University of Virginia Library


Mr. Philo C. Calhoun of Bridgeport, Connecticut addressed the Society on Monday, September 30, 1957, on "John Bartlett and His 'Familiar Quotations'".

Mr. H. M. Nixon, Assistant Keeper, British Museum, addressed the Society on Friday, October 25, 1957, on decorated book-bindings.

Mr. William Beattie, Librarian of the National Library of Scotland, addressed the Society on Friday, November 8, 1957, on "The National Library of Scotland".

Mr. Oliver L. Steele of the University of Virginia Graduate School of English addressed the Society on Thursday, November 21, 1957, on "Some Bibliographical Aspects of Compositor Analysis".

Mr. F. P. Wilson, Merton Professor of English Literature, Oxford University, addressed the Society on Friday, December 13, 1957, on "A Miscellany of Problems".

Mr. George W. Williams of the Department of English, Duke University, addressed the Society on Friday, February 14, 1958, on "'What's in a word?' Notes toward a Purer Text of Romeo and Juliet".

Mr. Allan Stevenson of the Hunt Botanical Library in Pittsburgh, addressed the Society on Thursday , February 27, 1958, on "The Unicorns of Normandy".

Mr. Charles E. Feinberg of Detroit, Michigan addressed the Society on Friday, March 21, 1958, on "Whitman's Friends as Revealed Through a Collection".

Mr. Fredson Bowers addressed the Society on Thursday, April 10, 1958, on "The Growth of Whitman's Leaves of Grass as shown by its Manuscripts."


Studies in Bibliography, Volume 10. Reprints of the Checklist of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1949-1954, with an index to the entries for 1948-1957 by Anne Freudenberg.

Studies in Bibliography, Volume 11, edited by Fredson Bowers. Sent to Contributing, Subscribing, and Student members. Additional copies available to members at $6.00. Available to non-members at $10.00.

Secretary's News Sheet, Nos. 38-40. Sent to all members.

James Branch Cabell: A Bibliography of His Writings, Biography, and Criticism, by Frances Joan Brewer. Sent to Contributing members.

James Branch Cabell: A Bibliography. Part II. Notes on the Cabell Collections at the University of Virginia, by Matthew J. Bruccoli. Advance sheets sent to all members. The completed work, available to non-members at $17.50 and at $10.00 to members, was sent to Contributing members.

Romance Languages and Literatures as Presented in German Doctoral Dissertations, 1885-1950, a Bibliography, by Hans Flasche. Sent to Contributing members. Available to members at $5.00, at $7.50 to non-members.

Wing Addenda and Corrigenda, Some Notes on Materials in the British Museum, by John Alden. Available to members without charge on request.