University of Virginia Library



By....I. F. Lewis....

Attest: Eskridge Duke

The Kappa Alpha Fraternity was granted a site on the
property of the University for the purpose of erecting a
Fraternity House, in the following motion duly made and

RESOLVED, That the request of the Kappa Alpha
Fraternity for a site for the building of a Fraternity
House to be designated by the Committee on Buildings and
Grounds, on the West side of Carr's Hill in accordance
with the sketch and plans submitted to the Board, be
granted; provided, that the the Fraternity shall raise
a building fund in the sum of $25,000.00 in cash or its
equivalent, satisfactory to the Board, by June 15th,
1925, and provided, further, that the building of
said Fraternity House is begun on or before June 15th,

The designation of this site for this purpose shall be
automatically withdrawn upon the failure of said Fraternity
to comply with the requirements set forth in this Resolution.

Application of the Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi
Fraternity for a site on the University grounds for a Fraternity
House was referred to the Committee on Buildings and
Grounds for a report at the next meeting.

Dr. W. A. Lambeth, Superintendent of Buildings and
Grounds, reported that after a thorough examination of
Medical Hall, in which he had the assistant and advice of
Professor Hudnut, he was of the opinion that the building
should be abandoned during August, in order that necessary
repairs be made to make it safe for occupancy; and that it
was his opinion that the repairs could be made at a cost not
to exceed $2000.00.

The recommendation of the Superintendent was approved,
and expenditure of not to exceed $2000.00 was authorized.

The Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds presented
his recommendation as to rates to be charged for heating the
residences on the grounds of the University, which was approved


"RESOLVED: That beginning with the session of
1924-25 the heating rate be fixed as in the past at
$20.00 per hundred square feet of radiation, with the
following conditions for those who increased their
number of square feet in the change from steam to hot
water—the amount of such increase shall be adjusted
as follows: During the session of 1924-25 there will
be no charge for 2/3 of such increase, during 1925-26
no charge for 1.3 of such increase, and in 1926-27 they
will be required to pay $20.00 per one hundred square feet
of hot water radiation, which is at that time connected
with the central heating plant. To illustrate: if a
tenant had one thousand feet of steam radiation, and
now increased to thirteen hundred square feet of hot
water radiation, he will be charged for eleven hundred
feet in 1924-25, twelve hundred feet in 1925-26, and
thirteen hundred feet in 1926-27."

Mr. C. H. H. Thomas, Manager of the McIntire Concerts,
submitted his report for the session, showing receipts of
$3,937.00, and expenditures of $4,731.80, leaving a deficit
of $694.80. After a full discussion of the question of
continuing these concerts for the session 1924-25, it was
the opinion of the Board that they should be continued with
every effort made to prevent a deficit.

Expenditures Incidental to Changes Proposed.

Laundry equipment  $ 8,600.00 
New Laundry Building  10,000.00 
Plumbing and Fittings  2,000.00 
Installing new boiler and stack  500.00 
Fuel for new boiler (two years)  1,800.00 
Wages, boiler engineers, 2 years, 2 men.  2,400.00 
Foreman, new Laundry, at $1200.00, 2 years  2,400.00 
Wages, 7 people in laundry at $60.00 per mo.,
2 yrs. 
Miscel. Soap, blue., starch, etc.  1,000.00 
Ice Machine  5,000.00 
Elec. current, ice machine, 2 years, at
$10.00 per mo. 
Elec. current for laundry, 2 years, at
$25.00 per mo. 
Dish washer  500.00 
Total  $45,120.00  Note 1 

Note 1. At the end of the two year period we will have saved
$5,940.00 out of our appropriation, and we will have paid for
the new building, the new laundry equipment, ice machinery
and dish washer; we will have stopped the waste of laundry,
and because we will be able to buy in quantities, we will get


better prices on perishable commodities.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned,
on motion duly made and seconded.

[signed] C. Harding Walker
[signed] E. I. Carruthers