University of Virginia Library


At a called meeting of the Board of Visitors on above

Present: Visitors White, Drewry, Norton, Oliver and
Randolph, and President Alderman,

In the absence of the Rector, Visitor Wm. H. White
was called to the chair as Rector, pro tem.

The President having presented correspondence and
endoresements relating to the several candidates for
election to the chair of Greek, after due consideration,
it was, on motion,

Resolved: That Doctor Robert Henning Webb be, and he
is hereby elected Professor of Greek to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Professor Milton W. Humphreys.

Resolved, further— That President Edwin A. Alderman
be and he is hereby authorized and directed to communicate


with Doctor Webb, and fix the amount of salary to be paid
to him.

There being no further business, on motion, the Board

I. K. Moran,
Wm. H. White,
Rector, pro tem.