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letter 3

Honoured Sir,

When the removal of Congress to this City was determined, I understood that Childs & Swaine intended[3] setting up a press here. I have since heard that they have no thoughts of moving. Perhaps you may have not yet fixed upon a person to do the printing of the laws here; in this case permit me to offer myself.—I am just setting out in the printing business with an extensive assortment of materials & would endeavour to merit your approbation should you think proper to employ:

Dear Sir,
Your most obedt
& most hble Servant
Benj.n Franklin Bache
Hon Th. Jefferson Esq.r
['Bache Benj. Fr. 20 Aug.t 1790 | rec.d Aug. 21.' on the back is in Jefferson's hand, except for '20 Aug.t 1790'.]