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Gifford seems to have confused Burke's Two Letters on the Proposals for Peace (12 editions), an occasion for the Erskine tract, with the Letter on His Pension (14 editions), a piece irrelevant to the View. Both, however, are proper subjects for this review of suspect impressions.


First quotation presumably entered in 1st edition, p. 2, second and note in 2d edition, pp. 179-180. The earliest edition I have seen is the third, one which, in comparison with others, allows the charge that follows but not, as yet, a full substantiation.


On reissue, a term consistently used in a recent bibliography of Hannah Cowley, see my commentary in the 1958 Winter number of the Book Collector.


Since of each book the first impression (c) must also be regarded as the initial printing of an edition, and each succeeding edition (a) as the first of one or more impressions, both variants of this order are given a double entry to balance accounts.


Six later 'editions' assigned to e category.


Eight 12mo. 'editions' assigned to e category. Besides these, as I have lately discovered, apparently two others were printed, for a 37th 12mo. edition is advertised in the Morning Chronicle of 20 November 1797.