University of Virginia Library


Page 305

(Supplementary to the lists in previous volumes.)

Paul G. Victorius, of Charlottesville, Virginia, "The Evolution Collection," 9 December 1949.

Rollo G. Silver, of the Peabody Institute Library, "An Old Southern Library," 16 December 1949.

Louise Greer, of East Carolina Teacher's College, "Browning Societies in America," 12 January 1950.

Stitt Robinson, of the University of Virginia History Club, "John White Drawings and the Virginia Indians," 17 February 1950.

John Canaday, of the University of Virginia, "Picasso and the Man with a Lollipop," a talk on Picasso's prints, 1 March 1940.

Eric Kessler, of the Swiss Legation, "The Contributions of Switzerland to Book Making," 9 March 1950.

Student Round Tables were also held on Bookbinding and on Type faces.