University of Virginia Library


At the June meeting of the Board of Visitors of the
University of Virginia, at 10:30 A. M. on above date, in the
President's Office,

Present: The Rector, and Visitors Shackelford, Flood,
Drewry, Irvine, White, Craddock, and Harmon,

The Board was called to order by the Rector, and the following

Whereas, certain subscriptions were made and agreed to
be given to the General Alumni Association Endowment Fund of
the University of Virginia after the said Association had been
organized under the Act of the General Assembly of Virginia of


March 7, 1903, and prior to the creation of "The Alumni
Board of Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment
Fund" as constituted by the deed of February 15, 1908, from
The General Alumni Association of the University of Virginia
to Joseph Bryan, Thomas Nelson Page and others, Trustees constituting
such board, which said subscriptions were as follows:

From Mr. John D. Rockefeller,  $100,000.00 
From Mr. James C. Carter,  10,000.00 
From Mr. George Foster Peabody,  10,000.00 
From Charles J. Peabody,  1,000.00 
From Charles R. Crane,  5,000.00 
Total,  $126,000.00 

And, whereas, the parties who made the said subscriptions
desired to pay the same before the said Board of Trustees had
been constituted, as provided in the charter of the said Association,
and the Rector and Visitors of the said University
agreed to receive the said subscriptions for the Endowment
Fund of the said Alumni Association, and the same was accordingly
paid to the said Rector and Visitors prior to the formation
of the said Board of Trustees, and have been invested and
are now held by the said Rector and Visitors;

Therefore, it is resolved and ordered by the said Rector
and Visitors of the University that all of the aforesaid subscriptions
and all the securities in which the same or any
part thereof have been invested by or in the name of the said
Rector and Visitors, be paid, transferred, assigned, turned


over and delivered to the aforesaid Alumni Board of Trustees
of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund to be held by
the said Board of Trustees under and in pursuance of the aforesaid
deed of February 15, 1908; and all the officers, agents
and employees of this Board are hereby instructed and directed
for and on behalf of this Board to pay, transfer and deliver
all the aforesaid monies and securities which came into the
hands of this Board from the subscriptions aforesaid or were
acquired by this Board by way of investment of the said subscriptions
or any part thereof. And the Rector of the University
of Virginia, acting by and with the advice and concurrence
of President E. A. Alderman shall ascertain and determine what
monies and securities shall be paid, transferred and delivered
to the said Board of Trustees of the said Alumni Association
under this resolution.

Resolved: That the title of the School of Practice of
Medicine and Pediatrics be changed to that of Practice of Medicine.

Resolved: That the correspondence of Prof. G. O. Davis,
relating to the Lynchburg Alumni Scholarship, be referred to
President Alderman, with authority to act.

Resolved: That the President write Mr. John Kevan Peebles,
Architect, in answer to his letter of June 11th, regarding compensation
for his services in connection with the "Law Building"
plans, etc.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift by Mrs. Mary S. Venable of a
portrait of Col. J. Thompson Brown.


Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift by Mr. Samuel Broaddus of a
portrait of Dr. John A. Broaddus.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift by Miss Julia S. Tutwiler of a
bust and portrait of her father, Prof. Henry Tutwiler.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift by Mrs. Randolph McKim of
a portrait of Dr. Randolph H. McKim.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift by the graduating class of 1909
of a bust of George Washington.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the University
accept with gratitude the gift of the children of Dr. Haslett
McKim of a lot of Biological instruments.

The following resolution of the Academic Faculty was approved:-

1. It is recommended that a course in Public Speaking be
added to the list of Academic electives-at-large.

2. It is recommended that the candidate for either baccalaureate
degree shall be permitted to offer, in lieu of one
elective-at-large, either two or three short courses,—provided
that the short courses shall together constitute,—in length of
time required, amount of work required, and standard,—the full
equivalent the average B.A. course now offered in the College.

Whereas, it appears to this Board that Mr. H. G. Whitmore
pursued the course of Organic-Physical Chemistry during the
session of 1908-'09, with the belief that it was an "M.A.


Course;" that this section of the Chemistry Course was not
offered before the present session, and was not in the catalogue
prior to the catalogue issued in March 1909; and that
on April 7th, 1909, Mr. Whitmore wrote to the Chairman of
the Committee on Academic Degrees, the following letter,—

Dr. R. H. Dabney,
Chairman Com. on Academic Degrees.
My dear Sir:-

I hereby ask my application for the Degree of Master
of Arts be changed to the following form:

I. Courses completed,

A. Chemistry 2C,  (Industrial)  (Dr. Mallet). 
B. Anal. Chemistry 2C,  (Quant.)  (Prof. Dunnington) 
C. Geology, 2C.  (Prof. Fontaine). 

II. Course to be completed; any one of the following three:

Chemistry, 4D  (Advanced Inorg.)  (Dr. Bird) 

(same as 5D of Catalogue in effect Sept. 1908).

D,  or Chemistry 3C  (org-Physical Sect.)  (Drs. Bird & Bedford) 
or Physics 2C  (Elect. & Inorg.)  (Prof. Hoxton) 

There are other candidates having similar conditions.

Very respectfully submitted,
(signed) H. G. Whitmore.

And whereas it further appears that Mr. Whitmore was informed
that his request as set out in his letter had been
granted, in consideration of these facts, and in view of the
provisions in the Catalogue, on Page 165, it is recommended


by the Board that the action of the Faculty in refusing the
M. A. Degree to Mr. Whitmore, be reconsidered.

Resolved: That the Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings,
with the advice of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds,
be, and is hereby instructed to investigate the feasibility and
practicability of enlarging the power and heating plant of the
University, so as to provide power, heat and lights for all, or
as many as may be desirable, of the buildings now on the University
grounds and those in immediate contemplation, and to meet
all probable requirements of the University for the next twenty-five
years, and to report in detail the result of these investigations
to the Visitors at a meeting not later than __________

Should the report be favorable to the installation of a
central plant of the scope above indicated, the Superintendent
of Grounds is requested to furnish detailed information suggested
under the headings next below.

  • (a) Cost of enlargement and equipment of power plant.

  • (b) Cost of extension of wiring, steam pipes and fittings
    in buildings not now served by the power plant, including
    the new Law Building.

  • (c) Probable revenue, estimated conservatively, from heat
    and light furnished private parties, including dormitories
    on the grounds.

  • (d) Upon same basis estimate value of light, heat and
    power furnished the University buildings, including Law

  • (e) Estimate cost of pipes, hydrants, hose, underwriter's
    pump, &c., necessary for installation of adequate fire


    protection facilities for all buildings on the University

$300.00, or so much of same as may be needed, is
hereby appropriated for carrying into effect this resolution.

Resolved: That $450.00 be appropriated for maintenance
of Laboratory in Pharmacology.

Resolved: That $150.00 be added to the salary of Prof.

Resolved: That the Bursar be authorized to pay the bill
of Messrs. Loring, Coolidge, and Noble for fees in the matter
of the Austin Estate.

Resolved: That a Committee of two be appointed to confer
with a committee of the Miller Board on the subject of Forestry.
Committee appointed by Rector, Mr. Irvine & Dr. Drewry.

This Board has observed with marked interest and admiration
the speech of Dr. Alderman delivered at Petersburg, Virginia,
in May last on the occasion of the reception of President
Taft, and believing that such an able tribute to the Commonwealth
of Virginia should be put in some enduring form for
preservation and proper distribution; therefore

Resolved: That the Committee cause to be printed 5000.00
copies of the said oration, and send 20 copies to each member
of the Board and distribute the others as directed by Commit-
tee on Publication.

On motion, the Board adjourned, subject to the call of
the Rector.

Armistead C. Gordon
I. K. Moran Secretary.