University of Virginia Library

Before the publication of A Bibliography of William Dean Howells by William M. Gibson and George Arms, with its clear and impressively accurate record of "about 200 books wholly or in part by Howells and 1200 periodical pieces," Howells bibliography was a tangled morass. Now one may depend confidently on a reliable map for the exploration of Howells—and may take a sporting pleasure in poking into the few odd corners left. Among the six "highly desirable" items "not found" by Gibson and Arms are two Italian publications,[1] a piece of sheet-music, Don't Wake the Children, and a History of the Western Reserve. The purpose of this note is to remove these last two items from the "not found" list, leaving only "the MacDowell lyrics . . . and the 1916 edition of Garland's They of the High Trails"[2] to be searched for.