University of Virginia Library


A special meeting of the Rector and Visitors was held
on this date at 9 a.m., with the following members present:
the Rector, C. Harding Walker, and Visitors, Hall, Hart,
Hull, McIntire, Rinehart, Williams and Hatcher.


The Secretary announced the appointment by the
Governor, on July 22, 1925, of Dr. Orie Latham Hatcher
of Richmond to fill the unexpired term of Miss McVea,
resigned, and that Miss Hatcher had duly qualified as a

The minutes of the previous meeting having been
copied and sent to the Visitors, were approved.

The President announced that the attendance for the
session 1925-26, as of this date, to be 2024 in all departments.

He announced the following gifts and bequests for which
he was authorized to prepare the usual resolution of thanks
on the part of the Board:

Bequest of $10,000, in the will of Mrs. Lelia
S. Bennett, of Albemarle County, $5,000, to be added
to the Hospital Fund, and $5,000 to the Student Loan

Addition to the B. W. Green Estate as remainder-man
under his will of a trust fund established for
Dorothy Elizabeth Young, $1,315.00.

From Mr. James R. McKeldin, young alumnus
of the University $1,000, the interest on which sum
is to be used for the library of the Department
of Philosophy.

Upon the recommendation of the President the following
promotions in, and additions to, the staff were made in
motions duly made and seconded and unanimously adopted:

RESOLVED, That Dr. Arthur August Pega be promoted
from Acting Assistant Professor of Geology to
Assistant Professor of Geology, appointment to begin
with the session 1925-26.

RESOLVED, That the Rector and Visitors approve
of the action of the President of the University
taken during the summer quarter in making the following

Mr. Luther C. Gilbert, Assistant Professor of
Education, and Supervisor of Instruction in the
Charlottesville High School, at a salary of $1,500.

Dr. Fletcher D. Woodward, Assistant Professor
of Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, at a salary
of $312.


Instructors, Assistants, Fellows and Scholars:



C. W. Griffin  Teaching Fellow. 
E. F. Hubbard  Assistant. 
G. W. Struthers  Stock-keeper. 
I. T. Musser  Instructor. 
M. Hillman  Assistant. 
A. B. Shepperson  Instructor. 
Ira S. Franck  Assistant. 
Malcolm McLeod  Assistent. 
R. P. Meacham  Instructor. 
F. A. Wells  Instructor. 
Charles R. Larkin  Instructor. 
C. N. Hulvey  Instructor. 
Melvin W. Aylor  Assistant. 
G. T. Gwathmey, Jr.  Assistant. 
Samuel T. Martin, Jr.  Assistant. 
R. S. Leftwich  Assistant. 
Henry Savage, Jr.  Assistant. 
R. L. Echols  Assistant. 
C. L. Gleaves  Assistant. 
T. C. Scott  Instructor. 
W. M. L. Rogers  Assistant. 
C. B. Reed  Assistant. 
A. H. Scheck  Assistant. 
J. S. Browne  Assistant. 
R. A. Smith  Assistant. 
Romanic Languages: 
Peyton N. Rhodes  Instructor. 
W. W. Deupree  Instructor. 
Charles H. Ross  Assistant. 
Francisco Carral  Assistant. 
J. W. Jervey  Assistant. 
Loren P. Guy  Assistant. 
Internal Medicine: 
J. Edwin Wood, Jr., M. D.  Instructor. 
R. D. Kimbrough, M.D.  Instructor. 
E. T. Holland  Assistant. 
A. H. Dunlop  Assistant. 
O. S. Petrescu  Assistant. 
A. H. Scheck  Assistant. 
A. W. Holt  Assistant. 
Lionel Levy  Instructor in
Valentine Birely Sch.  Edgar English 
Thomas P. Bryan Memorial Sch.,  E. Ruffin Jones, Jr. 
Henry C. Cabell Sch.  George A. Schumacker, 
George Cameron Memorial Sch.  A. G. Gilliam. 
Richard Eppes Memorial Sch.  James V. D. Eppes 
William C. Folkes Schs.  R. W. Church. 
Paul Farmer. 
John W. Evans. 
John R. Myers. 
Elizabeth B. Garrett Sch.  Lois C. K. Carwile. 
William A. Herndon Schs.  O. H. Fulcher. 
A. D. J. Hart. 
Wm. E. Holmes Sch.  J. M. B. Lewis, Jr. 
Merrick-Sampson Sch.  A. W. Holt. 
Samuel Miller Schs.  C. B. Reed. 
C. E. Diggs. 
Robert Hancock Wood (Aviator) Sch.  Arthur Thompson. 
Law Review Sch.  W. L. Brown. 
Virginia Medical Students Schs.  Wm. R. Jordan. 
Joel W. Baker. 
Phelps-Stokes Fellowship  C. Louis Knight. 

Upon motion, duly made and seconded, the following
appropriations for 1925-26 were made:



To the Chamber of Commerce of the City of
For additional instructor in Spanish  200. 
For Miss Vergie Leggett, Research Fellow
in Sociology 

The sum of $1,500 to be divided, $500 each, to
Professors Pott, Balz and Ferguson, for carrying
forward the work in the School of Philosophy
during the absence of Dr. Lefevre.

Upon the recommendation of the President, Dr. James
M. Page was unanimously nominated for re-election on the
State Board of Education, and the Secretary directed to
give notice of this action to the Secretary of the Senate.

A letter from G. B. Young, Joint Health Officer of
the City, County, and University, concerning sewage condition
on Rugby Road in connection with a group of fraternity
houses, was read by the President and the matter discussed,
in which discussion the City Attorney, who had looked into
the matter, joined, and made the following statement:

The Joint Health Board of the City, County and
University, has requested that a new method of sewage
disposal be installed for the Chi Phi, Delta Tau
Delta, Kappa Sigma and Zeta Ps1 Fraternity Houses on
Rugby Road. At present the raw sewage from these
four fraternity houses is being turned into the creek
which runs through the Estate of the late Eugene Massie.
The Health Board desires this method of disposal discontinued
as it consitutes a menace to health and
requests that a new sewer be installed connecting these
houses with the City sewers.

The diagram showing the line of the proposed new
sewer and the estimate showing that the maximum cost
thereof will not exceed $2400.00, was presented to
the Board, said diagram and estimate having been
prepared in the office of the City Engineer for the
City of Charlottesville, and the estimate being based
upon figures prepared in the City Engineer's Office,
at which the City of Charlottesville is willing to
undertake the installation of said sewer.

The matter was disposed of in the following resolution

RESOLVED, That the resolution presented by Mr.
Perkins be adopted, with the amendment that Mr.
Perkins and the Bursar be authorized to make an arrangement
with the respective fraternities for the


repayment of the sum in equal installments for over
a period of not over six years. Provided further,
that the resolution and further arrangement for the
sewer be referred to the Committee on Buildings and
Grounds to confer with Dr. Young in connection with
any future arrangement for the Memorial Gymnasium.

RESOLVED, That the City of Charlottesville be requested
to install said sewer, payment therefor to be
made to the City by E. I. Carruthers, Bursar, the amount
so paid to be charged to the four fraternities above
named, each Fraternity being required to pay to the
Bursar one-fourth thereof, Mr. Perkins, Attorney for
this Board, being instructed to co-operate with the
Bursar in taking this matter of payment up with the
Fraternitites, and in seeing that said payments are
secured to be made as promptly as the condition of the
respective Fraternities may permit.

A letter was read from McLane Tilton, Secretary of the
Alumni Association, asking that the Association be allowed
to rent the room in the Entrance Building, now occupied
by the Post Office, when vacated, as quarters for the
Alumni Office. The matter was disposed of in the following
motion adopted:

RESOLVED, That the room in the Entrance Building,
now about to be vacated by the U. S. Post Office, be
rented to the Alumni Association, when vacated, at the
sum of $500 per year, and the formal lease contain a
clause requiring a notice of four months on the part
of either party to vacate the premises.

Upon the recommendation of the President, the following
concerning the Barksdale Memorial, on motion, was adopted:

RESOLVED, by the Rector and Visitors, That the
sum of $30,000, contributed to the Centennial Endowment
Fund by Mrs. H. M. Barksdale and the Delaware Alumni
Association, which fund is held by the Alumni Board of
Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund,
be set up on the books of the University as follows:

Fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) to establish
Engineering, to be known as the HAMILTON BARKSDALE
MEMORIAL LIBRARY, with an annual income of $700, and

Fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) to establish
Chemistry, to be known as the HAMILTON BARKSDALE


CHEMISTRY, with an annual income of $700.

RESOLVED, further, That the heads of these
departments, Dean John Lloyd Newcomb of the Department
of Engineering, and Dr. Robert Norton Pease of
the Department of Chemistry, be notified of this action
with the request that they take such steps as may be
necessary to carry out the purposes of these funds,
and that out of the income appropriated above a sum
be taken sufficient to erect tablets in said departments
commemorating the establishment of this memorial.

Upon the recommendation of the President, the following
with respect to the increase in University Fee and
Tuition charges, was adopted:

RESOLVED, By the Rector and Visitors of the
University of Virginia,

That beginning with the session of 1926-27,
the University fee and tuition charges shall be as

The University fee for Virginia students in
the College, Graduate, Education and Engineering
Departments shall be $50 per session.

The tuition for Virginia students in Law and
Medicine shall be $170 per session, and that the
tuition for students in Medicine shall be uniform
for the four year course.

The tuition for non-Virginia students in the
College, Graduate, Law and Medicine shall be
$190 per session.

The following concerning the endorsement of stock of
the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company for deposit in reorganization
proceedings was, on motion, adopted:

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, That the endorsement by E. I.
Carruthers, Bursar of the University of Virginia, on
behalf of the Rector and Visitors of the University
of Virginia, of certificate # F-1046 for four shares
of the preferred stock of the Virginia-Carolina Chemical
Company, registered in the name of

and certificate # F-1047 for six shares of the preferred
stock of the Virginia Carolina Chemical Company, registered
in the name of


for deposit with the Equitable Trust Company of
New York, in accordance with the Plan and Aggrement
of Re-organization Dated August 10, 1925, be and the
same are hereby approved.

The President discussed with the Board the probability
of securing a grant of $700,000 from the General Education
Board, conditioned upon the raising of the total of $1,400,000
for the Medical Department; whereupon the following motion,
duly made and seconded, was unanimously adopted:

RESOLVED, by the Rector and Visitors of the
University of Virginia, That the efforts of President
Alderman to secure a grant of $700,000 from the General
Education Board, conditioned upon the raising of a total
sum of $1,400,000, including the grant from the Board,
for the purpose of erecting suitable structures for
the housing of the Medical Sciences in the Department
of Medicine in the University of Virginia, be and
same are hereby heartily approved, and the President
is authorized by this Board to present this request
to the General Education Board, and the Rector and
Visitors wish to express the hope that the request
will be granted, and to pledge themselves to the carrying
out of the purpose of the grant.

During the session, Mr. Robert Tunstall, a representative
of the Alumni Board, upon being granted the privilege
of the floor stated that he had been appointed by his Board
to read a letter expressing the Board's appreciation of
Dr. Alderman's declination of the Chancellorship of the
University of Georgia. The letter was thereupon read and
the President and members expressed their very great appreciation
of the gracious act of the Alumni Board, and order
that it be spread upon the minutes.

"Dear Dr. Alderman:

The announcement that you had declined the offer of
the Chancellorship of the University of Georgia, because
of a resolve to devote your future to the service of
the University of Virginia, came to her alumni as a
message of high courage and imperishable faith. The
twenty-one years during which you have directed the
policies and energized the activities of our Alma Mater
have been years of stirring achievement. Her gain in
endowments, in student attendance, in academic authority,
in scientific equipment, in teaching power, in public
usefulness and in popular esteem have been magnificent


and in large measure your personal work. They have
won for you the sympathy, support, the admiration,
the confidence and the loyalty of all our alumni. Yet
their allegiance has still a deeper root. You came
to this University in a momentous hour. You were our
first president and the great mass of our then graduates
knew the virtues of the older regime and were unconcious
of the ineradicable infirmities which lay
hidden beneath them. In a few loyal and devoted spirits
a certain fear awoke for the noble tradition of the
school, for its high standards, for its law of liberty
both in learning and in teaching, for the gracious fraternity
of intramural life. It has been your high
mission to dispel such fears, to lift all that was worthy
in the spirit and tradition of the University of
Virginia to a higher plane of authority and power, and
by the depth of your understanding and the comprehension
of your sympathy to beget for her a future which
shall be the rich inheritor of her past. In you
she has found both a bond of peace and the righteousness
of her academic life.

That under your continued guidance she will go
forward in the noble faith of her father and founder
is our confidence and our trust. May the years of your
government be long and happy, crowned with usefulness
and distinction, sweetened by the affection of your
faculty and your students, alumni and of all Virginians.

Respectfully submitted,

Mr. Perkins presented to the Board a letter from Mr.
William W. Johnson, Executor of Wills Johnson, deceased, requesting
that the securities heretofore delivered, and the
check for $5,000, which we have received, be accepted by
the Board in full discharge of the bequest of $50,000 contained
in the will of said Wills Johnson. After some discussion
of the matter it was felt that in the absence
of Mr. Scott, Chairman of the Finance Committee, this position
of the question should be deferred until he could be present,
and the matter went over to the next meeting.

On motion, the meeting then adjourned.

[signed] C. Harding Walker,
[signed] E. I. Carruthers,