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Plate 4 ("Chap: 1")

. . . .
Beaming forth with her daughters into the Divine bosom.
<Where ! !> [15]
Where hast thou hidden thy Emanation lovely Jerusalem
. . . .
But the perturbed Man away turns down the valleys dark;
<Saying, We are not One: we are Many, thou most simulative> [23]
Phantom of the over heated brain! shadow of immortality!
. . . .

Editors have observed the deleted "Where" in line 15 but have failed to note the exclamation marks: these are deleted not by scratching but by treatment as part of the marginal network (and by blue wash in the Mellon copy). Line 23, read from enlargements of the Morgan and Rosenbloom copies, is almost invisible beneath vines or washes in the others.

With removal from line 15 of the redundant and exclamatory "Where ! !" the text is considerably reduced in histrionics (there are still seven exclamation marks in the first ten lines of the page). But the deletion also removes, perhaps inadvertently, the required seventh foot of the line.

The deletion of line 23 is more seriously disruptive, since it removes an indicator of the dialogue ("Saying") and half the epithet meant for the


Page 16
one addressed ("simulative Phantom"), and because it obscures an important element in the poem's definition. This plate opens Chapter 1, and readers would have been helped by so explicit a definition of perturbed Man's error as the now hidden assertion, "We are not One: we are Many."[14]