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  • Coupon Bonds.

    • “The terrified woman uttered a wild scream” 8

    • “Here, Reuben, are your cowpon bonds” 63

  • Archibald Blossom.

    • “`Benjamin!' ejaculated Archy” 192

  • In the Ice.

    • “This is no work for you, Mr. Dracutt” 228

    • “`Clinton!' shrieked the old lady” 243

  • Nancy Blynn's Lovers.

    • “`Cephas! you offer me money!'” 271

  • Mr. Blazay's Experience.

    • “There she stood, in an attitude that might have done
      credit to Rachel” 310

  • Preaching for Selwyn.

    • “Dodd was about as badly frightened” 333

  • The Romance of a Glove.

    • “Joseph, who burst in upon me in my extremity” 378

  • The Man who stole a Meeting-House.

    • “`Whose is 't, if 't a'n't mine?'” 396

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