University of Virginia Library



The Library, Fifth Series, VII (1952), 21-37.


National Library of Scotland, Ruddiman MSS, vols. 762-763.


The chief one is that "Alexr Hutcheson Bookseller in Glasgow" appears in MS 763 but not MS 762; while "Gideon Crawford Bookr in Edinr" is in MS 762 but not MS 763.


We are indebted to Mr. C. P. Finlayson, Keeper of MSS, Edinburgh University Library, for this piece of information.


Thomas Yule Miller, "The Early Printers of Dundee", The Scottish Typographical Journal, XVIII, (1910), 305-306; 324-325; 343-344, and T. Y. Miller, Whitehall Palace Buildings, Celebration Semi-Jubilee, (Dundee, 1896) "The Printing Art in Dundee", 31-55 (printed in Dundee for private circulation).


The books are now housed in the basement of the Sandeman Public Library, Perth. Their ultimate fate is still sub judice. We are indebted to Mr. Tait, the Sandeman librarian, for permission to examine them.


The New Statistical Account of Scotland, (1845) X, 989.


The new entries are marked in the list by an asterisk.


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