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A. W. Greely, Public Documents of the First Fourteen Congresses, Washington, 1900.


Clarence S. Brigham, History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820. Worcester, Mass., 1947; Isaiah Thomas, The History of Printing in America, Albany, N. Y., 1874; Charles Evans, American Bibliography, Chicago, 1903-34; and, for such well known figures as Benjamin Franklin Bache, John Bradford, and William Bingham, The Dictionary of American Biography, N. Y., 1928-37.


'Intending' has been changed to 'intended'.


Before this word, at the beginning of a line, a single letter, probably an "a", is crossed out.


On the 5th of February, 1791, Jefferson presented an official report to the House of Representatives, setting forth a contemplated authoritative edition of the "Laws, Treaties, and Resolutions of the United States." The MS of this report is in the Library of Congress; it was printed in full in American State Papers, "Miscellaneous," I, 37. Jefferson's certificate of 25 July 1792, post, also refers to this job.


The square, in Typographical language, is 20 lines of Long-Primer matter—the lines being 20 ms long—and in that proportion of shorter or longer lines, larger or smaller types. Inclosed is a square of matter of the Centinel—the lines being but 18 ms long, it takes almost 23 lines to make a square.


Another notation on the back reads 'Staunton | Forw.a by P. Hieskelle'. Two other letters in the Bradford-Jefferson correspondence are known, both in the Library of Congress, both unpublished, but since they concern a gift of rock salt, they are not transcribed here.


There is a letterpress copy of an unpublished letter from Jefferson to Russell in the Library of Congress, which is added here as a footnote to the Russell series in the Archives. Letterpress, in a clerk's hand, signed by Thomas Jefferson: "Be pleased to correct the following typographical error in the Section of the Act intituled, "An Act to alter the times and places of holding the Circuit Courts in the Eastern District, and in North Carolina, and for other purposes". to wit "for the district of Massachusetts, at Boston, on the seventeenth day of June", strike out the word "seventeenth" and insert in lieu thereof the word seventh. Philadelphia March 16. 1793. Th: Jefferson If you have not published the above mentioned act, its publication with the above correction will be sufficient." Mr. Benjamin Russell


The signature, only, is in Jefferson's hand. On the back is an inscription only partially legible: "—the imp[pdn] | ...on of an Edition of the laws | of 1 Session 2 Congress printed by | A. Brown. 25 July 1792." See the note to Andrew Brown's letter, 26 Nov., 1790, ante.


"Until a Successor is appointed" has been inserted above a caret.


"& Commissioned" has been inserted above a caret.