University of Virginia Library


At a called meeting of the Board of Visitors held on
above date,

Present: The Rector, and Visitors Downing, Glass, Wallace,
White, Buchanan, and Harmon,- the following was adopted:-


Whereas, it is made the duty of this Board by the Constitution
of Virginia to nominate some member of the faculty of
the University of Virginia to the Senate as one of the list
of eligibles to be elected as members of the Board of Education,

Whereas, by a resolution of the Senate agreed to the 24th
day of January, 1906, the request is made that this Board, or
its nominee, shall state the purpose of such nominee, if elected,
as to the substitution as soon as practicable of a single list
of school books in the place of the multiple list of such books
now prescribed for use in the public free schools of the counties
of the Commonwealth; on motion, it is hereby resolved,
that Doctor Charles W. Kent is hereby nominated to the Senate
for its consideration as a member of the Board of Education;

Resolved further, that this Board respectfully represents
to the Senate that it is advised that Dr. Kent will transmit
to their honorable Body, his views on the question of a single
list of books in the place of that now in force. Resolved
further, that a copy of this resolution be forthwith forwarded
by the Secretary of this Board to the President of the Senate.
On motion, the Board adjourned.

I. K. Moran, Secretary.
Charles P. Jones. Rector.