. N.: 45; SNB.
  • Belgion, Montgomery: MB.
  • Bell, Bernard I.: BIB.
  • Bell, Lisle: 49; LB.
  • Best, Mary Agnes: 39; MAB.
  • Björkman, Edwin: 38; Bj.
  • Block, Ralph: 46; RB.
  • Boas, George: "George Belane."
  • Booth, Edward Townsend: 74,88; ETB; "Townsend Hills, jun."
  • Bowen, Stirling: "Stanley Boone."
  • Boyd, E. P.: EPB.
  • Boyd, Ernest A.: 59,62,64,66,77,79,82,84-86,89,90,102; EAB.
  • Boyer, C. Valentine: CVB.
  • Broeckhoven: 18; B.
  • Brooks, Van Wyck: 1-48,52-69,71,72,74,76-81,83-101,103-114,148-153,155,156,158,165-16 8,170,171,174,176-178,180,204-208; VWB.
  • Browne, Maurice: MB.
  • Brubaker, Howard: 50,52,53,55-57; HBr.
  • Burke, B. U.: 12; BUBu.
  • Burke, Kenneth: KB.
  • Burns, C. Delisle: 30,44,75; CDB.
  • Butcher, Harold: HB.
  • Bynner, Witter: "Emanuel Morgan."
  • Cane, Melville S.: MSC.
  • Chamberlin, William Henry: 56; ACF, JB, WHC, WHCh; "A. C. Freeman," "John Bradley."
  • Chotzinoff, Samuel: 103; SC.
  • Coblentz, Stanton A.: SAC.
  • Colcord, Lincoln: 52; LC.
  • Colum, Mary M.: 193; MMC.
  • Colum, Padraic: 52,72,85,97,104,105,111; PC.
  • Composite: 56; Com.
  • Cope, Thomas Pym: TPC.
  • Cournos, John: 82; JCo.
  • Crane, Clarkson: CC.
  • Craven, Thomas: TC.
  • Crook, W. Harris: WHC.
  • Dakyns, Arthur L.: 21; ALD.
  • Damon, S. Foster: SFD.
  • Darmstadter, Renée: RD.
  • Dell, Robert: KM; "A. Londenoys."
  • Deutsch, Babette: 43; BD.
  • Dorvie, J. F.: JFD.
  • Duffus, Robert L.: RLD.
  • Eaton, Walter Prichard: 29,97,104,106; TIB, WPE.
  • Editorial Conference: 59; EdC.
  • Ewer, W. N.: 20; WNE.
  • Fletcher, John Gould: 18; JGF.
  • Fuller, Henry Blake: HBF.
  • Fuller, Walter G.: 8,9,11,13,16-19,21,22,24-27,30-32,35,47-51,53,56,58-64,66,68,73-78,8 0-87,89,99-101,105,107,108; FGW, HCL, JM, JR, MD, TF, TR, WGF, WH; "Charles H. Attree," "George Brangwyn," "Harry Wiltshire," "James Mordaunt," "Philip Perrep."
  • Garrison, Frank W.: 12,15-17,19,21,23,24,26,29,32,41,44,51,53,56-58,60,67,68,70,71,73,77, 81,83,84,88,90,92,96,98,99,101,102,104,106,107,111,112,114,118,121, 122,124,125,127,131,138,146,150,155,157,161-163,166,170,174,175,178, 179; FWG.
  • Gibbon, John Murray: JMG.
  • Gibbs, A. Hamilton: AHG.
  • Gifford, Francis: FG.
  • Gleason, Arthur: 9; AGl.
  • Goldbeck, Eva: EG.
  • Goldberg, Isaac: 79; IG.
  • Gordon, Vera: 101; VG.
  • Gorman, Herbert S.: HSG.
  • Graham, Stephen: SG.
  • Graham, Whidden: 180; WG.
  • Gregory, Alyse: AG.
  • Gruening, Martha: MG.
  • Gulbransen, Marie: 4,9,10,43; MG, MGu.
  • Hack, Roy Kenneth: 79; RKH.
  • Haight, Elizabeth Hazelton: EHH.
  • Hale, Annie Riley: ARH.
  • Hale, William Bayard: RK.
  • Hallinan, Charles Thomas: 55,59,60,71,74,77-79,88,95,98,100,103,109,118,132,137,140,144,163; CH, CTH, HTC.
  • Hanson, George: GH.
  • Hargrove, Charles R.: 47,64,78,98; CRH.
  • Hart, J.: 14,15; JH.
  • Haveland, F. E.: FEH.
  • Hill, Frank E.: FEH.
  • Hillyer, Robert S.: RSH.
  • Hossain, Syud: 144; SH.
  • Housman, Lawrence: 17; LH.
  • Howe, Frederic C.: 35; FCH.
  • Hudson, H. H.: HHH.
  • Huebsch, B. W.: 1,4,6,8,10,11,13-20,22-24,32,34,35,37-39,44,47,48,50,51,60,70,72,75,8 1,85,87,89,96,101,108,113,127,130,132,144,145,154,165,166,170,178,1 85,204; BWH, DI; "Angus


    Page 174
    Breck," "Lars Carlson," "L. T. B. Light," "Sven Andersen."
  • Hughes, Helen Sard: 63; HSH.
  • Hunter, Walter: 31; WHu.
  • Jacoby, John E.: JEJ.
  • Jones, Howard Mumford; HMJ.
  • Jones, Llewellyn: 67; LJ.
  • Kaun, Alexander: AK.
  • Kellock, Harold: 90,95-98,100,101,104,105,108-183,185-208; HK, TMcN.
  • Kenyon, Francis E.: FEK.
  • King, Gertrude Besse: GBK.
  • Kling, J. Burton: "Silex."
  • Knight, Melvin Moses: MMK.
  • LaFollette, Suzanne (Clara): 1,2,5-8,10-18,20,28-41,43-56,58-80,85-108,110,111,113-115,117-120,122, 123,125-128,132,134,135,139-147,149,151,152,156,157,159-162,164, 165,167-171,174-176,202,203,205,207,208; LCF, SLF; "N. James Allen."
  • Lamm, [Lynne M.?] 4; L.
  • Larkin, Mary Lippitt: MLL.
  • Levine, Louis: 1-3,5,10; LL.
  • Lewisohn, Ludwig: 26; LLe.
  • Lowenthal, M.: ML.
  • Lowie, Robert H.: 10,171; RHL.
  • Lyman, Eugene W.: EWL.
  • MacDonald, William: 185-208; WM.
  • MacFadyen, Virginia: VMacF.
  • MacGowan, Kenneth: KM.
  • Mason, Daniel Gregory: DGM.
  • Mason, Lawrence: 65; LM, LMa.
  • Mason, Mary L: MLM.
  • Maule, Frances: FM.
  • Meadows, George D.: GDM.
  • Monahan, Michael: 16-18; MMo.
  • Mood, Fulmer: FM.
  • Morris, Dorothy L.: 46; DLM.
  • Morris, L. S.: LSM.
  • Mosher, John C.: JCM, JM.
  • Moss, Arthur: AM.
  • Muir, Edwin: EM.
  • Mumford, Lewis: 3,4,6-8,12,14,15,21,25,27,34-36,38,40,41,46,48,50,53,57,59,63,65,66,68, 70,73,76,77,80,84,86,92,96,109,114,149,151,166,168,172,177,183,184, 191; LCM, LM, LMd.
  • Munson, Gorham B.: GBM.
  • Nagel, Charles: CN.
  • Neil, W. Robert: EWN.
  • Neilson, Francis: 1-15,18-20,22-24,26-38,41,42,44,48-55,64,67,68,70,72,76,79,92,99-101, 105-110,117,119,120; FN, GC; "Henry H. Jones," "Richard Claughton."
  • New Statesman: 40,62,66,69,83,85,116; NS, X, YY; "Britannicus," "Lens."
  • Newberry, John Strong: JSN.
  • Newdick, Edwin: 12,18; EN.
  • Nock, Albert Jay: 1-161,163-165,173-208; AJN; "Historicus."
  • Noguchi, Yone: "Japanese Professor."
  • Ovington, Mary White: MWO.
  • Pach, Walter E.: 58,108,111; WEP, WPa.
  • Paramore, Edward E., Jr.: EEP,jun.
  • Parkhurst, Winthrop E.: WEP, WP.
  • Pickering, Ruth: RP.
  • Pinchot, Amos: 1; AP.
  • Post, Louis: 81; LPo.
  • Powys, Llewelyn: 40,91,121,123,125,129,131,133,148,160,164,165; LlP, LP.
  • Preston, Raymond A.: RAP.
  • Radin, Max: MR.
  • Roberts, Richard: 18; R, RR.
  • Robinson, Geroid Tanquary: 2-17,29-75,79-87,89-122,125-152,154-177,179-201,205-208; GTR, RG, RTG; "Gallerius."
  • Robinson, Landon M.: LMR.
  • Robinson, Roth: RP (footnote).
  • Roeder, Ralph L.: RLR.
  • Rourke, Constance M.: CMR.
  • Russell, Caroline B.: CBR.
  • Russell, Ruth: 13,22-24,27,56; RRu.
  • Ryder, David Warren: "John Harrowby."
  • Sapir, Edward: ES.
  • Sayler, Lucy R.: LRS.
  • Schapiro, J. Salwyn: J.
  • Schley, Frederick C.: 42,96; FCS.
  • Schoenemann, F.: FS.
  • Schulz, William J.: WJS.
  • Scott, C. Kay: CKS.
  • Scott, Temple: TS.
  • Seidenberg, Roderick: 94,97,103,106,109; RS.
  • Seligmann, Herbert J.: 47; HJS.
  • Sieber, E.: ES.
  • Simpson, Herman: HS.
  • Speyer, Sir Edgar: SE.
  • Spingarn, Joel E.: JES.
  • Stearns, Harold E.: 18-21,23-29,31,33,34,45,52,54,64,69,135; ESH, HES, HS.
  • Stewart, Esmé: 62,68,75; BUB, ESt.
  • Stuart, Henry Longan: 133, 134; HLS.
  • Taggard, Genevieve: 16,18; GT.
  • Tead, Ordway: OT.

  • 175

    Page 175
  • Thomas, T. H.: T.
  • Tucker, Marguerite: 87; MT.
  • Tynan, Joseph L.: JLT.
  • Ustice, W. L.: WLU.
  • van Loon, Hendrik Willem: 37,44,91; HWvL; "Hendrik Willem."
  • Washburn, Claude C.: 21; CCW; "Conrad Brooke."
  • Weinstein, Alexander: AW, RV.
  • Westcott, Ralph W.: RWW.
  • Wheelwright, John Brooks: JBW, NA.
  • Whitaker, Charles Harris: 46,52,61,80,101,104,117,129,134,136,140,157,172,182; CB, CHW.
  • Whitaker, Robert: 30,37; RWh.
  • Wilson, Robert: RW.
  • Wolf, Robert L.: 11; RLW.
  • Woodman, Lawrence C.: LCW.
  • Woods, J. B. C.: JBCW.
  • Wright, Cuthbert: CW.
  • Zimand, Savel: SZ.



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"The Passing of the Freeman," New Republic, XXXVIII (5 March 1924), 33-34.


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See, for example, Ludwig Lewisohn, Expression in America (1932), p. 425, and Charles and Mary Beard, Rise of American Civilization (1933), p. 797.


Memoirs of a Superfluous Man (1943), p. 168. Nock's account of The Freeman appears on pp. 167-174. He there describes it as "a radical publication": "That is to say, we struck straight through to the root of whatever subject we discussed. We had no ink to waste on superficialities. We were not taken in by buncombe or clap-trap, and while we were urbane about it, we managed to let our readers know our opinion of those who hawked these commodities" (p. 171).


Days of the Phoenix (1957), p. 57. For Brooks' description of The Freeman, see Chapter IV, pp. 52-65. He defines the tone of the paper as "that of the rigorous amateur, the unspecialized non-professional man of letters"; "all our reviews," he says, "seemed to be written for the interest and pleasure of writing them, not for the mere satisfaction of getting them done" (p. 62).


I am currently preparing a history and bibliography of the Huebsch imprint.


Freeman, VIII (20 February 1924), 576. See also Neilson's comment on the ending of The Freeman, on p. 49 of his "Story of The Freeman," referred to below.


"The Story of The Freeman," a 53-page supplement to the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, vol. VI, no. 1 (October 1946). This is a more thorough and detailed account than the reminiscences of Nock and Brooks.


"A Short History of The Freeman, a Magazine of the Early Twenties, with Particular Attention to the Literary Criticism," Columbia Ph.D. dissertation, 1956—it is abstracted in DA, XVI (1956), 1258. Miss Turner describes the founding of the publication on pp. 1-43. In her note on p. 52 she indicates that she has used "the publisher's marked copy in attributing authorship"; but it was not her purpose to make any kind of thorough guide to the authorship.


I wish to thank Mr. Stanley Pargellis for giving me permission to publish the material in the Newberry copy and Mr. B. W. Huebsch for his kindness in allowing me to go through his copy in his home and for his helpfulness in answering questions. I wish also to thank Mrs. Gertrude Woodward and Mrs. Amy Nyholm of the Newberry Rare Book Room for their assistance, and Miss K. P. Evans for the information she supplied.


In most of these instances there is no real doubt. For example, in IV, 519-520, all paragraphs are marked as by Neilson except for the fifth paragraph on p. 519; though this is probably nothing but an oversight, Neilson's initials are enclosed in brackets below at IV, 519e. Similarly, brackets have been used around Nock's initials in the case of unmarked editorial paragraphs, this attribution based on the statement in the Huebsch copy (I, 481) that "all editorials not marked are by Mr. Nock."


Supported by two columns from this period assigned to Brooks in The Freeman Book: IV, 46-47 (Freeman Book, pp. 365-370), and IV, 598-599 (pp. 370-377).


Supported once more by The Freeman Book, pp. 382-388—the column of VI, 454.


That is, the brief sections divided by short lines—these sometimes contain more than one paragraph.


In the Huebsch copy, this is attributed to AJN alone.


In the Huebsch copy, LL is marked out, but both sets of initials remain in the Newberry copy.


Not marked in Huebsch (which usually signifies AJN), but FN is given in Newberry.


Huebsch gives 51c-f to AJN; Newberry gives d-f to FN, but AJN is marked beside it in pencil.


In Newberry, 135b is credited to AJN.


The LCM attribution here is from Huebsch; Newberry gives it all to LMa.


Newberry continues AJN through 505d.


Newberry gives this item also to WGF. CDB; 534-5 AJN; 543-4 ESt.


The Freeman Book attributes 73a to AJN.


These initials are also written in the Huebsch copy at VII, 439, but have not been identified.


Newberry gives HSG at I, 406, to Frank W. Garrison.


Newberry assigns RP at I, 286, to Roth Robinson.


"The Myth of a Guilty Nation" series, usually signed "Historicus," carries Nock's name on IV, 253; the whole series was published in book form (New York: Huebsch, 1922) under his name.


"Journeyman" is the signature used each week for the "Miscellany" section. While it is more often by Nock than anyone else, it is frequently by others—even the individual paragraphs in the same column may be by different people. Authorship of the "Miscellany" paragraphs (and thus the shifting identity of "Journeyman") is indicated with the unsigned material in Section I and can be found by looking up the page numbers of particular "Miscellany" articles.


The reader looking for work by a particular author not listed in this index should, in the interests of thoroughness, also remember to check that author's initials in Part II, since not all the initials there have been identified and therefore not all of them are represented by names in the index.


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