University of Virginia Library


The regular annual meeting of the Rector and Visitors
was held on this date at 10:30 A. M., with the following members
present: Rector Gordon and Visitors Hatton, Irvine,
Michie and White. Mr. Turnbull did not arrive until 5:30 P. M.,
just at the close of the meeting. President Alderman was present.
Reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed

President Alderman announced a gift of $10,000.00 from
Mrs. Chas. H. Senff, for the further purpose of grounds and
roads improvements; and he was requested by the Board to prepare
a suitable resolution extending to Mrs. Senff the thanks
and appreciation of the Board for her benefaction.

President Alderman announced the receipt of $7,843.97
covering the bequest to the University by Daniel B. Fayerweather.
The Rector thereupon stated that he had signed, on
behalf of the University, the release deed in the matter of payment
of the aforesaid sum to the University and requested that
his action be ratified by the Board, which was done.

The Bursar was directed to pay to Mr. Robert Harrison,
of New York, the sum of $100, covering his fee as special
attorney for the University in the settlement of the Fayerweather

On motion, it was

RESOLVED: That the Fayerweather bequest be used toward equipping


the Chemical Laboratory, and that said laboratory equipment
be completed out of such other funds as may be found available
for the purpose.

On the recommendation of President Alderman, the following
were elected:

Mr. F. J. Hyde, Acting Adjunct Professor of Law at a salary of

Mr. E. F. Shewmake, Jr., Adjunct Professor of English at a salary of

That an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry be secured instead of
a full professor, thus effecting a saving of $1,200.

A communication was received from Prof. Heck, asking
that the University make the needed repairs to Pavilion # 2,
consisting of inexpensive painting and papering the four rooms.
In connection with the foregoing application, the following
was adopted:

RESOLVED: That, in view of the existing conditions brought
about by the war, and the necessity of retrenchment in every
direction by the University, the Board feels constrained to
decline the request of Prof. Heck.

The President presented a report of the Special Committee
on Efficiency and Economy, appointed by him for the purpose
of looking into the feasibility of decreasing the number of
lecture rooms, and such other economies as might aid in decreasing
the consumption of coal for heat and light.

The report showed that certain buildings and lecture halls
could be discontinued during the session of 1917-18, and that
the classes heretofore meeting in them could be arranged for


in other buildings, and estimated that a saving of $2,000. per
annum could be effected thereby. The report of the committee
was adopted.

The Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings reported
that he was experiencing considerable difficulty in securing
sufficient coal for the University, owing to the shortage
of cars, and suggested that he be authorized to purchase
1000 tons to be stored ready for use when the heating season
begins; whereupon, the following was adopted:

RESOLVED: That the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
be and is hereby authorized to secure at least 1000 tons
of coal at the best price obtainable, to be used as an emergency
supply for the winter's needs.

The President reported that owing to the unsettled conditions
due to the war, it had been found impossible to appoint
the instructors and assistants from the student body for the
coming session, and asked that the following resolution be
adopted, which was done:

RESOLVED: That the President, in co-operation with the heads
of the departments, be authorized to fill vacant Instructor-ships
and Assistantships, reporting the names in each department
to the Board for their ratification at a later meeting.

The following letter from Prof. C. G. Maphis was presented,
and read, when the following action was had thereon:

RESOLVED: That after due consideration of the letter of Prof.
Maphis, the Board feels constrained to adhere to its resolution
suspending the rule of automatic increase in professorial salaries:


President E. A. Alderman,
My dear Mr. President:

I have been advised by the Bursar
that the rule of the Board of Visitors, which has been in
operation for some years, granting an automatic increase
of ten per cent in the salary of those professors who have
served for a term of six years has been suspended for the
coming year.

Under this regulation, the benefits
of which are being enjoyed by most members of the faculty,
I thought I had a right to look forward to an increase of ten
per cent in my salary during the coming session, and was
planning accordingly.

I do not wish to be considered unsympathetic
with the difficutlies which have been thrust upon
the Board by our present war crisis, or unwilling to "do
my bit" for the University or for my country, but I do feel
that there is one phase of the matter which doubtless you and
the Board may have overlooked. That is, the result of this
decision would be prectically requiring me and one or two
others to whom the rule would apply this year, to make a
contribution of ten per cent of our salary; whereas, there
would be nothing levied upon other members of the faculty
to help out in this distressing situation. I am perfectly
willing to make this contribution, if the Board thinks it
necessary, but I should greatly prefer, because I think
it just, that my salary increase be allowed under the regulation,
and that I be permitted to contribute this amount
directly to the University. I can't help feeling that a
suspension of this regulation of the Board in the case of
two or three of us would be a discrimination which neither
the Board nor yourself intend or desire to make, but which,
nevertheless, would be unjust to us.

I am writing simply to bring this phase
of the matter to your attention, but shall willingly abide
by the final decision of yourself and the Board, if you cannot
see it as I do.

Very sincerely,
(signed) Chas. G. Maphis.

The President reported that owing to the advance in prices


for provisions, it might be found necessary to permit the
proprietor of the Commons to advance the price of board to
the students. It was agreed that, if necessary, the proprietor
of the Commons be permitted to increase the rate to not over
$18. per month.

Upon the request of Dr. J. C. Flippin, the Instructor
in his department, eliminated when the budget was adopted
for the year 1917-18, was restored. His salary to be $300.

Upon the recommendation of President Alderman, Professor
William A. Kepner was promoted from Associate to Full Professor of
Biology, without increase of pay or change of duties.

Professor Maphis made application for the use of the
Board House during the Summer School, which was granted in
the following resolution:

The request of Prof. Maphis that he have the use as a
home during the Summer School of the house dedicated to the
Board of Visitors, is granted with the understanding that it
shall not be regarded as a precedent, and shall at all times
be available for the use of the Board of Visitors. (Mr. Gordon
voted "no".)

The following was adopted:

Responding to the suggestion of Dr. Alderman that the fund
of one quarter of a million dollars donated to the University to
be used in his discretion, and now on deposit with the
"Guaranty Trust Co.", be invested in "Liberty" bonds; such
investment, however, not to be the final investment of said


The estimates covering the cost of equipment for the
Chemical Laboratory, not already provided for, as set out in
the following report of Dr. R. M. Bird, were considered
and approved.

President E. A. Alderman,
Dear Dr. Alderman:

The committee appointed to consider ways
and means for teaching Chemistry next session reported
to you that part of the new chemical laboratory would have
to be furnished if the lectures in Chemistry and the courses
in Analytical Chemistry are to be given at all. The makeshift
adopted since the fire was an utterly impossible situation,
and we are deprived of this by the closing of Peabody
Hall next year.

You asked for an estimate of the cost
of this partial furnishing of the new chemical laboratory.

It is  $ 4,625.00 
The equipment for the other
chemical courses will
Cost of total furnishings
not already contracted

This is the price received today. The
estimate given you under date of April first was withdrawn,
due to an increase of $400.30 in the price of materials.
A further increase of something over $800. additional is
announced for the near future, and the builders say that the
rise in price by the fall will be another 20%, or near $2,000;
that is, more than the price quoted above.

It is manifestly proper for me to call your
attention to this outlook; because the announced advance in
cost by the fall figures out to be the equivalent of six per
cent interest for three and a third years, and it would be
a good business proposition to borrow the money needed for
finishing the laboratory rather than lose it through payment
to contractors.


I should add that the above price quoted
by the Charlottesville Lumber, Co., is over $3,600, under
the next lowest bid we received.

Very truly yours,
(signed) R. M. Bird.

The Thomas F. Ryan Scholarships were elected for the session
1917-18, as follows:

First District:  L.C. Catlett, Jr.,  Gloucester, Va. 
Second District:  John S. Lawrence,  So. Norfolk, Va. 
Third District:  G. A. Wilson,  University, Va. 
Fourth District:  R. D. Gilliam, Jr.,  Petersburg, Va. 
Fifth District:  S. B. Berkeley,  University, Va. 
Sixth District:  Roy L. Garis,  Roanoke, Va. 
Seventh District:  W. Carl Whitlock,  Charlottesville, Va. 
Eighth District:  C. B. Sullivan,  Alexandria, Va. 
Ninth District:  L. E. Akers,  Snowville, Va. 
Tenth District:  John H. Bishop,  Monterey, Va. 

The following scholarship nominations for the session of 1917-18
were confirmed:

Issaac Cary Scholarship: 
Armistead C. Gordon, Jr.,  Staunton, Va. 
Valentine Birely Scholarship: 
W. R. Quynn,  Frederick, Md. 
Thompson-Brown Scholarship: 
Bernard P. Chamberlain,  University, Va. 
James H. Skinner Scholarships: 
W. S. Newton,  Norfolk, Va. 
Theodore N. Barth,  Mt. Savage, Md. 
R. J. Moncure,  Snreveport, La. 
John N. Cornick,  Oceana, Va. 
S. R. Meredith,  Norfolk, Va. 
T. L. Ridout,  San Antonio, Texas 
G. F. Cameron,  Hope Mills, N. C. 
J. Manly Cobb,  Washington, D. C. 
Chas. Waller Barrett,  Alexandria, Va. 
Alfred Barwell Davis,  Norfolk, Va. 

Bennett Wood Green Scholarships:

C. H. Parsons,

T. R. Snavely, (appointed for a period not to exceed two years


Herndon Scholarship:

Donald M. Faulkner.

Daniel Harmon Scholarship:

R. B. Geither.

Miller Scholarship:

J. A. Pegau.


John Y. Mason: 
Edward Tankard Brown,  University, Va. 
Francis Stuart Harmon,  Meridian, Miss. 
William Cabell Rives: 
Thomas Fitzgerald Caroll,  Charlottesville, Va. 
Harold Lee Alden,  University, Va. 
Garland B. Briggs,  Sebrell, Va. 
Philip A. Dales, 

On motion, the Board then adjourned.

[signed] Armistead C. Gordon
[signed] E. I. Carruthers