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letter 15

Department of State, to wit

I hereby certify, that the proof Sheets of an edition of the Laws of <the> United States, under the title of "Laws of the United States of America" printed at Philadelphia by Andrew Brown 1792, in 130 pages octavo, have, from page 7, to page 114 of Acts, and from page i. to page xvi. of Treaties, inclusive, been carefully collated by sworn Clerks with the original Rolls deposited in the Office of the Secretary of State, and <have> been rendered literally conformable therewith; except that the signatures of the President of the United States, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives are omitted, and that the approbation of the President of the United States with it's date, is transposed from the end to the beginning of each Act. Given under my hand at Philadelphia, this day of July 1792.

Th: Jefferson[8] Secretary of State