University of Virginia Library

Plate 51

[Inscribed beneath pictures, in separate prints only:]
Vala Hyle Skofield
[Incised in lower left corner, and visible in British Museum, Morgan, and posthumous copies and separate prints:]
W B [in monogram] inv & s

Blake evidently put his monogram on this pictorial plate for issuing as a separate print (several examples of which are alluded to in Keynes's Blake Studies, p. 115; Census p. 113). He let the ink cover it when printing the Rinder, Harvard and Mellon copies; yet it can be detected in the Harvard.

The Census reports an impression now in the collection of Sir Geoffrey Keynes with the names "Vala Hyle Skofield" "in white line" and the signature, quoted as "W B inv." The posthumous copies prove that the names were never on the plate; they do not appear in any copies of Jerusalem; "white line" must mean white ink, not incision; the Census statement that "this lettering is present in some copies, though mostly obliterated by heavy inking", ought perhaps to read: "present in some (or one) separate print(s) but not visible elsewhere."