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letter 6


As the Charge of publishing the Acts of Congress, & the Proclamations of the Executive of the General Government, is committed to the Secretary of State, I take the Liberty of making an offer of the Maryland Journal, & Baltimore Advertiser, as a very useful Vehicle for the Promulgation of such Matters, it having an uncommonly extensive Circulation, in various States of the Union, especially in Virginia, Pennsylvania, & Maryland. —Under a Persuasion that, in executing the Duties of your high office, you are actuated by Zeal[4] for the Interest of the Public, I have only to add, that if I shall have the Honour to be employed as a Printer, in the Service of your Department, the Trust shall be performed with Fidelity, and that my Charges shall be very moderate.

I am, with Sentiments of profound Respect
for your public & private Character, Sir,
Your most obedt Servt
William Goddard
Hon. Tho.s Jefferson, Esq:
['Goddard W.m Septem.r 11, 1790. | rec.d Sep. 26.' on the back in Jefferson's hand, except for 'Septem.r 11, 1790'.]