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The following notes are designed to provide students of the Jacobean drama with fuller information than has hither-to been available about the fair copies of the academic plays contained in two seventeenth-century manuscript miscellanies housed in the Folger Shakespeare Library and catalogued as MS. J.a.1 and MS. J.a.2 respectively. Hence this article may be taken to supplement the standard enumerative bibliography on the Oxford and Cambridge academic drama in CBEL I, 654-663, wherein no recording of these Folger plays was made. However, with a few exceptions, they were listed by title alone in Alfred Harbage's Annals of English Drama: 975-1700 (1940). A number of these plays, cast in the typical academic modes easiest for young persons to write—allegory and satire—are still unpublished; several of them, as I have indicated below, merit publication, if not on the basis of intrinsic literary excellence then at least on the merit of their cultural interest.[1]