University of Virginia Library


The regular annual meeting of the Rector and Visitors
was held on this date at 8:00 o'clock in the evening, with
the following members present: The Rector, Armistead C.
Gordon, and Messrs. Norton, Michie, Craddock, Lewis, Hatton,
Irvine, White and Stearnes, and President Alderman.

Upon the recommendation of President Alderman, Associate
Professor L. G. Hoxton was promoted to Full Professor of
Physics, and his salary fixed at $2,750. to begin September
15th, 1916.

Upon the recommendation of President Alderman, the following
professors were elected:

Jno. L. Manahan, Professor of Education, at a salary of

Robert Bennett Bean, M. D., Professor of Anatomy, at salary
of 3,000.00

James Kerr, Adjunct Professor of Romanic Languages, at a
salary of $1100.

The application of Adjunct Professor Jas. S. McLemore for
a leave of absence for one year to pursue his studies at Harvard,
having the approval of Prof. Robert H. Webb and President Alderman,
was granted.

The President brought to the attention of the Board a
communication from the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce,
asking that the University join with the City and County in
the publication of a booklet setting forth the advantages of this
section of the state as a desirable location for those seeking


residential, educational, and industrial location.

The President was authorized to use his discretion in
the matter, and a sum not to exceed $150. was made available.

Upon the recommendation of the President, the request
of the Dean of the Department of Engineering for the appropriation
of the sum of $200. to entertain the Society for the
promotion of Engineering Education, meeting here June 19 to
22nd, was granted.

The Bursar was directed to pay to J. Tinsley Coleman,
Counsel for the University in the City Extension proceedings,
in the Circuit Court of Albemarle, the sum of $62.76, covering
his incidental expenses incurred in travelling to and from the
City during said proceedings.

The following were elected to Ryan Scholarships for the session

First District  L. C. Catlett, 
Second District  [1] Jno S. Lawrence, 
Third District  G. A. Wilson, 
Fourth District  R. D. Gilliam, Jr. 
Fifth District  S. B. Berkeley, 
Sixth District,  S. M. Foster, 
Seventh District,  W. C. Whitlock, 
Eighth District,  W.G.S. Macdonal 
Ninth District,  C.T. Duncan, 
Tenth District,  Jno. H. Bishop, 

Upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee of
the Albemarle Chapter, D. A. R., Mr. D. Edgar Woods, Jr., was
appointed holder of said scholarship for the session of 1916-17.

The following nominations for scholarships, fellowships,
and assistants were confirmed:



Valentine Birely Scholarship: 
William R. Quynn,  Frederick, Md. 
Thompson Brown Scholarship: 
Bernard Chamberlain,  University, Va. 
Henry Coalter Cabell Scholarship: 
Cary F. Jacob, B. S.  Richmond, Va. 
Isaac Cary Scholarships: 
Jas. Lindsay Gordon,  Staunton, Va. 
R. Latane Montague,  Richmond, Va. 
Bennett Wood Green Scholarships: 
John Owen Beaty, M. A.,  Ruckersville, Va. 
Douglas Ramsay Semmes, M. A.  Richmond, Va. 
William A. Herndon Scholarships: 
Donald MacKenzie Faulkner, B. A.,  Boydton, Va. 
Kalford Wall Howard, B. S.,  Portsmouth, Va. 
McCormick Scholarship: (Law) 
R. K. Blakey,  Charlottesville, Va. 
Isabella Merrick Sampson Scholarship: 
C. P. Livesay, 
Phelps Stokes Fellowship: 
T. R. Snavely,  Bristol, Va. 
Rector and Visitors Fellowship: (in Sch. of English) 
E. F. Shewmake, Jr.,  Fredericksburg, Va. 
William Cabell Rives Fellowship: 
Wilmer L. Hall, A. M.,  Ashland, Va. 
Vanderbilt Fellowships: 
Dr. Charles P. Olivier,  University, Va. 
Harold L. Alden, M. S.,  Topeka, Kan. 
Reginald C. Lamb, B. A.,  Franklin, Ky. 
John Y. Mason Fellowship: 
H. H. Gaver, 
Harmon Scholarship: 
Melville A. Maxey,  Suffolk, Va. 
Charles Minor Blackford Prize: (1915-16) 
Eugene S. Williams,  Romney, W. Va. 


James H. Skinner Scholarships: 
N. C. Powell, 
T. N. Barth, 
R. J. Moncure, 
T. L. Ridout, 
W. S. Newton, 
J. N. Cornick, 
J. A. Wyatt, 
C. F. Peterson, 
F. E. Ammons, 
Samuel R. Meredith, 
Coolidge Harvard Scholarships: 
R. L. Morton,  Meherrin, Va. 
T. S. Luck, 
W. H. Beach, 






Instructor,  George Lloyd Barton, 
Instructor,  Ernest Linwood Lenman, 
Instructor,  William Hudson Rogers, 
Instructor,  Marion Stuart Dimmock, 
Edgar Allan Poe School of English: 
Instructor,  E. F. Shewmake, Jr. 
English Literature: 
Instructor,  F. L. Bruce, 
Instructor,  John Pidout, 
Instructor,  H. H. Gaver, 
Instructor,  E. T. Browne. 
Vanderbilt Fellowships: 
(Chas. P. Olivier) 
Harold L. Alden, 
Reginald C. Lamb. 
Instructor, (Analytical)  Eugene Price Brown, 
Assistant, (General)  W. E. Currie, 
Assistant, (General)  J. H. Robertson, 
Assistant, (General)  N. E. Oglesby, 
Instructor,  J. Graham Edwards, 
Instructor,  W. F. Betterham, 
Instructor,  F. H. Paine, 
Instructor,  B. D. Reynolds, 
Instructor,  Conway Zirkle, 
Instructor,  R. M. Page. 
S. G. Garrett, B. A. 
Assistant,  F. S. Harmon, 
Rives Fellowship,  W. L. Hall. 
Instructor (in Economics)  J. S. Graves, 
Instructor (in Political Science,  W. K. Dingledine, 
Phelps-Stokes Fellowship  T. R. Snavely. 
Germanic Languages: 
Instructor  Jno. Alex. Kelly. 
Instructor,  T. F. Ball. 
Histology & Embryology: 
Assistant,  G. A. Pagenstecher. 
Assistant,  Geo. B. Setzler, A. B. 
Student Assistant,  Wm. Wyatt Strange. 
Bacteriology: & Pathology: 
Assistant, (3 mos.)  D. C. Smith, 
Assistant,  G. B. Gilmore, 
Technician,  Miss Thornton, 
Sanitary Inspector,  W. C. Leavenworth. 
Pharmacology & Materia Medica: 
Richard Dabney Anderson,  Assistant, (Mat. Med. & TOx.) 
George Breaker Setzler,  Assistant, (Physiol. Phar.) 
Wm. Wyatt Strange,  Assistant, (Physiol. Phar.) 
Clinical Medicine: 
Instructor and Assistant University Physician,
Dr. Lucius Gaston Gage, 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Assistant,  Alfred Sheldon Wise, 
Assistant,  Harold Lawson MacCarter, 
Assistant,  B. Van Cortright Mekeel, 
Electrical Engineering: 
Assistant,  William Samuel Rumbough. 
Experimental Engineering: 
Assistant,  Paul Frank Brown. 
Assistant,  John Kevan Peebles, Jr. 
Assistant,  Charles Henderson, 
Assistant,  J. E. B. Stuart. 
Civil Engineering: 
Assistant,  Edward Watts Saunders, Jr. 
Assistant,  Paul Frank Brown, 
Assistant,  Stephen Patrick McGroarty. 
Night Librarian,  D. S. McCormick, 
Night Medical Librarian,  Francis M. Massie. 

Mr. Allan Perkins, Attorney for the University, brought
to the attention of the Board the correspondence had with George
Latham Fletcher of Warrenton, Va., in the matter of substitution
of Mr. Walter H. Robertson as administrator and trustee of the
estate of Miss Mary Amelia Smith, deceased, in the place of
Thomas Smith, removed, and the following resolution was adopted:

RESOLVED: That the action of W. Allan Perkins, Attorney, in
agreeing to the substitution of Walter H. Robertson of Warrenton,
Va., as Administrator of the estate of Miss Mary Amelia Smith
in the place of Colonel Thomas Smith, removed, as outlined in
Mr. Perkins' letter to George Latham Fletcher of Warrenton,
Va., under date of June 9, 1916, be and is hereby approved,
ratified and confirmed.

It is further

RESOLVED: That Mr. Perkins be and is hereby instructed to take
such steps as in his opinion may be proper, looking toward
the proper substitution of a Trustee for the University of
Virginia in the place of the said Colonel Thomas Smith, in order


that any funds to which the University of Virginia may be
entitled under contract of November 20, 1912, between the
said University and said Thomas Smith and Frederick Waugh
Smith may be properly secured to it.

Mr. Perkins' letter follows:

George Latham Fletcher Esq.,
Warrenton, Va.
Dear Sir:-

After receiving the information which has been given
me to-day, in conference with yourself and Mr. Richards, in
the matter of the substitution of administrator of the estate
of Miss Mary Amelia Smith, deceased, in the place and stead
of Thomas Smith, removed, I feel that the interest of the
University of Virginia will be promoted by the appointment
of Mr. Walter H. Robertson, in accordance with the plan which
you and Mr. Richards outlined.

As attorney for the University of Virginia, therefore,
I beg to request that you will take such steps as you may
deem necessary to consummate this arrangement, and to have
Mr. Robertson substituted as administrator, as aforesaid.

I also ask that, in the order appointing Mr.
Robertson you will let it appear that he is not only appointed
as administrator d. b. m., w. w. a., but that as such he shall
act as trustee in the place and stead of the said Thomas
Smith, under the contract between the University of Virginia,
the said Thomas Smith and Frederick Waugh Smith, dated November
the 20th, 1912.

Very sincerely yours,
(signed) W. Allan Perkins.

The advisability of changing the regulations governing
the appointments to Thomas F. Ryan Scholarships was discussed,
and the following adopted:

RESOLVED: That a committee of three be appointed to consider
the Ryan Scholarships, and report recommendations to the Board.
The Rector appointed President Alderman, and Visitors Norton,


and Hatton on said committee.

President Alderman announced the following gift to the
Electrical Laboratory from The Sangamo Electric Company of
Springfield, Ill., through Associate Prof. W. S. Rodman:

1 Electric Railway Economy Meter,
600 volts, 100 amperes
# 479729 with resistance box 
1 Ampere Hour Meter Type MS, 15 amperes # 3845,  29.00 
1 D. C. Mercury Wattnour Meter Type D5,
110 volts, 10 amperes # 466932, 
1 A. C. Induction Watthour Meter Type H,
110 volts, 5 amperes 60 cycles,
2 wire # 471038, 

The Miller Board of Trustees reported that in accordance
with the recommendation of the professor of the Miller School
of Biology, it had adopted the following suggestions with
reference to the appointment of the two-year Miller Scholarships
and the filling of one of them for the next session by
temporary appointment, and submitted same for ratification.

That the two-year scholarships are awarded, one at the
end of each academic year, to the candidate intending to continue
scientific work, who passes, with the highest aggregate
of grades, Chemistry B-1 and Biology B-1.

That since no qualified candidate has appeared, and since
the services of these men are very badly needed, Mr. B. D. Reynolds,
an earnest and deserving Virginia boy, who has done excellent
work this year in Zoology B-1, be appointed for the session
of 1916-17, in order to tide the school over until next year.

These recommendations were approved.

The following resolution was adopted:

RESOLVED: That a scholarship in the Academic Department with
the remission to the holder of tuition fee, be established, to
be known as the "Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs Scholarship",
and that this scholarship be awarded annually by the Rector and
Visitors of the University on the recommendation of the Scholarship


Committee of the Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs to a stu-
dent from Alabam who is in need of financial assistance.

The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia
desire to place on record an expression of their profound and
lasting regret at the death of Richard Henry Whitehead for
eleven years Professor of Anatomy and Dean of the Department
of Medicine. These eleven years were transitional and formative
years in the history of the ancient school of medicine
in the University. They were years requiring reconstructive
ability, insight into the changing nature of modern medicine,
and intense devotion to medical science. In all these fields,
Richard Henry Whitehead gave evidence of the possession of
unusual genius and ability and the University, as a whole,
and the Medical Department, as one of its units, are under
lasting obligations to him for his career of achievement and

On motion, the Board then adjourned.

[signed] Armistead C. Gordon
[signed] E. I. Carruthers

Mr. Lawrence's election was conditioned upon his choice
of the Scholarship or proposed Instructorship.