University of Virginia Library

Plate 99

Beneath the picture that occupies most of this plate may be seen relics of some earlier use. Turned the other way around, the plate contains large architectural elements in the foreground and what may be a title, perhaps unfinished but thick with engraved swirls of wings or bows or large looped capitals — or all these together. It is not the pattern of the present title page of Jerusalem but seems somewhat in its spirit.

There is only one state of this plate, though variations are made in the colored and retouched copies. In the Harvard, Mellon, and Morgan copies the hands of Jehovah — or of "that God from whom all books are given", to quote the restored Plate 3 — are redrawn, concealing the small oblong that looks something like a small bible or psalm-book held between the thumb and second finger of his left hand, with his forefinger inserted between the pages. A black wash covers it in the British Museum copy. It is fairly visible in the Rinder facsimile. But this is perhaps a wrong construction.