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The B spellings of Miss Walker's test words (do, go, here, young, year, dear, grief, devil, cousin, suddenly, hour, grant, choose) number 306 and A spellings only 64. Of these 64, 15 are in justified lines and 36 derive from Q1, leaving only 13 unjustified non-copy-text A forms (1 goe, 2 chuse, 3 deare, 7 here). The corresponding number of B forms is 162. The A spellings are not significantly grouped and are nearly always accompanied by more important B forms. As it is possible that any full prose line might be justified, I have thought it safest to treat all such lines as if they had in fact been justified. See Appendix for table of spellings. For this article I have used the Shakespeare Association facsimile of Q1 (No. 2, 1939) and the Griggs-Furnivall facsimile of Q2 (No. 7, 1880). References are to the line-numbering of the Q1 facsimile.